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Oakland Elementary Edition Sound Experiments.

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3 Oakland Elementary Edition

4 Sound

5 Experiments

6 Anything Goes

7 Anything Goes 2

8 Miscellaneous

9 Miscellaneous 2

10 Jeopardy SoundExperiments Anything Goes Anything Goes 2 Miscellaneous 2 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 Final Jeopardy

11 Sound can travel fastest through a.air. b.metal. c.water. d.outer space. $100 Question Sound

12 B. metal. $100 Answer Sound

13 Return

14 Which sound would probably have the highest pitch? a.a balloon popping b.a hammer hitting wood eraser hitting a chalkboard d.a metal rod hitting a musical triangle. $200 Question Sound

15 D. a metal rod hitting a musical triangle. $200 Answer Sound

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17 Which sound has a pitch that is MOST DIFFERENT from the other three sounds? alarm b.train whistle c.bouncing ball d.smoke detector $300 Question Sound

18 C. bouncing ball $300 Answer Sound

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20 The sound that a person hears from a drum is produced by a.echoes. b.reflections. c.pulses. d.Vibrations. $400 Question Sound

21 D. vibrations $400 Answer Sound

22 Return

23 A guitar string makes a higher-pitched sound when you tighten the string. Which of the following explains why tightening the string causes this change? a. It changes the shape of the guitar. b. Causes the strong to get thinner. c. Tightening the string makes it vibrate faster. d. Tightening the string makes it longer. $500 Question Sound

24 C. Tightening the string makes it vibrate faster. $500 Answer Sound

25 Return

26 A scientist wanted to conduct an experiment with special equipment that is very sensitive to sound. A place where the equipment would NOT be affected by sound waves is a.deep under water. b.high in the air. a solid piece of granite. outer space. $100 Question Experiments

27 D. in outer space. $100 Answer Experiments

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29 Daily Double

30 Daily Double Question

31 Daily Double Answer A. paper.

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33 $300 Question Experiments

34 C. put the same kind of seeds in both pots. $300 Answer Experiments

35 Return

36 $400 Question Experiments

37 B. 10° C $400 Answer Experiments

38 Return

39 Jayden thinks the boys in his school are taller, on the average, that the girls. Arianna thinks the girls are taller. Which would be the SUREST way to find out who is right? a.asking a teacher who knows all the students in school b.looking up the average height of people of various ages in the encyclopedia c.measuring the height of all the boys and girls in school d.looking at the school records which tell how tall the students were when they entered school $500 Question Experiments

40 $500 Answer Experiments C. measuring the height of all the boys and girls in school

41 Return

42 The Sun, a light bulb, and a candle all give off light. How does the light from these things feel? a. dry b. wet c. cool d. warm $100 Question Anything Goes

43 D. Warm $100 Answer Anything Goes

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45 Which is an example of an opaque material? a. clear glass b. brick wall c. waxed paper d. colored water $200 Question Anything Goes

46 B. brick wall $200 Answer Anything Goes

47 Return

48 $300 Question Anything Goes

49 B. 4 students $300 Answer Anything Goes

50 Return

51 $400 Question Anything Goes

52 C. 60 seconds $400 Answer Anything Goes

53 Return

54 If more water evaporates from the ocean, a. more water vapor will be in the atmosphere. b. the ocean temperature will go up. c. the air temperature will go down. d. more water will flow into streams and lakes. $500 Question Anything Goes

55 A. more water vapor will be in the atmosphere. $500 Answer Anything Goes

56 Return

57 $100 Question Anything Goes 2

58 $100 Answer Anything Goes 2

59 Return

60 What is the best tool to use for measuring the height of a schoolmaster? a. graduated cylinder b. balance c. tape measure d. thermometer $200 Question Anything Goes 2

61 C. tape measure $200 Answer Anything Goes 2

62 Return

63 $300 Question Anything Goes 2

64 $300 Answer Anything Goes 2

65 Return

66 Jayla wanted to see which brand of paper towl was the strongest. She bought 4 different brands, and used sheets of the same size for her experiment. She dampened each sheet, squeezing out any excess water. For each trial, Jayla got a friend to hold the edges of a damp sheet while she counted how many pennies it would hold before tearing. What is the variable in this experiment? a.a. The amount of water she put on each sheet b.b. The cost of each brand c.c. The different brands of paper towels d.d. The size of each sheet $400 Question Anything Goes 2

67 $400 Answer Anything Goes 2 c. The different brands of paper towels

68 Return

69 $500 Question Anything Goes 2

70 C. pupa $500 Answer Anything Goes 2

71 Return

72 $100 Question Miscellaneous

73 B. Days 2 and 4 $100 Answer Miscellaneous

74 Return

75 $200 Question Miscellaneous

76 C. the time it took to walk the track. $200 Answer Miscellaneous

77 Return

78 Ms. Celestin’s class is doing an experiment outside with ice cubes and colored paper. The ice cube will melt fastest on a. red paper. b. green paper. c. white paper. d. black paper. $300 Question Miscellaneous

79 D. black paper $300 Answer Miscellaneous

80 Return

81 A class is conducting and experiment to see what color of paper will absorb the most light as heat energy. During the experiment, the variable that the class should change is the a. distance the light is from the paper. b. time the light is left on the paper. c. size of the sheet of paper. d. color of the paper. $400 Question Miscellaneous

82 D. color of the paper. $400 Answer Miscellaneous

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84 $500 Question Miscellaneous

85 C. the light’s distance $500 Answer Miscellaneous

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87 $100 Question Miscellaneous 2

88 D. which food helps chickens to gain weight faster $100 Answer Miscellaneous 2

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90 $200 Question Miscellaneous 2

91 C. Saturn $200 Answer Miscellaneous 2

92 Return

93 $300 Question Miscellaneous 2

94 B. eardrum $300 Answer Miscellaneous 2

95 Return

96 $400 Question Miscellaneous 2

97 D. The period of revolution increases with greater distance from the Sun. $400 Answer Miscellaneous 2

98 Return

99 $500 Question Miscellaneous 2

100 A. lower than in October $500 Answer Miscellaneous 2

101 Return

102 Solar System Final Jeopardy Topic

103 Final Jeopardy Question

104 B. May and August Final Jeopardy Answer

105 Keep studying to get ready for the CRCT! You can do anything you set out to do!

106 Thank You for Playing!

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