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The most sophisticated sports knee ever!

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1 The most sophisticated sports knee ever!
Optimised linkage knee with hydraulic cadence control.

2 KX Overview November 2007

3 KX06 Features Polycentric Knee with CaTech Swing and Stance control
Geometry and path of instantaneous centre of rotation means that the transition from extension into flexion requires less initiation load Max weight 145Kg K1-K3 136Kg K1-K4

4 KX06 Benefits Security of 4 bar at heel strike
Ability to yield down slopes High weight limit Good sitting cosmesis

5 KX06 Benefits contd. Improved gait because of smoothness of transition stance-swing Greater range of amputees can be fitted because of high weight limit Knee for the highly active!!

6 KX-06

7 Cylinder Options Swing & Stance Swing Only
Cylinder has sleeve in top trunnion very precisely positioned .25mm protrusion each end of trunnion! This insert is used only in KX06

8 Build Height

9 KX06 Alignment Recommendations
S&S align Thro’ to slightly behind (up to 10mm) anterior upper pivot. S unit align through to 5mm anterior to front upper pivot

10 KX06 Alignment Recommendations
22mm attachment point to centre of top upper axis S&S socket will be positioned posteriorly relative to ant. upper axis S unit socket will be positioned anteriorly relative to ant.upper axis

11 Attachment options (proximal)
Single bolt allows angular alignment adjustments (no slide) 4Bolt Pyramid etc. Sliding pyramid is good option (EP-FSR CaTech rotating sliding female pyr adapt & EP-MSR CaTech sliding male pyr adapt)

12 Attachment options Single Bolt = 169207
Note: 1 anti-rotation screw

13 Sliding Adaptors EP-MSR EP-FSR
When using an existing socket it is often helpful to use a sliding adaptor to achieve the optimal alignment

14 Distal Attachment Pyramid Dome can detach held in place by “O” ring
Note rib to flat surface of dome must locate in groove on Knee

15 Order Information Part numbers:
KX06 (with CaTech swing and stance unit) KX06-swing (with CaTech swing only unit)

16 Warranty 3 years

17 Cosmetic Finishing Expect that most users will refrain from using a cosmesis Those who wish it may use a standard low density foam (561021, 22, 23)

18 Cylinder Removal Grip rear links lightly in a vice with soft jaws (or clamp block available from Blatchford, Pt No ) Undo both pivot pin screws (T ) Remove grub screw (2.5mm)

19 Cylinder Removal Remove top pivot pin sufficiently to release trunnion using alignment pin Clamp body at distal end in a vice as shown using soft jaws or clamp block and remove distal pivots using a 5mm Allen key. Slide dummy pin sufficiently to remove cylinder Do not lose spacers

20 Cylinder Replacement Secure unit in vice (otherwise difficult to get Pivot pin in) Lubricate Pivot Pin (STP) Screw suitable 6mm screw into Pivot Pin to aid in re insertion (interference fit, will not push in) Tap gently into position (sits just below bearing surface on each face)

21 Cylinder Replacement Replace Torx screw (Loctite first) Tighten until Pivot Pin shaft rotates to position “flat” adjacent to grub screw: View thro’ grub screw hole in top trunnion Add loctite to grubscrew and replace.Tighten gently against flat and tighten Torx screw to 5Nm

22 Cylinder Replacement Loctite and torque (5Nm) second Torx screw to upper Pivot Pin Tighten grub screw fully. Do not over tighten! Reposition knee unit in vice Loctite and refit Lower Pivot Pins (Do not forget spacers) Torque to10 Nm

23 KX06 Thank you

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