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1 The great Athenian hero 指導老師:薛梅 組員:海洋環境資訊系 林詩婷 b91840049.

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1 1 The great Athenian hero 指導老師:薛梅 組員:海洋環境資訊系 林詩婷 b91840049

2 2 Early life Father:Aegeus,(king of Athens)/Poseidon. Aegeus went to Troezen and visit Pittheus. The oracle. Pittheus had his daughter, Aethra,sleep with Aegeus.

3 3 Early life Before Aegeus return to Athens. Left sandals and a sword under a large rock. To send their son to him if he can retrieve the items beneath the rock.

4 4 Early life Theseus lifted with ease.

5 5 " You must go by sea, Theseus. It is the safer way, for the roads are full of evil bandits." "I do not care for safety and ease," said Theseus. "How, then, could I prove myself a hero?" Early life

6 6 Journey to Athens Theseus' form of justice was very effective: he believed that what each of the bandits had done to others, Theseus must do to the bandits. Periphetes, a large man with a club made out from iron, who was bash his victim head.

7 7 Journey to Athens Sinis, the so-called pine bender, a strong man who would kill the travelers after he tighten them on bend branches of pine trees and let them go, tearing the victim in two.

8 8 Journey to Athens Skiron, a giant man, who was holding an axe, forcing the passers by to wash his feet, but when his victims were bending to wash them, he would kick them with his feet into the sea.

9 9 Journey to Athens Procrustes had an iron bed,fitting the bed. Cut off their legs if they happened to be too long, or to stretch them out if they were too short.

10 10 Journey to Athens

11 11 Theseus arrival at Athens. “I have an invitation for you from King.”Aegeus. He is giving a banquet tonight in your honor. Medea ‘s plan. The poisoned wine. Aegeus had Theseus named heir to the throne of Athens. In Athens

12 12 Minotaur:Minos' wife, Pasiphaë (Pasiphae)and a bull Architect Daidalos: the Labyrinth The Minotaur Mino’s son. Every nine years, seven youths and seven maidens to king Minos of Crete.

13 13 Theseus volunteered to go. Successful in his mission to change the black sails of the ship with white, in his return to Athens The Minotaur

14 14 The Minotaur

15 15 Ariadne: daughter of the king. “I have fallen deeply in love with you. If you will promise to marry me, I shall give you something that will help you find your way out of the labyrinth.“ A ball of thread. She told him to tie one end of the wool to the entrance, unwinding the wool as he walked. The Minotaur

16 16 The Minotaur Entered the labyrinth

17 17 The Minotaur Theseus killed the Minotaur

18 18 Theseus stopped at the island of Naxos, where he left Ariadne. Abandonment of Ariadne

19 19 Forgot to change the black sails with the white ones. When his father saw the ship entering the Cape of Sounion with the black sails, he fell from the cliffs into the sea and from that time the sea took his name, Aegaeon. Death of Aegeus

20 20 Theseus thus became king of Athens. Theseus was made the King of Greece but he didn't want to be the king because he felt that a people's government where everyone would be equal would be better suited for Greece. He resigned his power and organized a commonwealth, building a council hall where the citizens would gather and vote. Theseus did keep the title of Commander in Chief of Greece. King of Athens

21 21 Fall in love with the Amazon Antiope(Hippolyta)brought away, bore Theseus' child who was named Hippolytus. After the birth of Hippolytus, the Amazons came to Greece to rescue her. They invaded Attica and some say they made it as far as Athens itself but were defeated by Theseus' army. Antiope who fought at the side of her husband Theseus was killed. Amazon

22 22 Battle scene of the Amazons

23 23 Pirithoüs Pirithoüs stole herd of cattle from Theseus' land. Theseus pursued him until Peirithoüs turned around, to confront the Athenian hero. They admired one another's courage. “I will submit to any penalty you impose.You be the judge." "The friendship.All I want is for you to be my friend. "

24 24 Wedding of Peirithoüs & Hippodameia In the marriage of his friend Peirithoüs with Deiadameia, guests were also the Centaurs, who after getting drunk became insolent by laying hands on the women of the Lapiths. Theseus and Perithous killed many of them on the spot and the rest defeated in a battle later and driven out of the country.

25 25 Theseus and Perithous killed the Centaurs Wedding of Peirithoüs & Hippodameia

26 26 Pirithoüs who had lost his wife, to marry again. At first, they went to Sparta, where they kidnapped the beautiful Helen and then went to Hades to take Persephone. But Pluto tricked them and made them sit on the throne of Lethe, where it was impossible to escape. Underground

27 27 Theseus was lucky, because soon after Hercules descended to Hades and set him free. Underground

28 28 Phaedra Theseus married Ariadne's sister, Phaedra, the daugher of King Minos of Crete. She bore him two sons: Acamas and Demophon. Disaster

29 29 Hippolytus: son of Theseus and Antiope Theseus had sent his son to Troezen, where the youth was brought up by his grandfather. A hunter,worshipped the goddess Artemis and ignored the love-goddess Aphrodite. Hippolytus preferring to remain chaste, like the goddess he worshipped. Hippolytus

30 30 Punishment: Aphrotide caused Phaedra to fall madly in love with her stepson. At first, Phaedra tried to hide her feeling for her husband's son. But she could not hide her feeling from one of her loyal servant. She was slowly wasting away from longing. Hippolytus

31 31 When Phaedra did try to seduce Hippolytus, he rebuked her, telling her that she was married and she belonged to Theseus. Stung by Hippolytus' rejection, she hanged herself. The letter stated and falsely accused Hippolytus of trying to rape her. In her shame, she committed suicide. He called upon Poseidon and laid a curse upon Hipploytus. Hippolytus

32 32 As Hippolytus drove his chariot along the road, Poseidon frightened Hippolytus' horses, causing him to crash his chariot. Hippolytus was mortally wounded. Death of Hippolytus

33 33 The goddess Artemis appeared to Theseus. Artemis told Theseus that the letter his wife had written was false. Hippolytus was not only innocent; it was Phaedra who tried to seduce his son. Artemis told Theseus, it was not entirely his false, and that Aphrodite had plotted against his son. The truth

34 34 Theseus was assassinated in the island of Skyros, by his friend king Lykomedes, who threw him off the cliffs. Death of Theseus

35 35 References: Theseus-Map.jpg

36 36 L938.jpg _1.jpg ahippolytus4-8220.jpg

37 37 The end thanks for your listening

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