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Kinds of Objections Dr. John Eigenauer Taft College.

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1 Kinds of Objections Dr. John Eigenauer Taft College

2 Lack of evidence  “Especially in the past 20 years, young people have had lots of money to spend. ‘Now they’re driving the market for mass-produced objects.’ And especially for youths, Twitchell maintains, advertising has become our social studies text. ‘Ask 18-year- olds what freedom means, and they’ll tell you, ‘It means being able to buy whatever I want.’’” --R. Wolkomir

3 Lack of evidence  The author offers no studies, surveys, or even stories that show that teenagers associate freedom solely with the ability to buy things (consumerism).

4 Counterexample or contrary evidence  “The quality of jobs available has declined so badly in California that no one can reasonably expect to graduate from college and be able to support a family with only two children.”

5 Counterexample  My cousin recently graduated in engineering from CSUB and got a job with AERA. He started at $54,000 a year, which allows him and his wife and children to own a home and live comfortably.”

6 Contrary evidence  Information from Bakersfield’s Chamber of Commerce indicates that more than 3,000 white collar jobs will open up in 2006, with an average salary of $48,000 for people with college degrees.

7 Objection of consideration  The United States government needs to completely rebuild New Orleans through low interest loans. Estimates indicate that $100 billion will be enough to get that great city on its feet again.

8 Objection of consideration  Financial:  While it may be important to rebuild New Orleans, the American taxpayer cannot repay $100 billion extra on top of an already huge federal deficit. That amount, in fact, is twice the rebate given to taxpayers a few years ago.

9 Objection of consideration  Because we are facing an energy crisis, the United States needs to open up Alaskan reserves to drill for oil.

10 Objection of consideration  Environmental  Opening up the Alaskan wildlife reserves will destroy priceless habitat and do irreversible damage to the environment.

11 Objections of consideration  Moral  Financial  Gender  Legal (rights)  Social  Cultural

12 Objections of consideration  Environmental  General impact  Violations of tradition  Functional  Bias

13 Necessary connection  Bill Clinton is, without a doubt, the greatest US President of the twentieth century. Under Clinton, the world economy boomed, bringing more prosperity to more people than ever before.

14 Necessary connection  We do not know that Clinton’s governmental policy caused the worldwide economic boom. In fact, the boom may have been caused by great technological advances in computers, agriculture, manufacturing, and health care.

15 Determine type of objection  Taft College should undertake a reconstruction program.  Taft College should not undertake a reconstruction program because it will cause too many inconveniences.

16 Determine type of objection  The Bible is of divine origin because no other book is as old and remains a bestseller.  There are other books that are older and are bestsellers.  Popularity does not necessarily indicate divine inspiration.

17 Determine type of objection  Good health is the secret to a long life.  James Fixx was a world class runner who was in extraordinarily good health when he died young of a heart attack.

18 Determine type of objection  Free trade is good for the country.  No studies have confirmed that free trade is always good for a country’s economy.

19 Determine type of objection  We need to bring democracy to Iraq.  Perhaps Iraq’s large Muslim influence will not accommodate all of the freedoms commonly associated with Western democracy.

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