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FieldSpec® HH UV/VNIR HandHeld Spectroradiometer.

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1 FieldSpec® HH UV/VNIR HandHeld Spectroradiometer

2 Analytical Spectral Devices, Inc. 5335 Stearling Drive, Suite A Boulder, CO 80301 (303) 444-6522 fax:(303) 444-6825

3 Device Specifications Range: 325-1075 nanometers 512 channel silicon photodiode array overlaid with an order separation filter Each channel will receive light in a 1.6 nanometer nominal band Spectral resolution of approximately three nanometers at 700 nanometers

4 Optics Light is collected through fiber optic head called a “bare head” The bare head has a field of view (FOV) of 25 degrees. Foreoptics may be added to restrict this FOV. 10 and 1 degree FOV restricting foreoptics are included.

5 Pelican case is not waterproof

6 Thinking Inside the Box Spectroradiometer FOV 1 and 10 deg “Help” Serial to USB Cable Battery Battery Charger Shore Power Small White Reference

7 The Spectroradiometer

8 Serial to USB Cable

9 Charger RED Light: Charging GREEN Light: Charged FLASHING RED: Check connection

10 Mounting Device

11 Secure to Tripod Remove quick release head from tripod Insert only into bottom hole on device Do not over tighten; only use fingers Check tripod tight-points before trusting

12 Back of Device Serial Port Power Battery and Power Indicators Shore Power Port Battery Port

13 FOV Device

14 FOV Limiting Foreoptics Place threaded end on bare head Do not over tighten Use extreme care Threads are located on end with label

15 Insert Battery and Turn On

16 Review Don’t over tighten anything 1.) connect cables and FOV limiting foreoptics 2.) add battery and turn on by holding down power 3.) now you are ready to attach to the computer!!

17 IMPORTANT Do not plug the GPS into the serial port until you have turned on the computer. If the computer freezes you may need to turn off the ballpoint mouse in the device manager Don’t let the spectroradiometer get too hot! If the spectra looks odd and it is hot out, first do a DC. If this will not help you will need to let it cool down.

18 Tough Book

19 Convert to Tablet (if needed)

20 Tough Book Overview Power “on” Controls Connections

21 Tough Book Controls Rotate Display On-Screen Keyboard Lock

22 Tough Book Connections Power Port USB for FieldSpec HH

23 Once FieldSpec HH is connected and on… For normal lighting For high-glare environments

24 White Reference and DC Buttons View Mode Buttons Status Bars Spectral View Area Save Status Bar GPS Display Raw DN and reflectance selector

25 Detail of Top Bar Freezes current spectra to allow examination Closes shutter Zoom mode lets you examine spectra closer Pan mode allows for navigation while zoomed XY is normal view mode

26 Set the Foreoptic First

27 Set the Integration Time

28 Integration Time Adjust to improve signal strength Avoid saturation (right), that will appear as off-graph and be displayed in red above sample status bar

29 CDA Configurable Default Averaging will help to reduce noise Higher number will take more time, but improve quality of signal Control > Adjust Configuration

30 CDA Window 10 is default, but no less than 20 should be used.

31 Always open Spectrum save before the first save In this window set file name and other save settings Control > Spectrum Save Spacebar will save spectra

32 This information is encoded in every saved spectrum Save Location Save Name/Start Number Comments Amount / Frequency of save

33 Good Luck

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