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How to Workload Your Facility to Ensure Quality Outcomes.

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1 How to Workload Your Facility to Ensure Quality Outcomes

2 Paul Hill / Massco  Why should you listen to me?  What is my pedigree?

3 Wonder Bread OKC 1974  Food Plant Sanitation Jobber  Department Manager did not “play by the book”

4 Regulatory Agencies  FDA  City/County  Military  AIB

5 American Institute of Baking  Management for Sanitation  Operational Practices  Maintenance for Sanitation  Pest Control


7 Wonder Bread Tulsa  Department Manager was by the book, National Guard Drill Sergeant  Ronnie kept giving me the books  Tulsa City/County Health Department  Be Survey Ready EVERYDAY

8 Wonder Bread Wichita  I had a decision to make, how did I want to operate MY bakery?  First AIB I learned honesty, everyone has “dirty laundry”  Second AIB I learned what happens when you find bugs in your bakery  Third AIB I learned the value of continuing to use the proper process’s

9 What does this have to do with workloading my facility?  I knew which road I was on, where I was going and the condition of my facility.  I had workloaded my facility, I knew the condition of the bakery.

10 Master Workbook  Manual workloaded facility management tool  Oven area cost savings  May have saved my job after the oven fire

11  Identify ALL periodic task  Document non EVS task  Frequency and task are fluid, constantly changing  Most importantly be honest with yourself and management  A master workbook for a longterm care facility may look like this:


13 How to get the MWB to the staff  Every employee should have a written work schedule  Each task should be backed by a written procedure  Written scheduling will take minimal time, will allow you to spend more time in proactive management.  Service employee’s work at a 65% efficiency, you need to increase the work expected  Documentation for counseling problem employees  A sample daily housekeeper schedule may look like this.


15 How do I know if this will work in my facility for me?  YOU CAN ONLY EXPECT WHAT YOU INSPECT  Flashlight and scraper?  Self inspect on a scheduled basis  A daily inspection form for long term care may look like this


17 What prohibits you from workloading your facility?  Time  Management role has changed  What hat’s are you wearing?

18 Fireman

19 Psychiatrist

20 Priest/Clergy

21 Referee

22 Baby Sitter

23 We all know our time management is vital, however it is easy to get derailed.

24 Time management tips  Turn off email alerts on phone and computer  Schedule appointments for yourself for management task  Shut your office door  Post your office hours  Come early or stay late, not both

25 Know your facilities objectives, mission statement.  What are the current top priorities for your company?  How would you prioritize the following universal business needs?  Would you add any additional facility business needs to this list?

26 Communication skills  Speak white collar verses blue collar:  Invest vs buy  ROI  How your action will affect the companies UBN  Speak the language of the BSC that is actively seeking your job  FTE  Automation

27 Workloading 101  Cleanable square footage  Floor surface type and mix  Number of resident rooms  Delineate daily verses periodic task  Space classificiation  Discharge or terminal cleans  Communicate with superiors

28 Manual Workloading  ISSA Times  Rule of thumb,1 minute per square foot for daily resident room cleaning  Rule of thumb, one dedicated FTE for floor care per 10.5 housekeeping staff.

29 Elev8  ELEV8 DEMO

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