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Havis-Shields Equipment Corp.

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1 Havis-Shields Equipment Corp.

2 Table of Contents CONSOLES Angled Series Consoles (AS Series) C3 - C12 Angled Series Console Housings C4 - C5 Angled Series Crown Vic Packages C6 Angled Series Impala Packages C7 Angled Series Intrepid Packages C8 Angled Series (AS Specific) Options & Accessories C9-12 Combo Boxes (Combination Armrest/Storage/Power Outlets)C9 Cup Holders C10 Monitor & Keyboard Mounts C11-C12 Wire Cover Panels C11-C12 Enclosed Consoles (C Series) C13 - C19 C C-3011 Enclosed Consoles C14 - C17 C-Series Full Size Light & Medium Truck Consoles C17 C-Series Consoles W/Trak-Mount Extension C18 - C19 Vehicle Specific Consoles (VS Series) C20 - C23 Ford Crown Vic, Dodge Durango C21 Dodge Durango (continued), Ford Explorer C21 Ford F-150, Ford Expedition, and GM (Silverado, Yukon, Tahoe, Suburban) C23 Equipment Brackets & Filler Plates C24 - C33 AS, C & VS Series Console Options & Accessories C34 - C44 Armrests, cup holders. lighter outlets, map lights C34 - C38 Accessory Pockets and Mic Clips C39 Switch Boxes C42 - C43 Storage Boxes C43 - C44 Console Mounting Kits & Brackets C55 - C59 COMPUTER MOUNTS Trak-Mount Mounting Bases (TM Series) C45 - C54 12” - 32” TM-Series Bases C46 - C47 TM-Series Vehicle Specific Kits C48 TM-Series Accessories & Universal Computer Mounts C49 - C54 Gas Shock Computer Mounts (GS Series) C60 Telescoping Computer Bases (TCB Series) C61 - C84 TCB-Series Bases C62 - C67 TCB-Series Laptop Mounts, Tilt & Swivel Brackets C68 - C70 Computer Specific Mounting Systems C71 - C84 Motorola, Panasonic C71 - C77 Data C78 Printer, Modem,Scanner (Peripherals) & Mounts C80 Computer Mounting Accessories C81 - C84 Air Bag Switches C84 RADIO TRAYS Trunk Mounted Radio Trays C85 - C87 Consolidator Replacement Parts & Accessories C88 Motorcycle Communication Boxes C89 This is a test. I would like to explain how the Table of Contents are the most important part of the catalog. With the exception of: Vehicle application guide Isoviews of products Blah blah

3 Glossary of Consolidator® Terms
Bail Bracket – “U” shaped bracket (Trunion) Equipment Bracket – Mounts control head into console External Mount – Mounts to outside of console Extrusion – Heavy duty rail with special slots Filler Plate – Blank panel fills empty space in console Hat Bracket – Hat shaped adaptor bracket Hump Bracket – Floor mount bracket Internal Mount – Mounts inside console MTF – Mount to floor N/A – Not available Swivel – Turns or adjust side to side Tilt – Adjusts angle

4 How to build your mobile office
Determine what equipment you have. Make & model Computer Radio Siren Etc.

5 Consolidator® Order Form

6 Vehicle Application Guide

7 Vehicle Application Guide Question
Does Havis-Shields offer a mount kit for a 2004 Ford Escape?

8 Vehicle Application Guide Question
Does Havis-Shields offer a mount kit for a 2004 Ford Escape? No

9 Stout Mount Console

10 Stout Mount Console

11 Stout Mount Console

12 Stout Mount Console

13 Stout Mount Options

14 Stout Mount Options

15 Stout Mount Options

16 Angled Consoles


18 C-CB ARM See HS-Supplement

19 Angled Series Consoles Installation Instructions
Models C-AS-1060, 1025, 1325, 1525 & 1725 TOOLS REQUIRED: Standard and Metric socket set with 6”extension. Standard and Metric wrench set #20 and #15 Torx driver Trak Mounted HARDWARE: 8 GSM Hex head cap screw ¼-20 x ¾” 8 GSM Flat washer ¼” 6 GSM Lock Washer ¼” 8 GSM Hex nut ¼-20 INSTALLATION: 1. Remove front seat mounting bolts near transmission hump. Loosen outboard bolts. 2. Place Hex head cap screws ¼ - 20 x ¾” into under side tracks of trak mount and 3. Position trak mount in desired location before tightening down hump mount. 4. Mount rear hump brackets to under side of trak. Place trak with positioned hump mount brackets over transmission hump and onto front and rear seat mount studs. Place seat bracket on top of hump mount brackets and replace seat mount bolts. 6. Slide console up to dash and secure to trak mount with 1/4” hardware. 7. Unit is ready to accept equipment heads. Hump Bracket Mounted 4 GSM Carriage bolt 5/16-18 x ¾” 4 GSM Retaining nylon washer 4 GSM Flat Washer 5/16” 4 GSM Nylock nut 5/16-18 1. Remove front seat mounting bolts near transmission hump Place Carriage bolts into slots from underneath to top of hump mount bracket and place nylon retaining washer on bolt on top side to hold in place. Place hump mount bracket over transmission hump and onto seat mount studs, place seat bracket on top of hump mount bracket and replace seat mount bolts. 4. Place console on hump bracket and secure with 5/16” flat washer and nylock nut. 5. Unit is ready to accept Equipment heads  NOTE: Models C-AS-1025 & 1060 must be mounted on trak-mount in the Impala. 2/3 4 5 6 2/3 4

20 Angled Series Question
What is the #1 selling feature of an Angled Series Console? ERGONOMICS

21 Enclosed Consoles

22 C Series (Enclosed) Consoles
Many sizes available Original extrusion design Wide variety of accessories Very adaptable Attractive & effective


24 Extruded Side Rails C Series Question
What is the unique design feature of the C-Series console? Extruded Side Rails

25 C/TM Series


27 Assembly and installation instructions for C Series and C/TM Series console
This model requires drilling holes in floor. It is designed so that it will not interfere with air ducts, wire harnesses, hoses, etc. However, we recommend that you CHECK UNDER CARPET AND FLOOR for proper clearance before drilling holes. Step 1. Remove the front seat-mount bolts closest to the transmission hump. Place the hump-mount bracket over the hump and align the holes. Place the factory seat bracket over top of the newly added hump-mount bracket base. Replace all seat-mount hardware and tighten. WE RECOMMEND attaching the bail bracket or Trak-Mount base to the hump-mount bracket prior to hump installation. Step 2. Bolt the bail bracket to the hump-mount bracket using 1/4” hardware supplied. Adjust to center of seats and tighten. Step 3. Bolt rear L bracket to rear of console with 1/4” x 3/4” screws and serrated nuts. (Do not tighten). Slide console in between bail brackets. With four (4) 1/4” x 1/2” screws and flat/ split washers, bolt console to bail bracket using 1/4” nuts already in lower track. Adjust console into desired position and tighten all screws. Using 1/4” x 3/4” self-tapping screws, fasten rear L bracket to transmission hump. IMPORTANT! USE ONLY FACTORY SUPPLIED HARDWARE. Step 4. After selecting correct filler plates and equipment mounting brackets, bolt equipment heads to brackets. A. Spacers may be needed for some heads to achieve 8-5/8” equipment bracket flange width. (See equipment bracket illustration at bottom). B. Most bracket sets have pre-determined equipment head mounting holes. Installer can drill new holes if a different location is desired. Step 5. Complete all wiring making sure enough wire is used so components can be removed from console for servicing. Step 6. Insert equipment heads with equipment brackets into console. Use # 8 x 3/8” T-2 Torx screws. Step 7. Secure mount screws and all hardware.

28 C/TM Series (Enclosed with Trak-Mount) Consoles
Provides safest laptop computer mounting Combines enclosed and Trak designs Excellent adjustability Heavy duty extrusion

29 Safe Laptop Mounting C-TM Question
What is the most important feature of the C/TM Series? Safe Laptop Mounting

30 Vehicle Specific Consoles

31 Vehicle Specific Consoles

32 Vehicle Specific Consoles

33 Vehicle Specific Consoles

34 Vehicle Specific Consoles
C-VS-700-EXPL C-VS-1100-F150 C-VS-1200-EXPL C-VS-1200-EXPD

35 Vehicle Specific Consoles
C-VS-3011-DUR C-VS-1200-GM C-VS-1200-DUR

36 VS Series (Vehicle Specific) Consoles
Custom fit Accepts standard accessories Limited space Very popular

37 Vehicle Specific Question
How many VS consoles does Havis-Shields offer? Sixteen

38 C-Series Equipment Brackets
Limited availability for one-piece brackets – see part numbers that end with –1P

39 Accessories C-AP C-ARM-3 C-ML-MCB C-CH-2-XL

40 Equipment Brackets & Accessories
Large variety One or two piece equipment brackets EB – Bend your own brackets available High quality switching Time tested parts

41 C. Five Accessories Question
The C-AP will fit into how many C-AS Series consoles? A. Two B. Four C. Five C. Five

42 Trak-Mount

43 Assembly & installation instructions for Trak-Mount (TM Series) mounting base
Step 1. Remove the front seat-mount bolts closest to the transmission hump. Place the hump-mount bracket over the hump and align the holes Step 2. Make sure Trak-Mount is bolted in desired position before bolting down hump-mount bracket. Step 3. Place 1/4” x 1/2” hex head cap screws into the bottom outer tracks and lightly fasten down the equipment mounting brackets. Step 4. Bolt equipment heads to brackets. Complete all wiring. Use enough wire so components can be removed from console. Step 5. Insert equipment heads with #8 x 3/8” T-2 Torx screws. Secure seat-mount bolts and all hardware. Material list Trak-Mount extrusion-10, 12, 15, 18, or 24-inch standard length 1 Hump-Mount bracket 1 2 Hardware list for hump-mount bracket 4 Hex head cap screws 1/4” x 3/4” GSM33001 4 Hex nuts 1/4” GSM30005 4 Flat washers 1/4” GSM31005 4 Lock washers 1/4” GSM31026 3 4 5 6

44 TM Series (Trak-Mount)
Sturdy Economical Lots of Adjustment Limited Accessories New floor Traks available for: 2004 Explorer 2004 Expedition Tahoe, Suburban, Yukon, Yukon XL, Silverado, and Sierra pick-ups 2004 Durango

45 3 C-CB-1 C-CB-2 C-ARM-3-TM Trak Mount Question
How many armrests can be mounted directly to a Trak-Mount? What are the part numbers? 3 C-CB-1 C-CB-2 C-ARM-3-TM

46 TCB (Telescoping Computer Base)

47 TCB (Telescoping Computer Base)

48 TCB (Telescoping Computer Base)

49 Assembly & Installation instructions
C-TCB-1 mounting bracket For Chevrolet Caprice, 1997– 2000 Chevrolet Lumina, 1995– 2001 Ford Crown Victoria Step 1. Loosen front and rear passenger seat bolts. Step 2. Slide base of the pole support assembly under the front inboard (closest to the transmission hump) seat base. Slide the side brace arm under the front outboard (closest to the door) seat base. Step 3. Attach side and forward brace arms to pole support assembly with 5/16” x 1” screw. (Do not tighten yet). Align the holes of the seat base, the pole support assembly, side brace arm, and floor holes. Firmly tighten all four seat bolts without over tightening. Step 5. Using two 1/4” x 3/4” self tapping screws, drill holes and attach lateral (forward) brace arm to vehicle floor or transmission hump. Step 6. Tighten the hex head screw that attaches the brace arms to the telescoping post when finished. Height closed: 10” Height fully extended: 16” Material list 1 Pole support assembly CM 1 Telescoping pole assembly CM 1 Side brace arm assembly CM 1 Lateral (forward) brace arm assembly CM Hardware list 2 Flat washers 5/16” GSM31006 1 Hex head cap screw 5/16” x 1” GSM33012 1 Nylock nut 5/16” GSM30017 2 Self-tapping screws 1/4” x 3/4” GSM

50 TCB Series (Telescoping Computer Base)
Many vehicle specific models Solves difficult mounting problems Very adjustable Can be used with all console models Welded steel construction Must attach computer mount Pages C68 - C70

51 TCB Question What model TCB would you suggest for a C-3010 console? C-TCB-2

52 Gas Shock Mounts

53 Gas Shock Mounts Mounts to Trak only Lift assist Spring pin locking
For special applications

54 Computer Mounting Systems

55 Computer Mounting Systems

56 Computer Mounting Systems
Universal laptop mounts Primarily Motorola specific Safe solutions Unique items Some docking stations available








64 Computer Mounting Question
What is the maximum width laptop that can be used with a C-3090? 15.5 "

65 Trunk Trays C-3190 Crown Victoria C-3190P Crown Victoria C-3311 Impala
C-3190 with C L

66 Trunk Tray Installation Instructions
Model C-3190 for 1996 – 2003 Crown Victoria Step 1. Align forward radio shelf bracket with existing holes in front of trunk wall. Use 2 (two) 1/4” x 1” hex head cap screws, 2 (two) 1/4” flat washers and 2 (two) 1/4” flange nuts. Don’t fully tighten bracket yet. Step 2. Use a block of wood or a shim to level radio shelf. Drill 1/4” hole into trunk hinge, support base on driver’s side. Fasten down shelf using 1 (one) 1/4” x 1” hex head cap screw, 1 (one) 1/4” flat washer, and 1 (one) 1/4” flange nut. Step 3. Insert 2 (two) 1/4” x 1” hex head cap screws in shelf holes. Place bottom support bracket over hex head cap screws, then place hanger support bracket on top of bottom bracket. Place 2 (two) 1/4" flat washers and 2 (two) 1/4" flange nuts Crown Vic: use pair of holes toward front of vehicle. For 1997 Crown Vic: use holes toward rear of vehicle. Step 4. Using the support as a template, mark and drill two holes in upper deck. Bolt support bracket on with 1/4” x 1” hex head cap screws, 2 (two) 1/4” flat washers, and 1/4” flange nuts. Make sure shelf is level and tighten all hardware. Tools needed: 7/16” wrench and socket, drill and 1/4” bit, level. Hardware Included: 8 (eight) 1/4” x 1” screws, 8 (eight) 1/4” flange nuts, 8 (eight) 1/4” flat washers. Note: Do not substitute hardware. Do not use self-tapping screws as they will vibrate loose.

67 Trunk Tray Installation Instructions
Models C-3311 & C for 2001 – 2003 Chevrolet Impala Step 1. Put complete tray assembly into trunk with 17-1/2”aluminum leg brackets towards front of vehicle. Mounting holes on top of front leg brackets will line up with body cross member in front of trunk. Note: Prop up rear end of tray. Step 2. Prior to fastening front leg brackets to body, make sure brackets are straight up and down (90° to floor). Step 3. Drill mount holes into body cross member with 3/16”drill bit and bolt brackets on with 1/4”x 3/4”self tapping screws. Note: Watch out for wiring for “police package” rear deck lights. The bottom of front leg brackets just rests on floor. Step 4. Rear adjustable brackets can now be attached to the underside of package tray (Also try to keep these brackets straight). Using 1/4”drill bit, drill through slot in bracket into package tray. Note: This hole should be accessible from the pre-existing oblong hole in package tray so you will be able to use the 1/4”x 3/4”screws, washers and nuts to attach (one on each side). Do your final side-to-side adjustment and tighten hardware. Using 3/16”drill bit, drill additional hole through a slot in bracket into package tray. Fasten with 1/4”x 3/4” self tapping screws (one each side). Step 5. Your final (up and down) adjustments can now be made. Level as desired and tighten 1/4”hardware. Step 6. Attach rubber edge guard to rear lip of tray. Step 7. You may now mount equipment onto tray. Final Notes: A. The slide tray should move smoothly from front to back. The spring plunger pins should easily lock in when tray is pushed forward to its locked position. The spring plungers must be pulled out in order to release and slide out the tray. Note: The spring plungers have a 1/4turn override that disables the spring pin. B. When slide tray is in the “out” position, do not lean heavily on tray with your body. This may damage the slides. C. The perforated holes at the front of the tray are used for wire tying harnesses. All harnesses should exit the tray at the sides- rearward of front aluminum brackets.

68 Trunk Trays Provides additional mounting surface
Easy to service equipment Simple slide & latch design 14 gauge steel with black powder coat finish Mounts per Ford 2003 guide lines

69 YES Trunk Tray Question
Does the spare tire need to be removed in order to mount a C-3190P? YES

70 Page C89

71 C-TIR3-IMP Bracket


73 Questions Does Havis-Shields offer a console for 2001 Ford Escape?
What is the #1 selling feature of an Angled Series Console? What makes the C-Series unique from other console brands? What is the most important feature of the C/TM Series? How many VS consoles does Havis-Shields offer? Will a C-AP fit into how many C-AS series consoles? How many armrests can be used with a Trak-mount? Part numbers? What model TCB would you suggest for a C-3010 console? What is the maximum width laptop that can be used with a C-3090? Does the spare tire need to be removed in order to mount C-3190P?

74 Quiz Provide part numbers for installing the following. The customer has: Whelen Cencom (# CCSRN) Motorola MCS 2000 Remote Map light & 12 volt socket Dell Laptop Would prefer AS console Wants an armrest

75 OR Quiz Answers C-EB40-CCS-1P C-EB30-MCR-1P C-ML-LP C-3090-2
Recommend C/TM console C-1400TM C-ARM-3 C-AS-1325 C-TCB-7 C-ML-LP C C-TM-CV C-CB-1 OR

76 Consolidator® Switch Panel Wiring Diagram
C-SB and C-SP-3B (Reverse View) Material list 3 ft. 16 gauge wire 28 ft. 14 gauge wire Nylon ring terminal GSM Ring terminal GSM gauge female connectors GSM gauge butt connectors GSM amp fuse holder GSM amp fuse GSM20228 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8


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