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are included in this kit.

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1 are included in this kit.
4BD Conversion Kit All the parts you will need to adapt an Isuzu 4BD engine to an NV4500 transmission are included in this kit. It is assumed that you have some basic knowledge of automotive repair, and that you have excepted any and all liabilities for the use of this kit, including but not limited to Federal and Local laws regarding emissions and other regulations.

2 Parts list 1 Adapter Plate 1 Clutch disk 1 Pilot bushing
1 Clutch alignment tool 6 grade 8 bolts 10 grade 8 self locking nuts

3 Installing the adapter plate to the bellhousing

4 Once you have centered the plate with the bearing retainer then you can tighten the 6 countersunk bolts

5 Once you have the plate bolted to the bellhousing then you can install it onto the transmission using the original transmission bellhousing bolts and the 4 nuts included in the kit. Don’t forget to reinstall the bearing retainer to the transmission first.

6 Install the throw out bearing onto the bearing retainer tube and the fork arms. Both spring clips must be under the fork and the fork must be caught on the pivot ball.

7 Leave the OEM bearing installed
Leave the OEM bearing installed. It is behind the flywheel and CANNOT be removed without pulling the flywheel. Install the included pilot bushing by simply inserting it into the flywheel be sure to seat it with a bushing driver and hammer. Add some high temp grease if you like, the bushing has some oil embedded in it from the mfg.

8 Once you have the bushing installed, you can install the clutch disk and pressure plate. Begin by installing the disk on the included alignment tool, flat side forward. Then insert the alignment tool into the bushing that you just installed in the flywheel. Once the disk is in place, you can install the pressure plate over the disk, making sure that you place the guide pins into the center of the three holes. Making sure to check that the disk is centered as you tighten the pressure plate. It will save you a lot of frustration as you are trying to get the transmission installed on the engine if the disk is dead center.

9 Now you are ready to install the transmission onto the engine.

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