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A quick introduction to Word Formation Unit 2: fashion victims.

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1 a quick introduction to Word Formation Unit 2: fashion victims

2 Types of Word Formation: different ways of creating new words 1.Compounding 2.Prefixation 3.Suffixation 4.Conversion 5.Clipping 6.Blends 7.Backformation 8.Acronyms 9.Onomatopoeia 10.Eponyms 11.Toponyms We will center on these 2 ways!

3 1. Compounding Definition: Two or more words joined together to form a new word. Examples: Home + work  homework Pick + pocket  pickpocket The meaning of a compound is not always the sum of the meanings of its parts. Types of compounds: Compound nouns Compound verbs Compound adjectives

4 Compound Nouns 1.Boyfriend 2.Breakfast 3.Sunshine, birth control 4.Software, fast food 5.Overboard 6.Drop-out, plug-in 1.Noun + Noun 2.Verb + Noun 3.Noun + Verb 4.Adjective + Noun 5.Particle + Noun 6.Verb + Particle

5 Compound Verbs 1.Carbon-copy, sky-dive 2.Fine-tune 3.Overwork 4.Bad-mouth 1.Noun + Verb 2.Adjective + Verb 3.Particle + Verb 4.Adjective + Noun

6 Compound Adjectives 1.Capital-intensive 2.Deaf-mute 3.Coffee-table 4.Roll-neck 5.White-collar 6.Before-tax 7.Go-go 1.Noun + Adjective 2.Adjective + Adjective 3.Noun + Noun 4.Verb + Noun 5.Adjective + Noun 6.Particle + Noun 7.Verb-verb

7 2. Prefixation Class-changing prefixes: a-  asleep  Verb to Adjective be-  bewitch  Noun to Verb en-  enslave  Noun to Verb Class-maintaining prefixes: in-  indefinite  Adj to Adj fore-  foreground  Noun to N Etc.

8 3. Suffixation Suffixes forming Nouns N from N: -dom  kingdom N from V: -ee  employee N from Adj: -ce  dependence Suffixes forming Verbs V from N: -ify  beautify V from Adj: -en  shorten Suffixes forming adjectives Adj from N: -al  educational Adj from V: -able  understandable Adj from Adj: -ish  greenish Suffixes forming Adverbs: -ly, -ward, and –wise.

9 4. Conversion Definition: Assigning an already existing word to a new syntactic category. Types of Conversion Verb to Noun: to hit  a hit Adj to N: a final game  a final N to V: a sign  to sign Adj to V: an empty box  to empty

10 5. Clipping Definition: Shortening a polysyllabic word by deleting one or more syllables Examples: Gasoline  Gas Hamburger  Burger delicatessen  microphone  deli mike

11 6. Blends Definition: Similar to compounds, but parts of the words are deleted. Examples: Motor + hotel  Motel Breakfast + lunch  Brunch Wireless + Fidelity  Sheep + goat  Wi-fi Shoat

12 7. Back-formations Definition: Creative reduction due to incorrect morphological analysis. Examples: editor (1649)  edit (1791) television (1907)  televise (1927) Paramedical (1921)  paramedic (1967)

13 8. Acronyms Definition: Words derived from the initial letters of several words and use them as a new word Examples: Very Important People/Person  VIP Self-contained underwater breathing apparatus  SCUBA

14 9. Onomatopoeia Definition: Words created to sound like the thing that they name. EnglishJapaneseTagalogCatalan Cock-a-dooKokekokkoKuk-kakaukQuiQuiriiQui ! MeowNyaNiyawMiaauu !

15 10. Eponyms Definition: a person after whom a discovery, invention, place, etc., is named. Examples: degrees Celsius (Anders Celcius) Cook Islands (James Cook)

16 11. Toponyms Definition: a place name, especially one derived from a topographical feature. Examples: States in the USA : Montana (‘mountains’ in Spanish) Mississippi (‘big river’ in Chippewa)

17 Do you want to practise? Exercises: click herehere

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