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The official newsletter of Yellowwood Park A. C. Go To In this edition……. Captain’s Corner Letter from Kristi Comrades Results Comrades Prize-Winners.

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2 The official newsletter of Yellowwood Park A. C. Go To In this edition……. Captain’s Corner Letter from Kristi Comrades Results Comrades Prize-Winners Running Matters with Megz Time Trials with Kalman Cross Country YWP World Cup Experience Carbohydrate Drinks Happy Birthdays The Last Word….with Gary The Yellowwood Warbler 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 June/July 2010 Visit our website E-mail the editor View 2010 time trial and race results E-mail Kalman E-mail Takkie Talk 10 11 E-mail for Social News

3 Captain’s Corner Just two things from me this month: Once again my humble thanks to all who contributed so resoundingly to our Kristi Campaign – may you all be richly blessed. To Megz and Heather, my warmest appreciation for making our dance as perfect as it was. You have proven that you will make a success of everything you do! In lieu of my usual waffle I have something far better. When I first read this letter to us from Kristi I had tears in my eyes, but joy in my heart……

4 Hi guys! Hope you are all doing well! Just a quick note to let you all know what’s been happening since I last saw you… The dance was just amazing! It was really awesome to see you all again. I’m sure you would agree, the girls did an outstanding job with the organising and the hall looked stunning. Having Mike give me his medal was truly the most emotional and special moment in my life. I have never felt so loved! You’re a very special man Uncle Mike and I love you to bits and tiny little pieces! Another very special moment for me was being told by Steve that you guys had pulled together so tightly in this campaign that you managed to EXCEED what you initially set out to do. Thank you all for that very special evening! Big big thanks and love to Steve!! Another big thank you – can I ever stop thanking you guys for the bike?? The answer to that is NO!! I have incorporated riding the bike in my morning routine so before I leave the house, I do between 10 and 20 minutes! My dad and I are going to cycle in the evenings together too, so he can get fit for the Ama Shova-Shova in October. If he enters, I will come down with him and my mom and will hopefully get to see you all again! I have some exciting news thanks to your generosity, support and the bike… Last week Wednesday, 7 July, Shirley had me doing exercises on the plinth as I was not feeling too well. She had my right leg bent and told me to try and straighten it. I managed to lift my foot up a bit every time she told me to straighten. She went to feel my quad for movement, which she normally has to do with muscles on my right side as it is difficult to see the flickers of movement. She didn’t have to feel. She could SEE the muscle moving! The bike is doing its job!! This would NOT be possible without you guys! Not only that, but Shirley says I’m even walking faster than I did before I fell and broke my collar bone AND I’m standing a lot straighter! What an exciting month!! An exciting project on the cards is a trust fund for other survivors of crime that Steve and the guys at Blue Security are keen to start. When Steve mentioned it to me at the dance, I was ecstatic. Since I can remember, I’ve wanted to start something for those who have the potential to make a greater recovery but don’t have the funds. My heart breaks every time someone leaves the Rehab because the Medical Aid funds are dry or Workmans Comp has stopped paying. In order to set up this trust, we – Steve, a Blue representative and I – would like to approach corporates, where I would present my story to the employees as a sort of guest speaker and then try to extract funds from them. We still need to meet and get the ball rolling but Steve seems more excited than I am so I’m sure we’ll have something concrete to report soon! Thank you, as always for your ongoing support YWP! You make the good days brighter and the bad days lighter.. With much love always, Kristi

5 RaceNo First Name Last NameGenderDOBSeedingMedals Finish Time 4883RobertEdouard-BetsyMale19/10/1949 C 24 8.06.52 14691NqabayezweThusiMale27/09/1989 C 1 8.38.21 8113MichaelSuttonMale06/09/1960 B 13 8.38.34 16570JenniferSuttonFemale21/03/1967 C 15 8.48.31 44916MikeThackrayMale30/08/1965 D 12 8.59.03 57180MikeSmithMale12/10/1960 D 2 9.19.19 20235AnthonyRichardsMale19/06/1958 D 10 9.35.29 33888ThulasizweNgcoboMale21/12/1979 A 4 9.55.42 6899JanKilianMale14/12/1958 E 18 10.21.25 28087JohnsonDayalMale12/05/1964 C 17 10.40.08 49797DennisHouston-McmillanMale13/12/1970 D 10 10.44.54 24350SandraConwayFemale05/07/1964 F 2 10.48.00 25146PetrusKokMale27/09/1956 E 11 10.52.54 6272CraigHoltzhausenMale10/03/1967 G 7 11.04.31 40708GarthHancockMale28/06/1979 C 3 11.09.25 57729LloydShabalalaMale25/03/1978 D 1 11.24.09 616BarryVartyMale14/05/1939 E 27 11.47.21 11027WillieBothmaMale01/07/1948 E 14 11.48.22 44503DavidPittawayMale09/05/1957 H 7 11.50.31 38900JanineSchmidtFemale21/11/1985 H 1 11.50.31 Yellowwood Park A. C. Comrades 2010 Results


7 Coaching Matters with Megz INTENSITY The second rule in the FITT principles relates to intensity. It defines the amount of effort that should be invested in activity. Like the frequency principle there must be a balance between finding enough intensity to overload the body (so it can adapt) but not so much that it causes overtraining. Heart rate is the primary measure of intensity in aerobic endurance training. Ideally before you start training programme a target heart rate zone should be determined. The target heart rate zone is both a function of your fitness and your age. Here is a quick method to determine your target heart rate. HEART RATE & MAXIMUM HEART RATE An approximation of maximum heart rate can be calculated as: 220 – age = TARGET HEART RATE For beginners a target heart rate zone of 50 – 70% of their maximum heart rate is a good place to start. So for example if you are 40 years old that gives you a predicted maximum heart rate of 180 (220-40) Multiply 180 by 50% and 70% and your target zone is between 90bpm – 126bpm. Fitter individuals should aim to get their target heart rate between 70 -85% of their maximum heart rate. Staying with the example above, the 40 year old athlete will now have a heart rate zone of 126 – 153bpm. There are limitations to this method but it gives a good idea of exercise intensity.

8 PBs set in May/June 2010 : Timetrial Duty Roster : 7 Jul 2010 7 Jul 2010 Sandra Conway 4 Aug 2010 4 Aug 2010 Heather Conway 14 Jul 2010 The Lesters 11 Aug 2010 Mike Sutton 21 Jul 2010 Steve Conway 18 Aug 2010 Kalman Porritt 28 Jul 2010 Megan Anticevich 25 Aug 2010 Garth Hancock DistanceRunnerDateTime2.5km Glenn Le Roux 19 May 2010 10:15 Sharon Gilchrist 19 May 2010 13:17 4km Mike Smith 30 June 2010 18:07 Mike Thackray 30 June 2010 18:37 Megan Anticevich 19 May 2010 21:04 Phil Gilchrist 19 May 2010 21:51 Dave Pittaway 19 May 2010 22:12 Heather Conway 30 June 2010 22:14 Sarah Roodt 19 May 2010 22:26 8km Zamile Noconjo 23 June 2010 32:29 Sarah Roodt 2 June 2010 2 June 201047:35 Phil Gilchrist 2 June 2010 2 June 201047:35 Well Done to Phil, who won the prize for Quarter 2 of the Timetrial League. Sharon still leads for the year, with Phil, Zamile, and Heather not too far behind. See under Members Stuff for the latest standings.

9 Date Name and Venue Contact 17 Jul League 7 – Gelofte School Lisette Mundell 083 233 1156 14 Aug League 8 - Hilton Harriers (KZNA Champs) Jeff Speed 082 892 4215 Girls U10 2km 6. Megan Ferencak 6. Megan Ferencak15:48 Mens Vets 8km 2. Justin Hand 2. Justin Hand30:02 9. Philip van Niekerk 9. Philip van Niekerk35:16 Boys U13 4km 4. Matthew Ferencak 4. Matthew Ferencak26:02 13. Mike Sutton 35:38 5. Jarad Boy 5. Jarad Boy27:47 15. Martin Birtwhistle 35:53 34. Phil Gilchrist 51:09 Vet Ladies 4km 30. Sandra Conway 25:46 Mens Grandmasters 8km 2. Rob Edouard-Betsy 2. Rob Edouard-Betsy38:04 Senior Ladies 8km 4. Jenny Sutton 4. Jenny Sutton38:08 Senior Mens 12km 13. Phiwa Mthembu 49:38 8. Samantha Andreas 8. Samantha Andreas44:20 14. Zamile Noconjo 40:22 Stainbank Cross-Country Results Cross Country 2010 Fixtures Yellowwood Park hosted it’s third Cross Country at Stainbank Nature Reserve on Saturday 26 June. Well done to Mike Sutton and his crew on ensuring another very successful event. Approximately 200 runners took part.


11 Whew, what a month it was, and now the World Cup is over and all South Africans are justifiably proud. We were very lucky to go to two group games so I put together a couple of slides just to reflect on this unbelievable event…………


13 World Cup Final at Soccer City Being the soccer nut that my brother is, he decided to blow his bonus on World Cup Final tickets. I was lucky enough to be asked to join him at Soccer City to be a part of this awesome moment in South African history. While I was excited to get to the stadium and watch the closing ceremony and match, I was just as excited about the journey to the stadium. Journey is the best word to describe it because it ended up being similar to a leg from The Amazing Race! The plan was to drive to the airport for our flight to Joburg at 9:50, catch the Gautrain from the airport to Sandton City, catch a bus from there to Westgate, then catch another bus to the Stadium by the latest 17:30. This demanded a lot of trust in the South African Public Transport! A highlight of the trip was definitely Nelson Mandela Square at Sandton City. The Dutch supporters were there in force, they had a band and were singing, dancing and of course fluking the Spanish supporters (this was of course before the game). After wandering around a packed Sandton City, we grabbed some food and hopped on a bus. Our first look at Soccer City sent shivers all over, it was a massive, very impressive structure which just seemed to appear out of nowhere. As we got off the bus and walked with the crowds, the excitement was building up inside and I knew that I was in for something special. Upon entering the stadium grounds we encountered what could be best described as The Orange Sea! Dutch supporters were all congregated around a Coca Cola stage singing along to some Dutch superstar; it was at this moment that I discovered the origin of “Boere Musiek”. Never in my life did I think that I would hear Sweet Caroline in Dutch… When we eventually entered the stadium (after searching every shop for final merchandise), we started to realize where we were and what was happening. After snapping some photo’s around the stadium we took our seats and waited for the show to begin. The closing ceremony was amazing… the colours, the fireworks, fighter jets, Shakira, elephants and lasers… what more could a guy ask for?! By the time the ceremony was finished we had forgotten that we had a game of football to watch! The atmosphere in the ground was incredibly awesome, when the crowd was shouting or even when there was silence, you could feel the excitement and tension in the air. The final result was of course disappointing (especially since we were wearing orange shirts, orange beanies, orange scarves and orange shoes!) but it definitely did not ruin the day. I felt special to have been able to witness a World Cup Final, especially on African soil. After watching the Spanish celebrations, it was time to finish our Amazing Race. We had a flight to catch home at 2:30am; it was already almost midnight… We boarded a train from the stadium and set off to the station which was supposed to get us to the airport. After nodding off a few times we arrived at an empty station. We searched the streets outside and could not find a taxi anywhere. Now What?! We joined up with some Pommies and a couple Chileans and together we tried to make our way to the airport with only about an hour to spare before our flight. Now being the YWP athletes we are, we decided to take a run to the airport across what looked like would be some residential roads. We failed to realize however that the roads were actually highways….in some cases 4 lanes wide! We negotiated them as well as some banks, holes in fences, dirt paths and finally got onto the airport road. We ran along the road to departures, while attracting some strange glances from the cops directing traffic. We parted ways with the foreign supporters and hopped on our plane feeling frozen and exhausted (Warren of course feeling the effects of the run more than I was). I finally got into bed around 4:30am and I was absolutely finished! 2 Car trips, 2 buses, 2 trains, 2 planes and one cross country run… over 5 hours of travelling for 120 minutes of football. I lay in bed thinking… was it worth it? ABSOLUTELY! I would just like to thank my brother for choosing me to join him in this experience, I greatly appreciate it and I’ll see you in Brazil in 4 years time!

14 Whats in your Carbohydrate drink? Author: Glenn Macnamara (21 May 2010) Sugars largely! That’s the Simple and Complex answer! Reading labels on tubs and tins can be a mind altering experience! So many foreign sounding words can either sound really impressive or intimidating! So, I thought I would look at the most common ones and explain what they mean……… Types of Sugars Sugars can be quickly absorbed by the body or take longer to be absorbed. Simple sugars tend to be more quickly absorbed while Complex sugars may take a little longer. Sucrose Most of us understand sucrose as sugar. Table sugar is a more common name. As a molecule it comprises glucose and fructose. It operates similarly to glucose in that it is more a short chain sugar. Fructose This is a sugar derived from fruits. One of the benefits fructose provides is that it is a slower release sugar and therefore tends to be gentle on our insulin levels. Fructose also tends to burn longer in the body. One tends to use less fructose than sugar because of its longer lasting abilities however about 20% of athletes do not tolerate fructose well. Glucose This is a very simple sugar and is readily and quickly available to the body during exercise. In endurance events like Comrades or Ironman, many athletes develop a distinct sweet craving late in the race. This is due to the body’s need for quick energy. Glucose is able to provide that need. It needs to be replenished frequently because our bodies use glucose quickly.

15 Maltodextrin This is a medium chain sugar; meaning it has properties of short and long term sugars. Thus, it has both quick and slow release energy available to the body during exercise. Dextrose This has almost the same impact on the body as glucose- quickly available to the body in exercise but is not long lasting. It is also therefore a simple sugar. Aspartame This is known as a non nutritive sweetener. It comprises of 2 amino acids-aspartic acid and phenylalanine. It is about 200 times sweeter than sugar. There are nutritionists who feel aspartame is not beneficial to the body. Having said that, it is approved as “safe for use” in over 90 countries by the Food and Drug Boards. Despite this fact, there are still mixed feelings on prolonged use of aspartame. Cyclamate It is about 30-50 times sweeter than sugar. It has an interesting molecular structure because it is NOT digested and is excreted in the urine. It is approved in some 50 countries. Acesulfame K This is about 200 times sweeter than sugar! It is often found in meal replacement shakes, fruit juices, cold drinks and table top sweeteners. Consequently, one does not need much of it to satisfy the body’s need for sugar during long and intense exercise. There are of course other sugars. I have focused on the main ones found in the most commonly used sports drinks. Till then, be Strong and Train, don’t Strain! Thanks again Gary, good one!



18 Members Update : We now have 61 members Mug of the Month : Nominations: Fred Schoon – told the girls he had more Bafana wine when it ran out, but was actually refilling the bottle with Kellerprince box wine. Wives and girl friends are sometimes known as “hand brakes”. Mike Smith’s recent date bled his brakes…. Sharon Gilchrist wants to run but has a foot injury that cannot be diagnosed. They say “Rosé wine” will fix it. Hang in there Sharon, it will come right !! Welcome back Shelly–Ann Kelly :– Rejoined June 2010 Welcome to Sarah Roodt :– Joined May 2010 Mike Sutton – While replacing the lock on the bar fridge, he couldn’t understand why the drill bits were not penetrating the metal, only to find out after buying new bits that the drill machine was actually in reverse mode. Winner: Jenny Sutton – Made arrangements to go to the Hillcrest Farmers Market or as she called it “The Marmers Farket” at 6.30am on the Saturday morning after the World Cup Opening. Told everyone in the YWP club how BiiiiiiiiiiG the spinach were,whilst consuming plenty of Fred’s Bafana/Kellerprince wine. When Gary & Desireé went to fetch her in the morning she bailed after not being able to lift her head off the pillow with a SMS …..”won’t make it” Submissions and nominations welcome, please. Gary’s link is on the front page.

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