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Treater Oil & Water Valves. Kimray Treater Valve Treater Oil & Water Valves.

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1 Treater Oil & Water Valves

2 Kimray Treater Valve Treater Oil & Water Valves

3 Treater Oil & Water Valve

4 Treater Valve Balanced against upstream pressure Balanced against downstream pressure or vacuum Standard weight holds 4 feet of liquid head Weights may be added to increase liquid head Can be manually opened and closed Teflon packed rotary stuffing box

5 Treater Valve Operation Vessel gas pressure Gas pressure plus liquid head Downstream pressure or vacuum

6 Installation Notes Do not install a regulator anywhere in gas equalizing line. Opening vent valve will cause treater valve to open. Note liquid drain on gas equalizing line. Do not bow equalizing line or water will collect and freeze or cause uneven operation Do not use equalizing Line as a source of Gas for any other device.

7 Installation Notes 4 feet 12 feet Standard weight & arm 2 weights & 29” arm

8 Trouble Shooting Leaking stuffing box Valve will not shut off tightly Erratic Operation Freezing water on Main Diaphragm Stuffing box nut loose Salt crystals on stem Teflon packing worn Soft seat worn Removable seat worn Either diaphragm off center Stuffing box nut too tight Soft seat leaking Diaphragms hardened Infrequent draining of drip pot

9 Repair Hints Do not over-tighten Stuffing box nut

10 Repair Hints Center and align diaphragm plate before bolting housing down. Do not over-tighten pivot screw. Tighten 4 screws evenly.

11 26 DM Diaphragm Motor Valve

12 Meter From Production Equalize to gas space Must be larger in Diameter than flow lines Adjusting blocks should be moved to adjust for spread. Weight is positioned for maximum height. Supply in 15 to 20 psig.

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