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Welcome to Mary G. Porter Traditional School New Student Orientation 2010 - 2011.

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1 Welcome to Mary G. Porter Traditional School New Student Orientation 2010 - 2011

2 Porter Traditional School Creed  Porter Traditional School is a safe, friendly, and caring community where learning is active and exciting.  We, the Porter staff, are enthusiastic, professional, caring and committed to working together to provide the best learning experience for our school community.  I am a member of the Porter family. I am an intelligent, responsible, and hard-working active learner.  At Porter, our learning never ends.

3 School Hours Doors open at 8:40 a.m. Instruction begins at 8:50 a.m. Dismissal is at 3:20 p.m. Breakfast begins at 8:35 a.m. Students are TARDY after 8:50 a.m. Attendance/Tardies/Behavior must be excellent to remain at Porter.

4 Student Uniforms ALL STUDENTS attending Porter are REQUIRED to follow the uniform policy and the Prince William County Dress Code. SCHOOL COLORS: Red, White, Blue, Tan/Khaki, and Black. ALL clothing MUST be SOLID colors. There can be no logo or brand names on any item worn to school, except the school logo and/or name. BOTTOMS: SOLID Navy Blue, Black, or Tan/Khaki…NO DENIM Pants, jumpers, walking shorts, skorts, and jumpers TOPS: Red, White, Black, Navy Blue or Light Blue…NO DENIM Tops must have a collar and be tucked in. PE Days: In addition to the uniform, students may wear Spirit Wear. Shoes: Preferably street shoes, athletic/tennis shoes (No open toe shoes or sandals)

5 Student Uniforms Ties – Red, White, Navy Blue, Light Blue and Tan Khaki (These colors can be combined) Girls – Hair accessories are to be of the student’s choice, with the exception of bandanas Belts – Black, Brown, Tan Khaki, Light Blue or Navy (Pants must fit properly or the student will be required to wear a belt) Jewelry – Earrings are to be worn in ears only, no larger than a quarter. Financial Assistance - Families who feel they are in financial need and cannot afford uniforms may submit a letter to the Principal requesting financial assistance. The requests will be reviewed on a case-by case basis by the principal.

6 Volunteer Hours STUDENTS…. Participate in school or community projects each year. Volunteer hours are dependent upon grade level. Grades 1-3 10 hours per year Grades 4-5 15 Hours per year Grades 6-8 20 hours per year Students keep track of hours in their agenda. PARENTS… Participate in 10 hours per year of school related activities for each child enrolled at Porter. Parents log hours in the notebook in the main office.

7 Parent Committees Porter relies on the commitment and involvement of our dedicated parents.

8 Porter Traditions Our school-wide policies stating that we will all behave and demonstrate the following Traditions…

9 Greeters Porter Traditional School Creed Porter Traditional School is a safe, friendly, and caring community where learning is active and exciting. We, the Porter staff, are enthusiastic, professional, caring and committed to working together to provide the best learning experience for our school community. I am a member of the Porter family. I am an intelligent, responsible, and hard- working active learner. At Porter, our learning never ends. Staff Uniform The staff will wear their Porter uniform at least 2 days a week.

10 Stars and Stripes S TOP T HINK A ND R EAD S ilently S TUDENTS T EACHERS R EADING I N P ERFECTLY E NJOYABLE S ILENCE Give Me Five 1 – Quiet 2 – Look at the speaker 3 – Get ready to listen 4 – Sit still 5 – Raise your hand to show you are ready

11 Porter Writing Domains Composing Usage and Mechanics Written Expression (Style) Composing Focus on Main Idea Logical Organization Examples, Anecdotes, Illustrations, and Details Support the Main Idea Skillful Lead and Closure Overall Unity Lack of Digressions Consistent Point of View Written Expression (Style) Precise Vocabulary Sentences Vary in Length and Beginnings Rhythmic Flow Writer’s Voice Word Choice Creates Pictures in Reader's Mind Usage and Mechanics Capitalization Punctuation Usage Sentence Formation Spelling * All students need to know the writing domains. Each student needs to do at least 2 writing prompts per semester. Then, these pieces need to be rated using these domains. You’ll get a stamp to use when scoring writing in any content area Composing Usage and Mechanics Written Expression (Style)

12 Good Readers... Look at the picture. Think about a word that has the same sound it it. Listen to see if it makes sense. Skip the word and continue reading. Then think about what the word could be. Go back to the beginning and get a running start on the word. Start the sentence again. Put in a word that makes sense and continue reading. Look at how the word begins. Listen to see if it sounds right. Does it fit in the sentence? Look for chunks or little words. Get your mouth ready to say it.

13 Math Facts The recall of basic math facts is essential for the mastery of the elementary mathematics curriculum. A school-wide policy has been established requiring all students to have mastery of their basic math facts. Below are the grade level criteria. We are using the “Mad Minute Math” program as one way to monitor progress and encourage students to compete against their own record (to better their previous scores.) The “Mad Minute Math” sheets can be corrected, completed, and practiced each night. The school day can offer only limited time for practice basic facts; thus, much of the necessary drill must occur at home. Grade Math FactsTime Frame Requirement 1Sums to 10 and corresponding subtraction factsEnd of 4 th quarter 2Sums tp 20 and corresponding subtraction factsEnd of 4 th quarter 3Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to 10+ and – End of 2 nd quarter x and / by end of 4 th quarter 4 & UpAddition, subtraction, multiplication and division+ and – End of 1 st quarter x and / by end of 2 nd quarter

14 Porter’s Editing Marks REVISING MARKS (Grade 1) see Change a word:I can saw a bird. see Add a word:I can^a bird. REVISING MARKS (Grades 2-8) Cross out:I am am tall. terrified I felt afraid. called Add a word:Dad^to me. PROOFREADING MARKS Check spelling: blak Need capital letter: t m h r Need a lower case: H R New paragraph: Indent: Punctuation: We walked faster * These edit marks are the only editing marks used at Porter *

15 Personal Best To celebrate the hard work of each and every student, each room (could be in the classroom or in the hall) labeled “Personal Best.” On this board, should be displayed students’ personal best work- it may be a project, art work, group project, essay, story, math problem solving, class work or many other items. This work should be updated frequently. Every child should have something well done of which he/she is proud to share. What a message it sends to kids when they see their own work up for others to read and enjoy! Class Meetings Each classroom teacher agrees to have a class meeting at least twice a week. The purpose is to enhance our school community and reduce bullying within our school.


17 Academic Vocabulary- Word Walls To support the initiative of literacy across the content areas and for our students’ learning, all students are expected to “master” 120 words annually (30 per content area) All teachers should have a word wall where the academic vocabulary are posted as they are learned throughout the school year.

18 Agendas… encouraging responsibility All students Gr. 1-8 have agendas ($6 cost) Students are expected to write their homework in it each night. Excellent place for communication Teachers, both middle and elementary, will check that students have written the homework down properly. Time needs to be set aside daily for this step Each teacher will have a School Fusion page please check it regularly. Parents and students need to bring an ID to get their password with Mrs. Pat in the office.

19 Bullying of Students PWCS is committed to a school environment in which students are free from bullying

20 Front Office Please notify the office of any changes in your child’s transportation needs. The office must be notified IN WRITING, the morning of the change. ALL visitors need a photo ID and must check into the office first. Early dismissals will be permitted up until 3:00pm. Parents MUST to sign in students who come to school after 8:50am. ALL students need to be in their home- room class by 8:50am.

21 Nurse’s office All emergency information must be current. All immunizations (shots) must be current. All medications must be kept in the clinic. All medications must be transported to school by an adult. Children are nor permitted to carry medicines. Forms are required for all over the counter and prescription medicines. If you are sick or are injured you can ask your teacher and come to the clinic.

22 Cafeteria News Monies should be placed on lunch cards in the morning. Meatless meals are offered daily. Free and Reduced forms are now online at Forms are also available in the office Student lunches are $2.10 Breakfast is $1.20

23 School Wellness PWCS Wellness Policy states that: PWC is committed to providing school environments that promote and protect children’s health, well- being, and ability to learn by supporting healthy eating and physical activity.

24 Guideline Events that include food or beverages, either during or outside the school day SHALL MAKE A POSITIVE CONTRIBUTION TO CHILDREN’S DIETS AND HEALTH. These include snacks brought to school, food provided for celebrations, lunches provided by parents.


26 9-5-2-1-0 For Health 9 get 9 hours of sleep (7-8 for adults) 5 eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables each day 2 limit screen time to no more than 2 hours each day 1 get at least 1 hour of exercise each day 0 limit sugary drinks

27 To Help You Lists of HEALTHY SNACK ideas are available with your child’s teacher and on the fusion site Lists of NON-FOOD items are available to substitute for that sweet treat for the birthday child

28 Transportation Bus Riders: Parent/Responsible Adult MUST wait with student at Express bus stop in the morning. Parent/Responsible Adult MUST meet student bus in the afternoon. Everyone will have a car number. Car Riders: Bus lanes are closed to all other traffic. Please wait in the car line until time to drop off/pick up in front of school. Everyone will have a car number. Given on the first day of school.

29 Your child should come to school on the FIRST DAY of school just like he/she will come to school on the 2 nd and 3 rd and 83 rd day. If you are dropping your child off, please GET IN THE CAR LINE and follow procedures. No cars will be allowed in the parking lot. First Day Transportation

30 Porter Website We believe communication is important and encourage you to use the school website to find the information you need for your child. Information DOES change, so please check the website often for the latest updates. If you have immediate questions, please call the school office at (703) 580-6501. Be sure to sign up for updates on our website.

31 Summer Reading Recommendations The purpose of the PWCPS Summer Reading Program is to encourage students to enjoy quality literature and to continue developing their independent reading skills. Reading logs are due the first week of school. Check with your Language Arts teachers.

32 School supplies list is available on the Porter website: Copies may also be obtained from the office. School Supplies

33 Edulink=School Fusion Parent-school communication system allows secure access to student information such as school attendance and grades. First pick up School Fusion passcode from Ms. Pat You must present a photo ID to pick up the passcode. Register online at

34 Thank You We are fortunate to have your children attend Porter. You will have the opportunity to ask questions during the tour.

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