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A green job, also called a green-collar job is, according to the United Nations Environment Program, "work in agricultural, manufacturing, research.

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3 A green job, also called a green-collar job is, according to the United Nations Environment Program, "work in agricultural, manufacturing, research and development (R&D), administrative, and service activities that contribute(s) substantially to preserving or restoring environmental quality. Specifically, but not exclusively, this includes jobs that help to protect ecosystems and biodiversity; reduce energy, materials, and water consumption through high efficiency strategies; de-carbonize the economy; and minimize or altogether avoid generation of all forms of waste and pollution."United Nations Environment Program

4  Bussines Development  Construction  Engineering  Marketing  Sales  Finan c e



7 JOB DESCRIPTION: Parsons--Designing the future of Global Engineering Technical Director - Microbiologist / Location Negotiable Parsons offers you the best of both worlds: the stability and recognition of an industry powerhouse coupled with the entrepreneurial spirit needed to conquer emerging markets. On our team, you will be instrumental in delivering landmark commercial projects supporting global initiatives in Energy, Power, Renewables, Environmental Remediation and Design, Healthcare, Education, Communications and Capital Projects. We have a "Can Do" approach and are looking for colleagues with the same mindset, thriving in a high energy environment and up for a challenge. We believe in building careers as well as projects. Let's get started. Parsons: People, Planet, Progress.

8 POSITION OVERVIEW: Provides direction, technical input, and regulatory strategy to investigation, design and remediation projects for in-situ bioremediation projects for new and existing clients. Also provides support to our business development managers and to program managers with the goal of growing our work in the chlorinated solvent remediation market. Is recognized as an industry expert in microbiology and micro-ecology, with specific emphasis on anaerobic biodegradation remediation, and is widely acknowledged by industry peers through his/her publications or presentations

9 SPECIFIC RESPONSIBILITIES: Serves as senior-level technical director on VOC related and other remediation projects. Creates enhanced technical solutions to meet client and/or regulatory requirements and actively seeks improvements to work processes. Participates in business development activities, including proposal preparation and formal client presentations. Recognizes importance of customer satisfaction as a means of fostering future business development. Actively pursues leads for future business, and develops client contacts to encourage future business. Enhance Parsons' name recognition by actively participating in technical and professional organizations such as serving as session chair in national and international conferences, presenting papers on cutting-edge topics, leading roundtable discussions on emerging issues, etc. Effectively work in teams with technical and business development staff, proposal coordinators and sub-contractors, and provide leadership and mentoring to staff. Keeps abreast of technological developments related to environmental investigation, design and remediation. May write and/or review articles written by others for publication in professional journals

10 REC Solar is a solar electric system integrator specializing in the design and installation of residential and commercial solar systems. Our vision is to make solar electricity a part of the mainstream energy supply. While still being a medium-sized employer, REC Solar is a market leader in the solar electric industry, experiencing growth rates in excess of 75%/year. By commercializing energy sources that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reliance on fossil fuels, we can contribute to a more secure and sustainable world. JOB DESCRIPTION:

11 The responsibilities associated with this opportunity are as follows: *Organize, lead, and train crews to complete projects within established guidelines and timeframes; * Ensure attention to detail with an emphasis on quality and safety; * Analyze and resolve worker problems and recommend solutions; * Relate to the public and to customers in a professional, courteous and respectful manner, appropriately responding to their complaints; * Work with up to 600 Volt Circuits.

12 The total number of recycling jobs in the United States is at more than 1 million, according to recent reports (PDF, right click to save). Although the market for paper and plastic has slowed down recently due to the economic downturn, demand for steel is still strong -- 42 percent of output came from scrap in 2006 - - and recycling remains the economical alternative to high disposal fees. Worldwide more than 200,000 people work in secondary steel production, and the US is a major center of production. New laws and regulations are also creating a need for specialized companies that can close the loop by recycling and repurposing e-waste, clothing, plastic bags, construction waste, and other materials.

13 The green economy needs a cadre of specialized software developers and engineers who design, build, and maintain the networks of sensors and stochastic modeling that underpin wind farms, smart energy grids, congestion pricing and other systems substituting intelligence for natural resources. Coders with experience using large scale enterprise resource planning have an edge here, as well as developers familiar with open source and web 2.0 applications.




17 Prepared by: Kinga Syposz Anna Walkowicz

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