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2 The Director of Auxiliary (dpa-n), working together with the Auxiliary District Commodore (DCO), the Auxiliary, Coast Guard Area and District Staffs, Coast Guard Operations and Administrative Commands, Auxiliary Board and Staff, is responsible for administering, coordinating, facilitating, supporting, advocating, advancing, arbitrating, and overall execution of the Auxiliary program within the district. The Director serves as the adviser to the District Commander on all Auxiliary matters and is the District Commander’s direct representative. The Director receives program policy direction from the Chief Director of the Auxiliary (CHDIRAUX) located at Coast Guard Headquarters.

3 CG Headquarters Office of Auxiliary and Boating Safety CG-BSX CAPT Thomas Boross Chief of Prevention (dp) CAPT Gregory Case Sector Delaware Bay (Sector Commander) CAPT Kathy Moore DIRAUX (dpa-n) D5 Northern Region CDR Johns District Five Commander Portsmouth, VA (d) RADM Steven Ratti Policy Operations/Readiness Operations, Policy, Administration DCO D5 Northern Region COMO Ken Brown

4 DIRECTOR CDR Terry Johns PH# 215-271-4932 Policy Coast Guard Awards Public Affairs OPERATIONS TRAINING OFFICER CWO4 Sean McGarigal PH# 215-271-4934 Boat Crew Qualification Program Damage Claims Facility Inspections QE Qualification Program Team Coordination Training POMS Administrator ADMINISTRATIVE AFFAIRS SPECIALIST GS Elizabeth Kain PH# 215-271-4937 Administrative Data AUXDATA System Injury Claims Member Service Awards Performance Service Awards PSI Processing

5 STOREKEEPER SK2 Dwayne Ellis PH# 215-271-4858 Property Supplies and Materials Travel Orders/Claims Training Requests Director of Auxiliary (DIRAUX) YEOMAN YN3 Lucas Usticke PH# 215-271-4933 Course Completions Disenrollments Enrollments Qualifications Re-Certifications Retirements Specialty Courses Transfers Assistant Boat Crew Qualification Program Coordinator Aux Lee Crossman PH# 215-271-4936 BCQP Qualifications QE Review

6 Fifth Northern Region Auxiliary District Commodore (DCO) Kenneth E. Brown, Sr. District Chief of Staff (DCOS) Kevin C. Murphy District Captain West (DCAPT-W) Barry M. Kyper District Captain Central (DCAPT-C) David J. Clendening District Captain East (DCAPT-E) Douglas L. Smith Division Commander (DCDR) ------------------------------------ Division 5 Division 11 Division 14 Division 15 Division Commander (DCDR) ------------------------------------ Division 1 Division 2 Division 4 Division 6 Division 10 Division 12 Division Commander (DCDR) ------------------------------------ Division 3 Division 7 Division 8 Division 13 Division 16 District Planning (D-PL) Norman L. Fehr, Jr. District Staff Officer Legislative/State Liaison (LLO/SLO) DE – NJ - PA District Staff Officer Legal (DSO-FN) Robert J. Perrone DIRAUX District Staff Officer Legal (DSO-LP) Martin C. Mooney Auxiliary Sector Coordinator (ASC) Matthew J. O’Brien, Jr. Auxiliary Unit Liaison Officers (AUXULO)

7 District Chief of Staff (DCOS) Kevin C. Murphy District Directorate Chief Logistics (DDC-L) Dianne M. Bossler District Directorate Chief Prevention (DDC-P) Alfred O. Grimminger District Directorate Chief Response (DDC-R) Bruce J. Long District Staff Officers (DSO) ------------------------------------ Communication Services (CS) Diversity and Civil Rights (DV/CRC) Personnel Services (HR) Information Services (IS) Publications (PB) Secretary/Recorder (SR) District Staff Officers (DSO) ------------------------------------ Marine Safety (MS) Member Training (MT) Navigation Systems (NS) Public Affairs (PA) Public Education (PE) RBS Participating Visitor (PV) Vessel Safety Check (VE) District Staff Officers (DSO) -------------------------------------- Aviation (AV) Communications (CM) Operations (OP)


9 Our Auxiliary is a Diverse Volunteer Organization with Boundless Talent and Endless Dedication that exemplifies our Core Values of: Honor Respect Devotion to Duty Auxiliarists have different life experiences…some worked in teams….. some were entrepreneurs Sometimes, Good Order and Discipline must be applied to maintain effectiveness and fairness Corrective Action

10 AUXMAN Chap 3. Section F. 2_12.pdf Auxiliary administrative discipline is meant to: 1. Correct inappropriate behavior. 2. Maintain good order throughout the organization. 3. Be conducted at the lowest Auxiliary organizational level that circumstances allow. 4. Be carried out by the Auxiliary organization itself to the maximum extent possible. “Auxiliarists may be subject to various administrative actions including disenrollment from the Auxiliary. Such administrative actions may be initiated when Auxiliarists fail to abide by the governing policies established by the Commandant.” Corrective Action

11 EIGHT BASIC RULES TO LEAD BY: EIGHT BASIC RULES TO LEAD BY: 1. Communicate effectively, appropriately and often 2. Keep “issues” at the Lowest Level (try to resolve the issue individual to individual) 3. Address the issue timely yet allow “cool heads” to prevail 4. FEEDBACK - Provide the member a reasonable expectations of solution and resolution (and FOLLOW UP!) 5. If Necessary, consistently apply the Appropriate Level of Correction Lesser infractions warrant lesser actions 6. Always Follow the Chain of Leadership and Management 7. Use your References - Auxiliary Man. Chap 3, D5NR Policy Man. Chap 5, Mentors, DSO-LP Corrective Action

12 MEMBER ENTITLEMENTS - A “fair shake” (Not a judicial process) - Progressive administrative action - An investigation of facts and circumstances (No lawyers and members can do their own research) - Due consideration of length of their prior Auxiliary service - Due consideration of nature of their prior Auxiliary service - An appeal opportunity MEMBER ENTITLEMENTS - A “fair shake” (Not a judicial process) - Progressive administrative action - An investigation of facts and circumstances (No lawyers and members can do their own research) - Due consideration of length of their prior Auxiliary service - Due consideration of nature of their prior Auxiliary service - An appeal opportunity Corrective Action

13 INVESTIGATIONS When it is suspected that an Auxiliarist significantly breached policy and the issue can’t be rectified at the lowest level and Prior to instituting any disciplinary action, an investigation is used to determine surrounding facts and circumstances. * member kept apprised of all aspects of associated proceedings Chap 3.F.2 - Any member of Coast Guard Forces (active duty, Reserve, Auxiliary or civilian employee), who believes an Auxiliarist has violated the governing policies established by the Commandant, may make a request for a preliminary investigation. A request must be clear in its intent and substance in order to be actionable …Moreover, a request for investigation does not in and of itself guarantee the conduct of an investigation. A unbiased Investigating Team will be designated & Time lines followed to ensure resolution. * DIRAUX can provide sample investigation officer designation letters

14 Corrective Action RESPONSIBILITY Notification requirements per AUXMAN e.g. Leader has 7 days to determine if investigation warranted, up to 60 days for the investigation, 15 days to draw conclusion based on findings (with DSO/LP guidance), then 5 days to notify member of outcome. Ensure documentation of entire incident and confidentiality maintained of the entire process. Auxiliary leaders have authority to carry out disciplinary actions for informal matters upon completion of appropriate investigation (if warranted). Actions may include – a. Counseling Session b. Suspension of web privileges c. Letter of Caution * All should be documented and must state exact infraction, manner of violation, any disciplinary option (and length of time) and appeal process.

15 Informal vs. Formal Discipline AUXMAN Chap 3.G-H. Informal Disciplinary Actions – minor violation of Coast Guard or Auxiliary policy has occurred. Meant to document and address the commission and correction of violations. Formal Disciplinary Actions – major violation of Coast Guard or Auxiliary policy has occurred. AUXMAN lists infractions and disciplinary options. Examples include- Violations of core values in the conduct, disruptive influence of Auxiliary business, Flagrant and/or repeated uniform or grooming violations, Unintentionally compromising or mishandling CG/Aux exams, privacy act info, or sensitive official docs, unwarranted violations or abuse of the chain of leadership. Corrective Action

16 RESPONSIBILITY Formal Disciplinary Matters also listed in AUXMAN and include – Discredit to the CG/AUX, whether assigned to duty or not (violation of the Commandant’s zero tolerance policy on drug/alcohol Abuse), Refusing to follow regulations for the wearing of the Aux uniform or insignia, misrepresentation as a CG employee, or flagrant or repeated misuse of rank, titles, or insignia, Misuse of CG/Aux funds or property/use of CG or other govt property without proper authority, repeated actions prejudicial to the good order of the Aux or pgms, failure to follow appropriate civil rights laws, the COMDTs Equal Opportunity Policy Statement, and/or the COMDTs Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy Statement. DCO and or DIRAUX may issue Letter of Reprimand. DIRAUX (only) may Disenroll and Suspend activities. * In most circumstances, Members have the RIGHT TO APPEAL decisions through the COLM !

17 Corrective Action



20 1. Submission - Any Auxiliarist may submit an award recommendation for an individual Auxiliarist or a team of Auxiliary members. 2. Approval - The D5NR Awards Board /EXCOM approves all awards. 3. Applicable criteria must be met and all activities must be entered into AUXDATA by 31 December of the award year in order for a nominee to be considered.

21 Formal Award recommendations must be submitted to the D5NR Awards Board via the Chain of Leadership and Management (COLM).  Electronic Submission is preferred to ensure timely and efficient feedback  Use Your References to ensure compliance with – LEVEL, FORMAT, WORDING TYPE, LEVEL, FORMAT, WORDING  Document CAUSE and EFFECT….NOT JUST STATISTICS

22  Bad – (no meat) “Wendell exhibited extraordinary skills that overcame all obstacles and reached unsurpassed levels of excellence and heroism in all duties and actions.”  Good – (meat and potatoes) “ Wendell successfully completed over 700 Vessel Safety Checks and achieved the second highest number of Vessel Safety Decals issued in the entire District. His efforts resulted in the advancement of the boating public’s knowledge of water safety that resulted in the first downward trend of accidents in three years.”

23  Complete Citation iaw format in Awards Primer and/or CG Awards Manual. Each award level has a different format.  Complete Coast Guard Award Recommendation Form (CG-1650) found on the web site:  A Summary of Action is required for recommendations for the Auxiliary Commendation Medal and higher; and is optional for recommendations for the Auxiliary Achievement Medal and lower.  Award recommendations should be submitted at least 90 days prior to the desired presentation date.

24  Did YOU KNOW ……… ◦ AUXILIARISTS are included in many CG Award Opportunities ie.  Public Affairs Awards  Engineer Awards  Intelligence Awards  CG Foundation Award Dinner  Commodore Greanoff Inspirational Leadership Award AND MANY MANY MORE ! In FACT, if AUX isn’t mentioned in the CG Medals and Awards Manual and you think it applicable, ASK DIRAUX TO CHECK

25 AUXILIARIST OF THE WEEK – Nominee should be an Auxiliarist whose performance not only exceeds expectations but also serves as an inspiration to other members. SINGLE ACTION AWARDS – Nominee should be an Auxiliarist whose single action is worthy of credit but that does not meet the minimum standards of formal recognition. Each recipient will receive a pen with D5NR logo AUXILIARY DISTRICT 5 NORTHERN REGION SPECIAL RECOGNITION AWARD: A plaque (or marlinspike knife for operations) will be presented by DIRAUX/OTO to individual (s) or a team that performed above the norm to accomplish a common goal. Keep those nominations coming…EMAIL IS ALL IT TAKES FOR INFORMAL AWARDS…’s EASY AND BUILDS MORALE !

26  Formal Awards are captured in AUXDATA and recorded in the member’s service record.  Informal Awards are not captured in AUXDATA but are recorded in the member’s service record.  A copy of any award received by a member from a CG Unit other than their own COLM must be forwarded to DIRAUX to ensure proper credit.  Award recommendations intended to recognize operational achievements or direct support to an ACTIVE DUTY UNIT should be initiated by the local command and approved by their military Chain of Command (COC) as required.

27 CG AUXILIARY MEDAL COAST GUARD MEDAL REASON FOR COAST GUARD MEDAL FINAL APPROVAL AUTHORITY Auxiliary Distinguished Svc Medal Distinguished Service Medal Exemplary meritorious achievement Commandant via Chief Director and G-O (none)Legion of MeritOutstanding meritorious service (none) Auxiliary Plaque of Merit Coast Guard MedalHeroism not involving conflict with an enemy Commandant via Chief Director and G-O Auxiliary Meritorious Service Medal Meritorious Service Medal Meritorious service in the performance of duty G-o via Chief Director Auxiliary Medal of Operational Merit Coast Guard Commendation Medal with “O” device Outstanding operational achievement Chief Director Auxiliary Commendation Medal Coast Guard Commendation Medal without “O” device Outstanding administrative achievement Any operational Commanding Officer (O-6 or above) or Chief Director Auxiliary Achievement Medal Coast Guard Achievement Medal – “O” device optional Individual sustained service Any operational Commanding Officer (O-5 or above) or Director of Auxiliary Auxiliary Commandant Letter of Commendation Commandant Letter of Commendation – “O” device optional Superior performance of duty Any operational Commanding Officer or Director of Auxiliary

28 ALL BOOKLETS AND DIRECTION CAN BE FOUND ON THE LISTED WEB SITES: Award Writing –    1999/CIM_1650_25D.pdf  Award Forms – 

29  Coast Guard Auxiliary Manual, COMDTINST M16790.1G  D5NR Policy Manual, D5INST M16791.1D  Auxiliary Operations Policy Manual, M16798.3E


31 Standard Maintenance Allowance (SAMA) Travel Claims Damage Claims Property

32 BUDGET BASICS DIRAUX Annually receives approximately $330K plus fuel $$ to support CG Auxiliary Initiatives  Includes equipment, travel, PPE, training Aux District Budget devotes approx $126K for similar programs

33 What is SAMA?  SAMA is a program intended to reduce the maintenance costs incurred by Auxiliarists.  This year D5NR should receive $90,000.00  Proper maintenance is necessary to ensure the safe operation of all vessels.

34  SAMA reimbursement is based on the length of your vessel, the number of engines and the horsepower of each engine. The table at the end of this segment shows the hourly rate of reimbursement.  Because SAMA rates differ between single engine and twin engine vessels of the same size, a calculation is required to identify the amount of time both engines were operated to ensure fair distribution of SAMA funds. To find out how much SAMA you will receive combine the hours of both engines and divide the total hours by two.


36  50 Hour Maintenance  Change Engine Oil  Replace Oil Filter  Lubricate Propeller Shaft  Check Water Pump & Alternator Belts for Tension  Check All Electrical Connections for Tightness  Replace Carburetor Fuel Inlet Filter  Inspect Propeller for Possible Damage  Check All Electrical Connections for Tightness Continued on next page…

37  100 Hour Maintenance  Check Cooling System Hoses & Connections for Leaks  Tighten Engine Mount Fasteners  Lubricate Throttle & Shift Linkage Pivot Points  Check for Loose, Damaged or Missing Parts  Change Water Separating Fuel Filter  Check Battery Electrolyte Level  Inspect Zinc Anodes, Replace When Necessary  Check Exhaust System for Leaks  Inspect the Fresh Water Pump & System

38  Coxswains should automatically receive SAMA for their vessel within a couple weeks of completing orders  SAMA payments may be suspended if funding for your region is exhausted prior to September 30th. Payment of SAMA may resume with the next patrol processed if additional funding can be obtained during the same SAMA cycle.  Once funding is available for the next SAMA cycle, on or about October 1st, payments will begin for patrols conducted during the new SAMA cycle.


40 The Auxiliary Claims process involves settlement of claims for damage to Auxiliary facilities and equipment that occurs while operating under patrol orders and traceable to a patrol cause.  AUXILIARY CLAIMS HANDBOOK, Encl. (1) to MLCLANTINST 5890.3A of 27 MAR 98

41  An Auxiliarist whose equipment or facility was damaged while on an Auxiliary patrol under reimbursable or non- reimbursable patrol orders issued by competent Coast Guard authority should notify the operational commander of such damage within twenty-four hours of occurrence. (The “operational commander” is the Coast Guard order- issuing authority as Sector Del Bay or CGAS A-City)  The Auxiliarist should also notify the appropriate Director of Auxiliary (DIRAUX) within forty-eight hours of the loss or damage. The Coast Guard operational commander will mail a damage claims package to the Auxiliarist after the Auxiliarist notifies the operational commander of the damage.

42  AUXILIARY CLAIMANT 1. On patrol under orders and facility is damaged. 2. Notifies operational commander of damage (within 24 hours of occurrence). 3. DOES NOT file orders for reimbursement or commence repairs. (POMS Orders)

43  OPERATIONAL COMMANDER 1. Acknowledges report of damage and tells Auxiliarist the name of the investigating officer. 2. Forwards auxiliary claim package to claimant. 3. Upon notification, assess, photograph, and document the damage to the facility. If this cannot be done immediately, arranges for inspection at earliest possible date.

44  AUXILIARY CLAIMANT 1. Fills out claim form, signing last page. 2. Attaches patrol orders, required estimates, and all supporting documentation. 3. Returns the completed Auxiliary claim package to the operational commander.

45  OPERATIONAL COMMANDER 1. Receives and date stamps Auxiliary claim package. 2. Reviews Auxiliary claim package and determines how claim will be processed. If the operational commander determines a LIR is required, appoints an IO to complete one at this time. 3. Authorizes payment of reimbursable patrol expenses and forwards orders for payment. 4. Upon completion of ROI or LIR (if required), determines if claim is in accordance with all applicable directives. 5. Authorizes repairs or executes RIK, if claim is $200.00 or less. 6. Forwards the completed auxiliary claim package to DIRAUX. 7. If the claim is to be denied, in whole or in part, send days advance notice to the Auxiliarist to provide the opportunity for additional explanation.

46  AUXILIARY CLAIMANT 1. Repairs facility. 2. Submits Report of Completion of Repairs to operational commander

47  DIRECTOR OF AUXILIARY 1. Endorses Auxiliary claims package and forwards to MLCLANT (lc) for settlement action.

48  DIRAUX supplies various items to the Auxiliary that must be accounted for at the unit level. All USCG Property must be accounted for on the Admin 7 forms yearly. Once these items are no longer in use by the member assigned, they must be returned to DIRAUX.  You could be held liable for the loss of Government Property. An investigation may ensue.  DCDR’s should designate an Auxiliarist Property Custodian to assist with accountability.

49 Some auxiliary units do have Coast Guard owned accountable property items assigned to them such as: Projectors/laptop computers CG owned Radio equipment Rescue manikins These items must also be accounted for yearly and are subject to random audits.

50  Accountability: After DIRAUX issues out a piece of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), it shall be up to the member to account for these items. Personally issued items such as PPE should not be recorded on the Flotilla’s Property listing or reported annually on the 5NR-ADMIN-7 form. DIRAUX does not keep a master listing of who received what PPE. AF Form 538, Personal Clothing and Equipment Record, should be used by members to keep track of what PPE has been issued out to them. This form is also used for an annual verification and should be maintained for as long as the member is a participant in the Boat Crew Operations program. If a member no longer participates in the program, all returnable items in serviceable condition shall be turned in to the Flotilla Commander for redistribution. The AF-538 form and DIRAUX supplied equipment is available on the website at: Form 538.pdf

51  PPE must be cared for and maintained properly in order for it to adequately serve its intended purpose. This purpose is to potentially save the wearer’s life. It is up to the individual member to care for and maintain his or her PPE. Care, maintenance, and documentation instructions can be found in the Coast Guard Rescue and Survival Systems Manual, COMDTINST M10470.10F found at the following web location: 10999/cim_10470_10f.pdf 10999/cim_10470_10f.pdf

52  The following DIRAUX issued PPE items are to be accounted for and maintained by each member and are subject to return to DIRAUX upon departure from the Boat Crew program with the exception of non-serviceable items: 1. All Personal Floatation Devices (PFDs); Type III vests, Float Coats, and Special Purpose Vests (Guide PFD and Speed Rated PWC Vests, Anti- Exposure Coveralls) 2. Survival Vest (is Not a PFD) 3. Personal Strobe Lights, CG Fire Fly. 4. PEPIRBs (replacement batteries are provided by DIRAUX upon request) PEPIRBs must be registered with the NOAA Beacon Registration website and renewed biennially by the member the PEPIRB is assigned to. Online PEPIRB initial registration and biennial renewal is done at:   Inspections of PPE: All issued Boat Crew PPE must be made available for periodic inspections by the OTO or his/her representative attached to the Auxiliary Ready for Operations Team (ARFO Team). During the scheduled periodic ARFO visits, examiners will check for proper setup, care, maintenance, and documentation.

53  AUX AIR Program PPE and Air OPFAC items are managed by the CG Air Station Atlantic City Auxiliary Liaison Officer and is covered under separate CG Air Station AC instructions. Examples include: VHF FM Radios, Life Rafts, Flight Suits, MAC 10’s, Flight boots, Flight Jackets. Etc…

54 Members of the Auxiliary who incur physical injury or contract sickness or disease while performing any duty to which they have been assigned by competent Coast Guard authority shall be entitled to the same medical treatment afforded members of the Coast Guard.” “Members of the Auxiliary who incur physical injury or contract sickness or disease while performing any duty to which they have been assigned by competent Coast Guard authority shall be entitled to the same medical treatment afforded members of the Coast Guard.” REF: COMDTINST M16790.1G, CHAP 5.A.15 (14 U.S.C.-Coast Guard, Sec. 832)

55  MEMBER RESPONSIBILITY ◦ REPORT INJURY TO ORDER ISSUING AUTHORITY AND DIRAUX WITHIN 24 HOURS OF INCIDENT. ◦ Immediate care should be obtained by the nearest medical treatment facility. ◦ The medical provider will bill the Auxiliarist or the Auxiliarist’s primary insurance (strongly encouraged) directly for treatment of any injury. The Auxiliarist may pay the bill and seek reimbursement or submit the balance of the bill, after the primary insurance has paid, directly to the Government for payment. ◦ If it is decided to submit a claim request to the government, the member must complete the first part of a Report of Traumatic Injury form, Department of Labor (DOL CA-1) obtained from DIRAUX. The form must be mailed to DIRAUX along with a copy of the CG orders (as applicable), narrative medical report along with witness testimony as applicable.

56  DIRAUX RESPONSIBILITY ◦ Provide guidance to member along with form DOL CA-1. ◦ Submit completed DOL CA-1 form immediately to the DOL. REFERENCES:  USCG Auxiliary Manual, COMDTINIST M16790.1G  D5NR Policy Manual, D5NRINST M16790.1D  U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs, Division of Federal Employees’ Compensation (DFEC)  WEB:


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