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How to install the Insert Alpha Q Tutorial Bert Hull Feb 8, 2005.

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1 How to install the Insert Alpha Q Tutorial Bert Hull Feb 8, 2005

2 Sand the inside of the tube Sanding removes mold release and roughens the texture of the bond surface. Use firm pressure and get as deep as possible (long fingers help). Carbon powder will cover the paper and the Tube I.D.

3 Clean the Steerer with solvent Use an alcohol prep pad or solvent soaked cloth to clean all of the powder out of the steerer. A dirty surface will lead to a poor bond.

4 Mix the epoxy on a clean surface Squeeze the epoxy onto a clean surface such as the Kit’s envelope. Stir the hardener and resin. Have the insert close by ready for the next step.

5 Apply the epoxy and install Using the stir stick, apply an even coat of epoxy to cover the insert. Using a twisting motion to distribute the epoxy evenly, push the insert down into the steerer tube. Move quickly… the epoxy has a work time of only 5 minutes (red packs) to 10 minutes (blue or yellow packs). Wipe off excess epoxy with solvent soaked cloth.

6 Set aside, untouched, to cure It is important to leave it alone as cross-linking bonds are created. Any disturbance during the cure time can severely impact the strength of the final product. For the supplied yellow or blue epoxy pack from Hardman, wait at least 8 hours before installing on the bike. Overnight is best. Red Epoxy packs take only 1 hour to cure, and have a work time of only 5 minutes, so work quickly. Cure at room temperature. Longer cure times will result from cold temperatures.

7 Install on the bike Use the right tools. Tighten bolts to the correct torque. I use Park brand tools designed for the bolt sizes typically found on bicycles.

8 Adjust cap bolt until bearings are snug but don’t bind. There is no preset torque to achieve proper tightening. Tighten until excess play is eliminated, but the bearings still operate smoothly. Make sure the stem bolts are loose to allow for this adjustment.

9 Lock in the adjustment by tightening the stem clamp. Follow the stem manufacturer’s recommended torque settings to lock the stem in place. The installation is complete.

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