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LiftEd: Regional Meetings Ohio Board of Regents Opening Presentation.

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1 LiftEd: Regional Meetings Ohio Board of Regents Opening Presentation

2 Today’s Objectives Further collaborative conversations in the regions resulting in identified, actionable steps for the next 6-12 months. Gather insights on strategies, policies and opportunities for the state and institutions to support the achievement and completion of non- traditional students, particularly low-skilled adults.


4 Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce: 2010. U.S. Census Bureau. 2010 American Community Survey.

5 Middle jobs: Requiring some post-secondary education but not a bachelor’s, pays at least $35,000

6 29 million “middle jobs” by industry sector

7 Student Success Employer Needs Institutional Relationships All Credentials Valued Data Driven Strategies Scale Best Practices Links Within USO Collaborating for Student Success

8 Ohio Board of Regents on Student Success Organizational Structure Special Initiatives Funding and Incentives

9 Ohio Board of Regents Institutional Collaboration Brett Visger, Deputy Chancellor Jeff Gove, ABLEBarb Nicol, AWE Tony Landis, Career and College Transitions John Magill, Economic Advancement

10 Completion: All Credentials are Valued Industry Certifications Licensures Industry- Recognized Credentials GEDs Program Certificates Degrees Institutional Credentials Jobs Careers Educated Citizenry

11 Initiatives: Completion Campus Completion Plans Bridge Programs Credit Pipeline Redesign and Personalize Remedial Education Career and Degree Pathways Reporting Certificates and Industry-Recognized Credentials

12 Initiatives: Economic Advancement Commercialization Taskforce Report –Skills and competencies –Experiential learning –Exposure to entrepreneurship Connection to STEM disciplines

13 Expectations for the Field Institutional Collaboration Quality Programs Employer Needs Student Needs Completion & Workforce Readiness

14 ABLE AWE Colleges & Universities Credit Pipeline Bridges for Transition Shared Accountability


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