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How to get ready for a football game By: Sam Gibson.

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1 How to get ready for a football game By: Sam Gibson

2 What to put on 1.Socks 2.Cleats 3.Football pads into football pants 4.Put on football pants 5.Put on something under shoulder pads 6.Strap on rib guards 7.Set shoulder pads over rib guards 8.Helmet 9.Mouth Guard

3 Socks and Cleats Slide socks onto feet. Untie cleats and loosen the laces. Slide sock covered foot into cleat. Adjust the laces and tie. Put Velcro over the laces. Do the same with the other shoe.

4 Putting pads into pants 2 Thigh pads. 2 knee pads. Slide 2 knee pads into slots near the opening of the lag holes. The thigh pads go in the slots of where the middle of you thigh would be in your pants.

5 Football Pants The football pants hold the knee pads and the thigh pads. The pants have slots inside of where the knee is. You would slide the football pants on like any other pants. Also there are two slots where the middle of the thigh would be.

6 Under shirt Wear a shirt under your rib guards and shoulder pads. A long sleeve shirt or a short sleeve shirt would work. Do not wear a sleeveless shirt. The straps to tighten the shoulder pads will cut you.

7 Rib Guards The rib guards slide right over your shoulders. It should fit right around your ribs and almost to wear your bellybutton is. There are Velcro straps to tighten the rib guards. You would wear the rib guards to protect your ribs when you get hit.

8 Shoulder pads The shoulder pads should be set over the rib guards on your shoulders. The shoulder pads have to straps going under your armpits that you tighten. There are also laces that you tight and untie to get your shoulder pads fit. The shoulder pads are two big pads the protect your shoulders from getting hit.

9 Helmet The helmet is the most important protection. The helmet cover your whole head with a mask in front so you can see. The inside of the helmet has pads covering it so it absorbs the hit when YOU get hit. There are two ear holes on the sides so you can hear what people are saying.

10 Mouth Guard The mouth guard is there so you don’t lose any teeth It straps onto the facemask in front of the helmet To set your teeth into the mouth guard you have to boil it for ten seconds Then you have to put it in your mouth for a minute Then run it under cold water and put it back in your mouth for thirty seconds.

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