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(Click here to go to our website) Call to Order – President Ted Gonsiorowski called the meeting to order and led in the Pledge of Allegiance.

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2 (Click here to go to our website) Call to Order – President Ted Gonsiorowski called the meeting to order and led in the Pledge of Allegiance.

3 Invocation – David Hunter: Great God, we thank Thee for this food and these Lions. We thank Thee for the service of our old officers, and pray Thy guidance for our new ones. Thou knowest they need it. Amen. Vittles – ham, potatoes, mixed vegetables, salad and toppings, rolls and butter, chocolate meringue pie, tea and coffee.

4 Lions Report – David Lin broke his collar bone and had surgery. We sent a card to Homer Kuder, but we need to find the address for Lew Laymon. If you are ill or know a fellow Lion that is under the weather, please call Pat Bryan at 586-4535.

5 Attendance – 18 members, 2 visitors. Birthdays – none. Guests – Larry (guest of Fonda Bowden);

6 Bryana Clements (guest, great granddaughter of Pat Bryan)

7 Lottery – Rex Hess won the $10 lottery. SURPRISE!!!

8 Announcements – Gordie Gordon told a story about his granddaughter’s experience with a rattlesnake.

9 Ted Gonsiorowski announced that we need some Lions to pick up glasses. Birdies for Sight is still looking for volunteers. He also mentioned that we are in contact with the Mahomet Club for their River Fest.

10 Jay Hoeflinger had mentioned at the Board Meeting a project for the Center for Women in Transition.

11 Marvin Paulsen mentioned that he visited the Villa Grove Club. He also said he is looking for a place to have the hearing bus.

12 Program – Induction of New Officers. President Ted Gonsiorowski reviewed the past year. We accomplished a lot over the past year as a club. He mentioned the following:

13 Past District Governor/IPDG – Richard King; Chatter Editors – Rex Hess and David Hunter (and Fonda Bowden); Zone Chairman - Marvin Paulsen; Glasses Collection – Herb Bail; Eye Exams– Ed Tichenor; Dr. Glancy who performed the exams; Hearing Aids – Rex Hess and Ben Turpin representing Audibel; Web Master – Rex Hess; Membership – David Lin; Program Coordinator – Charlie Osborne; Hearing Bus Coordinator – Marvin Paulsen; The Tail Twister tag team of Omer Benn, Tom Yaxley and Paul Hendren. We were successful in many fund raising activities: Socks Drive – Sam McGrew; Walk for Sight and the Beep Ball Game – Richard King - $1000; Candy Day – Sam McGrew and Jay Hoeflinger; Tootsie Pop Day – Weldon Garrelts; Sight and Sound Sweepstakes – Jay Hoeflinger; Foundation Calendars – David Lin; Basketball Ticket Raffle – Charlie Osborne and special thanks to Byron Balbach for donating the tickets. Throughout the year we made a number of contributions: Supported 2 attendees to Camp Lions; Socks for Kids – Headed up by Sam McGrew; IPAD for a Sight-Impaired child – David Lin and thank you to Paul Hendren for developing the lending agreement; The Salvation Army to the tune of $420. We participated in many activities: Champaign Urbana Marathon – Richard King and all those that turned out to help; Eastern Illinois Food Bank – Headed by David Lin with the help of many members; Holiday Party; Combined meeting with the Kiwanis coordinated by Weldon Garrelts; Know your Lion – Headed up by Frank Duff with the assistance of members who were interviewers and interviewees; Football Guessing – Tom Yaxley; Low Vision Fair – Marvin Paulsen; Glasses Collection along with WDWS – Floyd Gordon.

14 New Officers were then inducted:

15 Lion Tamer, Floyd (Gordie) Gordon; Tail Twister, unannounced (Stealth);

16 Director 2013-2014, Dave Hunter; Membership Chair, unannounced;

17 1st Vice President, Charlie Osborne (not in attendance); 2nd Vice President, Sam McGrew;

18 Treasurer, Karl Drake (not in attendance); Secretary, Fonda Bowden;

19 President, Weldon Garrelts.

20 Weldon said he would “Try.” Herb Bail said, “you don’t just try, just ‘do it’.”

21 Ted then concluded with “It has been an honor to serve the club this past year…. Thank you for all your support.”

22 Weldon took over as President and said “I wish I could promise…..” We need to help our new President.

23 Tail Twister – Omer Benn asked Paul Hendren to carry the bucket.

24 He fined Rex Hess

25 for having won the lottery (He puts the fiver in. That’s class);

26 Omer paid a fine for Weldon Garrelts for his airplane flight, which had one good landing out of seven;

27 Homer Kuder for gaining a lady’s attention;

28 Bragging by Sam McGrew on his grandson who struck out 3 and walked 4;

29 and Dave Hunter for some lousy joke. Will our Tail Twister never learn?

30 Coming up Jul 3 – Business meeting – Know Your Lion Greeter: Paul Peter Jul 10 – To Be Announced Click here to email Charlie Osborne and let him know what you would like to see in a Lions Club program some

31 Thank you for watching Editor Rex Hess Publisher David Hunter To email Dave with your comments, click here → To go to the our website, click here →

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