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Ch. 23 Section 2.American Abundance and Scientific Advances.

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1 Ch. 23 Section 2.American Abundance and Scientific Advances

2 American Abundance Economic Prosperity Disposable Income Growth of Suburbia—Levittown --escape the cities, affordable, GI Bill, Interstate Highway Act Baby Boom: Factors—delayed marriage until after War, affordability, popular culture celebrated pregnancy, birth, families. At the height of the Baby Boom, a child was born every 7 seconds.

3 The Changing Workplace Mechanization of farms and factories accelerated in the 1950’s As a result more people went to work in offices. Became known as white-collar jobs. For the first time in 1956, white collar jobs outnumbered blue collar jobs. Large corporations…many were multinational corporations. --expanded overseas for important raw materials and cheaper labor.

4 Franchises Rise in franchises during the 1950s’s. McDonalds, Dunkin Donuts, Holiday Inn onalds+history&client=firefox- a&hs=nYZ&rls=org.mozilla:en- US:official&channel=fflb&source=lnms& tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=GQwFU_-YPIm- sQSq3YLwCw&ved=0CAkQ_AUoAQ&biw =1024&bih=664#facrc=_&imgdii=_&img rc=YoSZ1HExcmr5CM%253A%3BBmV- E93ElroyCM%3Bhttp%253A%252F%252 3pKdKznrh6Q%252FTaXB63MSewI%252 FAAAAAAAAABE%252FiFzS5FXdsIs%252 Fs1600%252FSe05_DesPlainesIL.jpg%3B http%253A%252F%252Fmcdpopculture. 3B1600%3B1278

5 Advances in Electronics: Electronics industry made rapid advances after WWII. 1.The Transistor 2.ENIAC—first computer (made military calculations) 3.UNIVAC—processed business data and launched the computer revolution. 4.Jet Airline—changes reduced consumer costs, making airline travel available in the masses.


7 Medical Miracles Prior to 1950’s, cancer was thought to be untreatable. Development of radiation and chemotherapy in 1950s --helped many cancer patients survive. Heart disease/Heart attacks: CPR technique was introduced. -also first mechanical heart valves and pacemakers in 1952. Tuberculosis: lung disease that was known as “white plague. Was so infectious and contagious that patients lived in sanatoriums. New antibiotics and a blood test in 1956 put an end to the fear of TB. Polio: polio epidemics had been occurring in the US since 1916.

8 Polio Viral disease---many died but those who did not were confined to iron lungs (large metal tanks with pumps) If survived, often paralyzed. Jonas Salk: developed an injectable vaccine in 1955. Albert Sabin: developed an oral one…more convenient and the threat of polio nearly disappeared.

9 Sanatoriums for TB

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