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STRATEGY MATTERS Old Tactics No Longer Work in a New America business Today, you must run your career as your business! Carleen MacKay The Voice of the.

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1 STRATEGY MATTERS Old Tactics No Longer Work in a New America business Today, you must run your career as your business! Carleen MacKay The Voice of the Changing Workforce

2 Learning Objectives Envision and discuss…the implications of worldwide and U.S. structural change that affect our country, our organizations and YOUR Career! Grasp the strategic process…that ensures you run your career as a market-driven business NOT as your job. Discuss…why doing what you’ve always done may not be your only (or best) approach to your future.

3 Envision – Worldwide Change Global economic growth is NOT stemming from the West. BRIC –MIST and Asian Tigers plus Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar and Africa Most respected global companies in 2013 - are located “where their customer’s are – NOT simply where local labor costs are low.” Global Immigrants file 76% of patents at the top 10 U.S. patent-producing colleges. 52% of Silicon Valley technology startups begun by Global Immigrants. U.S. ranks low in the right education/competencies for the 1.5 million open jobs. Anyone, anywhere can build a better light bulb! Your competition is now global not domestic, regional or local! Read: Gary Shapiro - Ninja Innovation: The Ten Killer Strategies of the World’s Most Successful Businesses (Harper Collins, 2013).

4 Envision – America’s Structural Change - Changes the Way We Work! 1800’s 1910 1940 1970’S The decade that changed the America we knew! (increased mergers in private sector, new labor-saving technologies, expansion into overseas markets and ever shorter tenure) Read: David Frum: The 70’s: The decade that brought you modern life. 1990’s While America was thriving, demographic - and other - inevitable changes remained largely unnoticed. As the 20 th century clock struck midnight, the slow march to the future was OVER!

5 Discussion – U.S. Changes My example of impact of more change on businesses and careers. RETAIL THREATS OPPORTUNITIES How about your line of business and/or your career path? Next: Take a good look at how organizations are changing…

6 20 th Century Organization 21 st Century Organization ORGANIZATIONAL Structural Shift Employee Base 20 th Century Jobs Monolithic Workforce Structure Cycles disruptive & costly 21 st Century Work Flexible Workforce Structure Mission-Critical Employee Base FUNCTIONS CORE FUNCTIONS Flexible Base Non-Core Functions

7 The PastThe PresentThe Future 1 or 2 jobs 1 or 2 firms Several jobs Several firms Many contributions Many firms Defined skills/competencies Changing skills/competencies New skills/competencies Short work life Short life Shorter work life Longer life Variety of lifetime work “Permanent” workforce “Flexible” workforce “Contingent” workforce Command/control leaders Team-focused leaders Global leaders The Rise of the Super Temp

8 New Time – New Strategies © Carleen MacKay & Brad Taft

9 Letting Go - #1 Letting go of the familiar past is often the most difficult task of all. But…It is only when you let go that you will find you can move ahead. Read: David Viscott: “Emotionally Free: Letting Go of the Past to Live in the Moment” The story of the 49ers and the art of “seeing another way”

10 Internal Analysis - #2 Different ages - different stages Different reasons and different choices Starting Point: MBTI Other internal assessments online or with certified coaches Where will you invest?

11 Marketplace Trends - #3 What’s so different about the future?....EVERYTHING More workers in “gold” collar careers than in white or blue collar careers. The bonds between employers and employee have grown weaker – 40% not working in traditional, regular, full-time jobs. Predicted: 50% by 2020. 60-70% of jobs that existed in the 20 th century do not exist today or are either so materially changed that they do not exist for you. The challenge is to learn from the future; not from the past. 20 minutes a day on the Internet begins the journey.

12 Today’s Hot Opportunities - #4 “Don’t seek comfort in your ticket to the last train to the good times. The station has already been converted to a hybrid car sales outlet.” In alphabetical order, here are a few “hot” careers to consider: Boomer products and services Consignment store sales Global careers Healthcare Marketing – Social Media Medical Devices Retail – online Security services Senior services STEM Tutoring

13 Your Career Options - #5 Or, are you only prepared to do what you’ve always done? Are you prepared for the future of WORK? Alternatives link you with marketplace need! Cycling – current field between temp and regular Free Agency Franchising or buying a business Solopreneurship, Entrepreneurship Outsourcing, Offshoring (think Pacific Rim) Non-Profit Portfolios Re-direction Virtuosos Volunteering

14 Challenges and Barriers - #6 Challenge – Summon courage Barrier – Learn something new What are your challenges/barriers? Are you running your career as your business? S.W.O.T. AKA - Gap Analysis LOOK AHEAD – NOT BACK The Future is Your Teacher!

15 Your Plan - #7 A written plan is your “Passport” to your future… Written plans are: Specific Measurable Action-oriented Realistic Time-framed Read more about SMART planning on the Internet.

16 Marketing Tools - #8 Brand BiosResumes Proposals Business Cards Websites Social Media Different Tools Different Reasons

17 I dreamed a dream… that you will play life forward using the new rules in the game of work. Your career is your “business. ” No matter who is paying you – you work for yourself! “Jobs” are only one way of working out of dozens of possibilities. Align and re-align your strategies with changing marketplace need. Learning is your lifelong commitment. Businesses that don’t continue to learn don’t continue to earn. Neither will you. YOU are your best investment! Carleen MacKay For copies of this presentation, write to

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