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How brands can achieve strong ROI with Davidson Media Group.

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1 How brands can achieve strong ROI with Davidson Media Group

2 THE UNTAPPED VALUE OF EMERGING HISPANIC MARKETS ProvidenceSpringfield, MAPhiladelphia Jacksonville, FL Tampa-St. PetersburgRichmond, VA

3 ABOUT DAVIDSON MEDIA GROUP Davidson Media Group (DMG) is one of the largest multicultural radio groups in America today. With a focused vision of serving the country's emerging Hispanic markets, DMG offers advertisers the ability to reach the fastest growing segment of today's multicultural audiences. Since 2004, Davidson Media Group has been addressing the needs of underserved Hispanic media markets with innovative, grassroots programming and growth opportunities for advertisers and communities alike.

4  The untapped potential of reaching Hispanics through culturally relevant Spanish-language radio stations in rapidly growing Hispanic markets, providing marketers and advertisers with several advertising options. THE POWER OF DAVIDSON MEDIA GROUP

5 THE POWER OF SOUTHERN NEW ENGLAND In Providence County 19.3% of the population is Latino. WKKB-FM 100.3 Providence Why Latina can lead you to increased ROI: 16.7% of New Bedford’s population is Hispanic. Among Hispanics in this Massachusetts city, 7% are Puerto Rican. Latinos are empowered: Providence Mayor Angel Taveras, raised on the South Side, is the city’s first Latino mayor and won election with 82% of the vote. Latina 100.3 is the lone Spanish-language FM in New England—an area rich in Hispanics that continues to see population growth.

6 THE LATINA 100.3 LISTENER. Latina 100.3 listeners have buying power. WKKB has a 5.9 Cume rating among listeners in households with annual incomes of $75K+, and a 6.4 Cume rating among listeners in households with annual incomes of $100K+. Latina 100.3’s female listeners are affluent, young, and highly likely to be mothers. According to The Media Audit, WKKB enjoys a 4.3 Cume rating among listeners in households with incomes of at least $75K who have children in the home. A large majority of these listeners are aged 18-34.

7 THE PURCHASING POWER OF LATINA CONSUMERS  Latina 100.3 listeners are 500% more likely than all radio listeners to make at least five purchases each week at a fast food restaurant. Among the chains they frequent are, in order of preference, Taco Bell, Subway, Wendy’s, Dunkin Donuts, and McDonald’s. According to The Media Audit, WKKB listeners are much more likely to own a BMW, Buick, Hyundai, Volkswagen or Ford than other vehicle brands.

8 Latina is Southern New England’s Digital Opportunity for Marketers Data from The Media Audit for May-June 2012 show that WKKB listeners are 400% more likely than listeners to all radio stations in Providence to purchase a tablet device in the next 12 months. This means that many listeners already have these devices, and possess an opportunity to interact with not only Latina 100.3 online but with its advertisers. Additionally, smartphone owners who listen to WKKB are nearly 500% more likely than listeners to all radio stations in Providence to have visited a local website via their mobile device in the past month. This presents myriad opportunities for marketers, as Latina 100.3’s online and mobile platforms may be used to reach a group of consumers who are growing in importance yet have been largely ignored by a wide variety of national, regional and local brands.

9 Providence  Unique Cume, Untapped Potential  While marketers can target English- dominant Hispanics through advertising on these stations, only Davidson Media Group’s WKKB-FM “Latina 100.3” offers the opportunity to truly connect to the Hispanic consumer. With culturally relevant programming specifically targeting a vibrant group of young adults who are growing in affluence, marketers will miss the mark in their efforts to achieve the greatest ROI should they decline to include Latina 100.3 in their media buys.

10 Springfield, MA “La Nueva Popular” and “Power” are the lone Spanish-language radio stations in Western Massachusetts … a region dominated by Puerto Rico-born Latinos who continue to crave music, news, and information that’s most relevant to them.  According to 2011 Census Bureau estimates, Hispanics comprise 21.4% of Hampden County’s population. In the city of Springfield, with a population of 153,155, 38.8% of residents are Hispanic.  To the north, Hispanics in 2011 accounted for 48.4% of Holyoke’s 39,900 residents. This is a significant shift from 2006, when the Hispanic population was mainly concentrated in Springfield and neighboring Chicopee.

11 THE POPULAR and POWER LISTENER 14.1% of adults 18+ who planned to purchase a new car, van, truck, or SUV within the next 12 months are Hispanic. Of adults aged 18+ in Springfield who plan to spend at least $30,000 for their next vehicle, 28.7% are Hispanic. Of adults 18+ who reside in Springfield, MA and log at least 350 miles per week on their vehicles, 20% are Hispanic.

12 THE PURCHASING POWER OF WESTERN MASSACHUSETTS HISPANICS According to The Media Audit, 35.8% of adults 18+ that use T-Mobile wireless services are Hispanic. Additionally, 31.5% of adults aged 18+ in Springfield who subscribe to Sprint services are Hispanic. This compares to less than 12% Hispanic subscribers for AT&T, Verizon, and TracFone.  Data from The Media Audit show that of adults aged 18+ who plan to purchase a major household appliance in the next 12 months, 23% are Hispanic. Additionally, of adults aged 18+ who plan to purchase a personal computer in the next year, 20% are Hispanic. Best Buy has an incredible opportunity to further grow its Hispanic consumer base by advertising on WACM & WSPR. The Media Audit notes that of Springfield residents aged 18+ who shopped at Best Buy in the past six months, 15.2% are Hispanic, compared to 10.9% of Blacks and 5.5% of other races.

13 Davidson Media Group’s Springfield, MA stations offer solid marketing solutions for Hispanic marketers The Springfield, MA media landscape includes radio stations, television stations and weekly newspapers serving the market’s Hispanics. The presence of Univision and Telemundo affiliates, in addition to two print publications, provides evidence of the importance of Hispanic consumers in Western Massachusetts to marketers.. While these Spanish- language media outlets merit, WACM and WSPR provide the biggest value to marketers. Advertisers simply cannot assume that because Hispanics in Springfield, MA may listen to WHYN or WMAS-FM that they can effectively use these radio stations to market to this audience. Proper marketing to Hispanics must take into account language preference and, more importantly, cultural relevance. Only WACM and WSPR can provide this outlet to marketers.

14 Philadelphia As noted in Hispanic Market Overview 2010, annual Hispanic household expenditures in 2009 totaled $9.1 billion. This reflects 5.3% of total household expenditures in the Philadelphia DMA.  Geoscape data reflecting the Philadelphia DMA show slightly more than 850,000 Hispanics residing in the Delaware Valley. This reflects a nearly 50% increase from 2000 and compares to roughly 683,850 Hispanics in 2009.  According to Geoscape population data appearing in Hispanic Market Overview 2010, 310,573 Hispanics in Philadelphia are either English-dependent or are bilingual and prefer to use English. However, nearly 293,500 Hispanics are bilingual, prefer to use Spanish, or are Spanish-dependent.

15 MORE REASONS TO MARKET TO HISPANICS IN PHILADELPHIA The Philadelphia market is home to the third- largest Hispanic population on the East Coast, behind Miami-Fort Lauderdale and New York, respectively. It is the 16 th largest Hispanic market in the nation, ranking ahead of Orlando, Denver, and Washington, DC. The largest percentage growth, by county, was seen in Montgomery County, PA, home to communities such as Norristown and Pottstown. In 2010, the Hispanic population numbered 34,233, reflecting a 124% increase from 2000. In Chester County, PA, home to municipalities such as West Chester, the Hispanic population numbered 32,500 in 2000 – reflecting a 102% rise from 2000. According to the Greater Philadelphia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Philadelphia-area Hispanics have a total purchasing power of approximately $4.2 billion.

16 THE GROWING AFFLUENCE OF HISPANICS IN PHILADELPHIA  According to data from The Media Audit for May-July 2012, of adults aged 18+ who reside in the market 9.8% of business owners, partners or corporate officers are Hispanic. The Media Audit also shows that of Philadelphia adults aged 18+ who shopped at H&M in the last six months, 18.2% are Hispanic Additionally, 25.6% of respondents who shopped at IKEA in the last six months are Hispanic.

17 Mega offers solid marketing solutions to truly capture Hispanics in greater Philadelphia The Philadelphia radio dial is crammed with a diverse assortment of AM and FM stations. However, Davidson Media Group’s WEMG-AM “Mega 1310” is the only one station in the market providing Hispanics with Spanish-language programming at all times. According to The Media Audit, Hispanics may not be consuming total- market radio stations that marketers may assume they tune to. For example, just 4.5% of Rhythmic Top 40 “Wired 96.5” listeners are Hispanic. 16% of WISX-FM “Mix 106.1” listeners are Hispanic. Additionally, just 16.7% of Top 40 “Q102” listeners are Hispanic. This reinforces the importance of reaching Hispanic consumers through media that is culturally relevant and can connect to them emotionally and in a language that they are most comfortable with. Given the significant population of bilingual and Spanish-preferred Hispanics, advertisers cannot ignore WEMG when seeking to grow their brands in the long-term.

18 Jacksonville Jacksonville’s Hispanic population is dominated by Puerto Ricans, followed by Mexicans. However, the percentage of Cubans and Colombians is growing.  According the Census Bureau estimates, the city of Jacksonville boasts a population of 827,908. Hispanics comprise 7.7% of the city’s total population.

19 THE UNTAPPED POTENTIAL OF JACKSONVILLE’S HISPANIC CONSUMERS According to The Media Audit, Jacksonville adults aged 18+ who are Hispanic are more likely to be employed in white-collar jobs (6.8%) than blue-collar jobs (3%). According to The Media Audit, Hispanic respondents were more likely to shop for groceries at Winn-Dixie than at Walmart, which in syndicated research studies has been shown to be the undisputed leader among less- acculturated Hispanics. And, Hispanics typically spend at least $150 per week on groceries at a supermarket due to larger than average family size.

20 Wireless service providers that are not advertising on Caliente 105.3 should simply exit the Jacksonville market. According to The Media Audit, 63.5% of respondents who reside in cell phone-only households are Hispanic, compared to 36.5% of Whites. This presents myriad opportunities for marketers, as Caliente 105.3’s online and mobile platforms may be used to reach a group of consumers who are growing in importance yet have been largely ignored by a wide variety of national, regional and local brands. Data also suggest that Hispanics are not particularly loyal to one wireless carrier, with T-Mobile capturing 11.2% of Latino respondents in Jacksonville and Sprint used by 9% of respondents. Verizon Wireless (8%) and AT&T (5.1%) are laggards in this market, as in other DMG markets.

21 Caliente 105.3 offers solid marketing solutions to truly capture Hispanics in Jacksonville As Jacksonville’s Hispanic population continues to grow in prominence, marketers will no longer be able to ignore their spending power. While English-language stations may be consumed by Hispanics in Jacksonville, marketers must consider the possibility that a significant portion of this audience may not be proficient in English. Caliente is Jacksonville’s only FM Spanish language station and must be included in all advertising buys to reach Hispanics!

22 Tampa-St. Petersburg Hillsborough County, home to Tampa, has an estimated 2012 population of 1.28 million. One in four residents in Hillsborough County is Hispanic. As of 2007, Hispanic-owned firms comprised 20% of the city’s business environment. Pinellas County’s estimated 2012 population stands at 921,319. 8.3% of residents are Hispanic.  The Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater MSA has a total population of 4.31 million people, according to U.S. Census Bureau 2012 estimates. Hispanics comprise 12.4% of the population, making them the largest multicultural group in the market; Blacks comprise 10.6% of the MSA population, while Asians account for 2% of the population. Mexicans account for 30% of the population, while Puerto Ricans comprise 28% of the population and Cubans represent 13% of the population. However, it is important to note that this reflects a wide region that stretches beyond Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties, which are mainly Puerto Rican and Cuban.

23 Hillsborough County Current Hispanic population: 392,600 Projected growth: 20% Pasco County Current Hispanic population: 61,100 Projected growth: 32% Polk County Current Hispanic population 117,500 Projected growth: 27% Source: Claritas 2012 Projected Hispanic Growth Over The Next Five Years: Tampa-St. Petersburg

24 THE HISPANIC CONSUMER IN TAMPA BAY: IN THE FAST LANE Nearly 1 in 4 Hispanics aged 18+ in Tampa Bay (22.2%) said they planned on purchasing a new vehicle in the next 12 months. Additionally, of respondents who said they would spend more than $30K on a new vehicle in the next 12 months, 18% are Hispanic. Of total respondents, 1 in 5 Hispanics own a Ford, while 13% of Hispanics own a Chevrolet and 18% of Hispanics own a Dodge. Among imported brands, 18% of Hispanics own a Honda or a Kia.

25 PUBLIX IS NOT A POPULAR CHOICE AMONG TAMPA BAY LATINOS Of adults aged 18+ in the Tampa market who shop at supermarkets, 22.8% shop at discount grocery chain Aldi, according to The Media Audit. By comparison, just 15.1% of the market’s Hispanic adults shop at Publix. Of supermarket shoppers aged 18+ in Tampa Bay who spend more than $150 per week on their grocery needs, 20.1% are Hispanic. Hispanics tend to have larger households than non-Hispanics, thus accounting for a greater need for various types of CPGs, beverages and food items. On the subject of dining out, Hispanics, most-frequented Fast Food purchases are, in descending order, Taco Bell (22.1%), KFC (21.9%), Burger King (17.3%), Wendy’s (16.7%), Checkers (15.6%), and McDonald’s (14.9%).

26 Why Davidson Media Group’s WTMP-AM & FM should be included in the marketing mix The Tampa Bay Area’s Hispanic population is significant, and although it is not considered an “emerging” market, Hispanic growth in both Hernando and Pasco Counties, where WTMP-FM can be heard, has altered the landscape. Marketers have many options to choose from with respect to Tampa Bay’s Spanish-language media, but it is Davidson Media Group’s WTMP-AM & FM which are the most strategically designed to reach the market’s Hispanic population for years to come. WTMP-AM & FM’s audio stream does not preempt local commercials. This is important, as listening to Bahia over smartphones and mobile devices will become increasingly important in the coming years.

27 Richmond The Richmond market is still very much an emerging Hispanic market with potentially strong long-term economic growth. It is also a market where in-language communication vehicles including radio are essential conduits for connecting with Hispanics in a relevant way.  Richmond is a much different city than it was just 13 years ago. Hispanic population growth is the cause of this dramatic change. From 2000 to 2011, the city of Richmond’s Hispanic populace grew by 95%. The number of Hispanics in Richmond is 300% higher than it was in 1990. The city of Richmond, which is not within a county, has a population of 205,533. While 51% of the population is Black, 6.3% of the population is Hispanic. Additionally, Petersburg’s population is 79% Black while 3.8% of the population is Hispanic.

28 THE POTENTIAL FOR BRAND GROWTH WITH HISPANIC S IN RICHMOND WVNZ signed on the air in September 2003 and today airs a wide variety of Spanish Contemporary Pop music while also serving Richmond’s Spanish- language audience with news, sports, traffic reports, and community service programming. WTOX debuted on Christmas Eve 2005 in response to the growing population of Hispanics of Mexican heritage. La Gran D is the lone station in the market targeting Hispanics of Mexican heritage. Thus, its listeners are of key value for they likely listen to few other radio stations.

29 SPENDING TRENDS OF HISPANICS IN CENTRAL VIRGINIA Of adults aged 18+ in Richmond who said they wish to purchase a new vehicle in the next year, 8.5% of respondents are Hispanic. According to The Media Audit, which measured Richmond during April-June 2012, Hispanics are most likely to own a Kia (32.6%), followed by Volkswagen (15.5%), Ford (6.3%), Honda (6.1%), and Dodge (5.5%). This suggests that Colonial Kia, Patrick Kia and Pearson Kia should be fighting for Hispanics by engaging in marketing efforts that include WTOX and WVNZ. Reflecting the aspirational nature of Hispanics in Richmond, 10.2% of respondents who plan to buy a home during the next two years are Latino. Home builders and real estate agents should therefore consider Davidson Media Group’s two radio stations to effectively attract this segment of new home buyers.

30 Why Davidson Media Group’s WVNZ & WTOX should be included in the marketing mix Hispanics don’t see these stations as others would consider the stations they listen to. They see them as part of the community.

31 INSIDE DAVIDSON MEDIA GROUP Davidson Media Group leads in providing multicultural media to America’s typically underserved yet fastest-growing metropolitan areas. Chris McMurray President Chris McMurray has almost 40 years of experience in broadcast management working for many of today’s premier radio groups such as Cox and Entercom She joined DMG in January 2012 having worked the previous 6 years for private equity firms such as Goldman Sachs.

32 Discover Davidson Media Group … and let your brand achieve incredible ROI.  SANJAY SANGHOEE is the owner of Davidson Media Group's parent company, SS Broadcast Holdings LLC. Sanjay is an investment professional specializing in media who previously worked for a global alternative investment firm based in New York. Prior to that, Sanjay was a media- focused investment banker at several investment banks. 

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