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JiDu De ShenTi Shih Tzu Summertime Style Show SURE TO MAKE YOU SMILE!!

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1 JiDu De ShenTi Shih Tzu Summertime Style Show SURE TO MAKE YOU SMILE!!

2 TingALing (after 31 puppies) finally gets her dog, PingPong, in a June wedding.

3 Champion Phidore’s Dim Sum El Niňo or Felipe, as we know him, is debonair in his silky shirt and tie, flirting with the girls at the Q Pub in Corpus Christi.

4 Cubby leads the 4 th of July Parade down Shoreline Drive, but he will not stay for the loud scary fireworks!!

5 Fancy looks great in her ball gown for the Corpus Christi Country Club. Like her owners, she is always ready to dance.

6 Rhett, a little red dog wears a big red dog printed shirt for story hour at Parkdale Library in Corpus Christi.

7 Scarlett O’Hairy, visits points of interest like the Aquarium and Art Museum wearing her butterfly print and matching boa.

8 Lacey, on the USS Lexington moored at North Beach, wears shark printed attire.

9 Tequila looks cute in her collars that she can throw on and go to Padre Staples Mall. A girl needs several to complete her wardrobe.

10 Dancer wears a sea creature printed shirt that is very appropriate for the beach in Port Aransas.

11 Stormy and Sable wear pastel gingham outfits with matching bows to the Country Peddler Craft Show in July.

12 Texas Trinket is so pretty wearing her floral outfit at the Botanical Gardens.

13 Panda Tzu at the Zoo in San Antonio makes quite a hit wearing her shirt of exotic animals.

14 Merry takes a break at the Marble Slab Creamery wearing a shirt with an ice cream sundae print that looks good enough to eat.

15 Blue Velvet loves lying on the Mustang Island beach in her “Surf’s Up, Dog Beach” outfit in blue from Tidy Paws grooming salon in Corpus Christi.

16 Wee Willie wears his “little dog bones” shirt to the Corpus Christi Kennel Club dog shows in August. Best in Show?

17 Winston is also a hit at the dog shows (where last year he won his first AKC championship point) in his shirt printed with many dog breeds.

18 Brandy, quite a clown in her blue clown collar, is ready to entertain at Driscoll Children’s Hospital.

19 Gheri, a chocolate girl, shops Sun Harvest for her favorite brand, in her Super Model shirt from Tidy Paws.

20 Tiki keeps cool in her turquoise and lime green summer dress and bow from “Barking Lot” on her day trip to Progresso.

21 Lil-E, a princess in her pink dress (also from Tidy Paws) takes a cruise on the Texas Treasure, leaving from Port Aransas.

22 Dove-E goes out on the town at Katz 21 for dining and dancing, wearing a black satin mini dress bought at Tidy Paws.

23 Jazzy wows everyone at Doctor Rockit’s Blues Bar in her hot pink dress.

24 Tiki Tu Tu looks great keeping the sun away at a picnic in Cole Park on the Bayfront.

25 Loo Ling loves to race go carts at FunTrackers. He wears a striped sport shirt from the Barking Lot grooming salon.

26 Hope you enjoyed our style show as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you!! All outfits, unless otherwise noted were designed and sewn by Pam Crump. Now, enjoy more pictures of the happy bride (in a gown purchased online) and groom (in a Tux bought on eBay).

27 Best Wishes

28 Congratulations

29 Just shoot us!!

30 We are almost through.

31 That’s All Folks!

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