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It is not the outside of a balloon that takes it to the top, but it is the inside of the balloon that takes it to the top. Every human being is made of.

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1 It is not the outside of a balloon that takes it to the top, but it is the inside of the balloon that takes it to the top. Every human being is made of the same inside stuff. The same God made Kalam, Mother Teresa and YOU. You don’t become a Mahatma Gandhi and then develop Mahatma qualities. You, as you are, must develop certain great qualities, which will make you great. The 1 st change is to “Enthusiastic about anything” Put Enthusiasm into everything you do. Speak a little louder, Walk a little faster Move a little quicker, Laugh from your belly Maintain eye contact Be enthusiastic about life. Be enthusiasm on the move. As T.T.Rangarajan would always say, “Be excited to be alive.” Nothing great has ever been achieved without Enthusiasm. The next change “Excellence in everything”. The tie-knot should be where it should be. The mike should be 6 inches away and pointed towards the chin. To simply put it, if you can dot every “i” and cross every “t” that is what Excellence is all about. Think Excellence. Breathe Excellence. The mantra is “Enthusiastic about anything and Excellence in everything.” 12 3 4 5 6 1. ENTHUSIASTIC ABOUT ANYTHING, AND EXCELLENCE IN EVERYTHING! 1.Great People never thought what is EASY for them. They always thought what is GOOD for them. 2.True growth is only when your own past seems like someone else’s past. 3. In that one water bug becoming a dragonfly, it will inspire a lot of other water bugs to become a dragonfly. Waterbug-Dragonfly story Change is the willingness to give up who you are, in order to become who you can be. Grow, we must, So, change, we must.

2 The Power of One In the way he walked this planet, millions attained freedom and the world has never been the same again, Mahatma Gandhi. That’s the power of one. You can change your life, and in turn change the world. You can lift yourself, and in turn lift the world. You don’t have to be one IN the crowd. You can be the one ABOVE the crowd. Right and wrong ways to feel like a hero You build your self-belief by getting the direction of your intelligence right. Eg. Being honest or lying, getting up late or early, using your time to build your talents or gossiping – all will make you feel like a hero but there is a difference Direct your intelligence in the positive ways (Abdul Kalam), instead of negative ways (Osama bin Laden). Direct your intelligence towards the future, not the past. After all, yesterday’s bus conductor is today’s Rajinikanth Summary: You can be one above the crowd. YGB – Even if no one believes in you, you gotto believe in yourself. Respect everybody, Fear nobody. Avoid fear – it grows. Face fear – it goes. When there is nothing to avoid and nothing to hide, there is nothing to fear. Have the courage to be honest. Have the courage to say sorry. To live is to live fearlessly. The mantra is, I fear nothing, and I believe in myself for everything. 1 2 4 5 6 2. I FEAR NOTHING, AND I BELIEVE IN MYSELF FOR EVERYTHING! YGB – You Gotto Believe, in yourself To live is to live fearlessly. Fear stops man. Fear is a major self-hurdle. Eg. You won’t speak in public because you fear facing people. William Shakespeare said - 1) Some are born great – Queen, bishop, rooks, etc. Some achieve greatness – Pawn. Some have greatness thrust upon them – King. Pawn is just a pawn in the beginning. It appears so insignificant, yet just a few squares away from achieving greatness. Similarly, we too can, with His intelligence supporting us. Suggestions to overcome fear: Repeatedly flirt with fear. Never do a thing that you think you will have to hide from your parents or teachers. Have the courage to be honest. Have the courage to say ‘Sorry’. Avoid fear, it grows. Face fear, it goes 3 It does not matter whether your parents, teachers, friends, believe in you or not. What matters is whether you believe. Albert Einstein had learning disabilities in school. In spite of poor eye sight, Abinav Bindra won the Olympic gold. Helen Keller was deaf, mute & blind, but achieved so much! Ambani & N.R.Murthy started with just few 1000 rupees! The lesson from the lives of these movers and shakers is, YGB – Self Belief. If you use your intelligence in the right ways to feel like a hero, you will create yourself in the process, or else you will destroy yourself in the process. So, wake up, and choose the right ways!

3 You are a sleeping potential 1000s of horsepower sleeping inside each of us. Raring to go, Wanting to be ignited… Endowed with the seeds of greatness… Decisions should be born out of right and wrong, not pain and pleasure. Decisions born out of pain and pleasure will definitely mislead you in life. Decisions have to be born out of right and wrong and that is what character is all about. Get the grounds of your decision-making to Right and Wrong. Eg. Preparing for exams in advance maybe painful but it is right & must be done. You don’t have to fall to rise. You don’t have to pay any price to learn the lessons. Only choose the right ways to feel like a hero. Quality of your life is your responsibility and yours alone. Strong willpower and a strong value system are the foundations for a life of character. Develop creative habits, instead of destructive ones. Friends have the power to make you or break you. 1 2 4 5 6 3. I WILL NOT GIVE THE WORLD A CHANCE TO POINT A FINGER AT MY CHARACTER The fragile adolescent years Same sculptor, same model, but in 30 yrs time gap, the model squandered his life & now posed as beggar. 90 out of 100 people have lost a sense of direction during adolescence. Take complete responsibility for your own life in your secondary formative years. Once we become great, speeches will be born out of our lives. Till then, we need speeches to help us to become great. Words of wisdom - Take the suggestions of others, implement it. Unwanted Advices - When there is resistance. Even Indira Gandhi & Mahatma Gandhi needed Words of wisdom from their parents. 3 Lack maturity and exposure to be man-enough or lady- enough. Therefore fall prey to herd mentality and peer acceptance – if some of your friends do something wrong, you are also tempted. Temptations of life during adolescent years are like the thorns. Life during this phase is like a piece of cloth. It is better to ensure it doesn’t fall on the thorns at all. Engineered for very big things in life, ready to be awakened. You crave for identity. - borrowed image more than self image, due to hormonal changes. 6 7 You should be good, because, the greatest gift you can ever give yourself is to be able to say, “I will never give this world a chance to point a finger on my character.” I know you will make it very very big in life, but I also want you to be a very very good human being. Your life and your death is in your own hands. Be good and make your parents, teachers, school, country, and God proud!

4 1 2 3 4 6 4. I WILL BE NOBLE-HEARTED, AND ALSO ABLE-MINDED Let the mantra be, "I will be noble- hearted and also able-­minded." Every Human Being has Multiple Intelligence 1. Neither being a good human being, but not being competent is accepted; 3. Need is for a good human being who is also competent; 2. Nor being competent, but not being a good human being is accepted; People who make it to the top are those who develop themselves in Multiple Intelligences. Extra-curricular activities play big role in developing Multiple Intelligence. 2 Most important aspects of Multiple Intelligence is Academic Intelligence The difference between the Indians who go abroad as 'White-Collar Employees' and 'Blue-Collar Workers‘ is Education. It doesn't matter whether you like it, enjoy it, happy about it or not - You must focus on Education. Hold on to this belief, Education makes all the difference. Unless one dares to think BIG, one cannot become BIG. Your results in life will only match the size of your thinking. Irrespective of how you have been till now, decide to bounce big in life. It is never too late to begin. Expand your thinking. The harder you press the spring and when you release it, the faster it will bounce back. Decide to bounce big in life and see how life will turn around. 5 Visual : They learn best what they see. Three common types of learning styles: Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic. Auditory : They learn best what they hear. Kinesthetic : They learn best what they feel. 6 Learning Tools to get more out of your studies 1. Learning Methodology : Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic 2. 50-minute hour : Average attention span of most human beings 50 min 3. Study as a unit : Break down syllabus into units 4. Key point notebook : Write down all key points in a notebook 5. Make learning pleasurable : Maintain Flow Charts 6. Peak Hours : Identify Peak Hours 7. Dedicated study space : Separate space for studying 8. A ritual before you begin : Practice ritual before beginning to study Practice BADAM B – Breakfast. Don’t Skip Breakfast 7 A – Add more Color to Diet. Like Fruits, Vegetables D – Drink at least 6 glasses of water A – Avoid junk food. M – Moderation is key. While writing the examination start with what you know After the exams never discuss your answers with others. 8

5 1) Life primarily hinges on three relationships: Your relationship with yourself (Intra), Your relationship with others (Inter) and Your relationship with the force above (Transcendental) 2) Swami Vivekananda said, your belief in the creator can’t help you much, unless you also believe in his creation – that’s yourself. 3) How the world sees you will make only a small difference to you, but how you see yourself will make all the difference to you. 1 5. I AM A MASTERPIECE, AND I AM PROUD OF I. Out of 700 million sperms from father, racing towards 1 egg in mother ; only 1 emerges as Winner. YOU are that Winning Sperm. Your very birth is a symbol of victory. You are born to win. 1) It is a great blessing to be born as a human being. 2) It is a great blessing to be born to such wonderful parents who have always given you more than what they have for themselves. 3) It is a great blessing to get a proper education in a proper school. 4) I am proud of I, because I am a blessed human being 3 1) Never lose yourself to gain someone else. 2) You are here to be you… just you. It is easy to be one in the crowd. It needs courage to be different from the crowd. 3) I am proud of I, because I will develop the courage to be different from the crowd. 2 4 Learn to feel good about yourself. Learn to appreciate. Learn to enjoy it when you are appreciated. I am proud of I, because I will no more miss a single opportunity to appreciate 5 People who refuse to take the initiative keep rejecting themselves. If you want to be proud of yourself, you must always take the initiative.. 6 1) Stop comparing yourself with others - that’s negative comparison. 2) The feeling “I can” is achieved by C.A.N.I, which is Consistent And Never-ending Improvement. 3) YOU are a unique, original, rare masterpiece, specially designed by God. Then, why at all compare yourself with anybody else. 4) I am proud of I, because I am a Masterpiece. 7

6 TEAM - T.ogether E.verybody A.chieves M.ore Life is all about leadership TEAM is all about relationships When your relationships get disturbed, it disturbs your happiness. 1 2 3 6. MY RELATIONSHIPS ARE MY RESPONSIBILITY. SO, I WILL TAKE YOU-TURNS Leadership is all about relationships Without happiness what is life? The quality of your relationships is your responsibility and yours alone. The ‘U - Turn’ road sign tells you ‘YOU - Turn’ Teaches you the essence of relationship Don’t expect others to turn To get your relationships right, you have to get your approach to relationships right The first You-Turn: I will make people feel respected. It is not the question of whether you respect people or not. THEY should feel respected and it comes from the way you relate with them. 4 The next You-Turn: I will not laugh at other’s expense. There is a huge difference between nicknames and pet names. Drop the habit of laughing at others. 5 The next You-Turn: I will not speak bad about people, but will speak all the good I can of people. Socrates - Filter Test. The first filter is Truth The second filter is Goodness The final filter is Usefulness 6 The next You-Turn: I will admit it immediately when I know I am wrong. You don’t have to carry the burden of your mistakes in your head Admit it immediately and feel liberated. To err is human, but to admit it is being super human 7 The next You-Turn: I will first listen and only then speak. Speak only after you listen completely. 8 The next You-Turn: I will communicate in questions instead of giving direct orders. Human ego feels offended when you communicate in orders. 9 The next You-Turn: I will clarify my expectations. The root trouble in relationship is that nobody will know what your expectations are unless you tell them. 10 The most important You-Turn: I understand not all my expectations will be fulfilled. I also understand not all my expectations will remain unfulfilled. You were created to serve the world and it is not the other way around. 11 Life will even out everything. If you can remember He is God you will understand, all your expectations will not be fulfilled, nor will all your expectations remain unfulfilled.

7 1) Convert your desires into Deservingness through CDSE. 2) First put in the required Effort. 3) Secondly, the effort has to be Self- motivated. 4) Third, the self-motivated efforts need a Direction. 5) Finally, there has to be Consistency to the Directed, Self-motivated Effort (CDSE) 1) For Achieving Greatness, you will have to be the ‘energy on the move’ 2) ‘Early to Bed and Early to Rise make a man healthy and wise’ 3) You have to be physically involved in a Dynamic Activity - 30 minutes a day 4) Eat Energy rich food – nothing to beat fruits, vegetables and nuts 21 3 7. I WILL SETTLE FOR NOTHING BUT THE BEST, BECAUSE I DESERVE THE BEST. 1) If there is one aspect of life where there is no partiality, it is with regard to TIME. 2) If you know how to get the best out of your time, you can get the best out of your life 3) That on which you invest time, you will achieve 4) Ensure that the right quantum of time goes to the right activities, you will get your life right 1) Commit your life to Learning, Earning and Returning. 2) Schooling will stop, but let learning never stop 3) Earn – we must. Earn a lot – we must. Money in the hands of a good human being will create a new world. 4) If you give, you will be given. The joy of having is in sharing. 5) Learning, earning and returning are the ways to greatness, and they are simultaneous & continuous. 5 4 1) John F Kennedy said, “Ask what you can do for the country and not what the country can do for you.” 2) What are you willing to do for India? What role will you play in making India a proud nation? 3) Every Indian has the responsibility to make India proud. 4) The greatness of a man is complete only when his contributions to his motherland are greater than what he had consumed from his motherland.

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