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Employment Strategies for Ex-Offenders Presented at the Oklahoma CareerTech 2014 Summer Conference By Steve Gordon.

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1 Employment Strategies for Ex-Offenders Presented at the Oklahoma CareerTech 2014 Summer Conference By Steve Gordon

2 Strategic Reentry Group HOW I GOT HERE Former State Director of the Oklahoma Partnership for Successful Reentry Taught a weekly class called “Prisoner Reentry Orientation for Oklahoma City” at my church for 2.5 years Served over 400 ex-offenders Half the class was how to access resources in OKC, the other half was an “employment for ex-offenders” training session 2

3 Strategic Reentry Group ASSUMPTIONS FOR THIS WORKSHOP You have general knowledge of prisoner reentry You have general knowledge of the operation of the Oklahoma prison system You work with clients or students who are currently incarcerated or who have a felony-conviction(s) in their past 3

4 Strategic Reentry Group FUNDAMENTALS There are many barriers to reentry E.g., financial obligations, mandatory appointments, transportation, childcare… Most offenders are employable Some are disabled and unable to work (may apply to DRS) They must BELIEVE they are employable before they can find a job! 4

5 Strategic Reentry Group POWER TOOLS IN YOUR TOOLKIT The Roadmap to Employment * Workforce Offices Urban League Goodwill Job Connection Centers State Government Jobs Dept. of Rehab. Services “Careers For Ex-Felons” * * 5

6 Strategic Reentry Group OTHER FREE RESOURCES Job Search Tracking Form * Online Job Search Websites * Job Search Preparation Checklist * "Give Me A Chance: Wise Words to Job Seekers in Tough Times" * Best Job Search Tips & Resumes: * 6

7 7 Strategic Reentry Group The Essential Reentry Model

8 8 Strategic Reentry Group Phase 1 Pre-Release 1.1 PLAN 1.2 PREPARE 1.3 IDENTIFY 1.4 RELATE Phase 2 Transition 2.1 CONNECT 2.2 SETTLE 2.3 WORK 2.4 ENGAGE 2.5 STABILIZE 2.6 RESIST Phase 3 Reintegration 3.1 MAINTAIN 3.2 FULFILL 3.3 RE-UNITE 3.4 INCREASE 3.5 UPGRADE 3.6 GIVE BACK The Generic Process for Everyone Key Concept: ‘Low Need’ vs. ‘High Need’ Main Outcome: A Basic Personal Reentry Plan

9 9 Strategic Reentry Group Phase 1 Pre-Release 1.1 PLAN 1 - Goals 2 - Traps, Red Flags 3 - Criminogenic Needs Assessment 1.2 PREPARE 1 - Release Papers 2 - ID’s, Benefits 3 - Legal Matters 4 - Job Skills or Disability Status 1.3 IDENTIFY 1 - Resources in the Community 2 - Financial Obligations 3 - Career Options or Disability Supports 1.4 RELATE 1 - Identify Positive Relationships (family, friends, mentor, church) who will actively support 2 - Engage Mentor

10 10 Strategic Reentry Group Phase 2 Transition 2.1 CONNECT 1 - Connect with Mentor 2 - Picked up at Gate 2.2 SETTLE 1 - Obtain Stable Living Conditions 2 - Acquire Basic Needs 2.3 WORK 1 - Find Employment 2.4 ENGAGE 1 - Engage Support Group (Church, etc.) 2 - Engage Case Management (as needed) 2.5 STABILIZE 1 - Establish Consistent Positive Habits 2.6 RESIST 1 - Resist Temptation

11 11 Strategic Reentry Group Phase 3 Reintegration 3.1 MAINTAIN 1 - Remain Drug & Alcohol Free 2 - Maintain Employment 3 - Engage Health Services 3.2 FULFILL 1 - Legal Obligations 2 - Financial Obligations 3.3 RE-UNITE 1 - Engage Family Reunification 3.4 INCREASE 1 - Improve Job Skills 2 - Save Some Money 3 - Develop New (Non-Ex-Offender) Friends 3.5 UPGRADE 1 - Upgrade Transportation 2 - Seek Career Education 3 - Seek Academic Education 3.6 GIVE BACK 1 - Volunteer for Local Service Projects, Organizations

12 12 Strategic Reentry Group Complex Reentry Factors Worksheet

13 13 Strategic Reentry Group

14 14 Strategic Reentry Group In addition to the basic plan, there are a number of factors that make reentry planning complicated.

15 15 Strategic Reentry Group

16 16 Strategic Reentry Group

17 17 Strategic Reentry Group Main Outcome: A Highly-Customized Personal Reentry Plan

18 18 Strategic Reentry Group PRIME Program Phases/Tasks/Roles “Prisoner Reentry Initiative Mentoring & Employment”

19 19 Strategic Reentry Group RECRUITEVALUATEEMPLOYTRAINPREPARE 1.Teach Prisoner Reentry Orientation Class 2.Develop Personal Transition Plan (housing, identifi- cation, other needs) 3.Conduct PRIME Program Orient- ation to Prepare for Training 4.Certify Candidate with CReW Program 5.Implement Program “Contract” Case Mgr. Job Dev. Admin. 1.Announce Program at Targeted Institutions (with Eligibility Criteria) 2.Receive Applications 3.Screen Applicants 4.Build Waiting List of Applicants 5.Prioritize Applicants Using Risk Analysis Tool * Conduct Baseline “Readiness Survey” 1.Conduct “Work Readiness” Assessment 2.Conduct Industry- Specific Training Leading to Recognized Certification Status 3.Obtain Two Forms of ID for Each Student 4.Collect Student Feedback Data (to Document Training Effectiveness) 5.Ensure Adequate Transportation for Work Assignments 1.Assign Job Coach 2.Develop IEP (“Individual Employment Plan”) * Conduct Mid-Program “Readiness Survey” 3.Get Participant’s First Assignment 4.Support Participant Intensely For 30 Days, Then Periodic Checks 5.Provide Social Services as Needed to Keep Participant Employed 1.Track Each Client for Length of Program, up to One Year * After 6 months, conduct “Program Satisfaction” Survey 2.Accumulate Specific Performance Data 3.Measure Employment Retention Results 4.Measure Employment Earnings Results 5.Compute Socio- Economic Impact & Publish Results Recruit MentorsTrain MentorsAssign MentorsEvaluate MentorsSupport Mentors

20 20 Strategic Reentry Group CReW Program Certified Rehabilitated Worker Program Overview

21 Strategic Reentry Group PROGRAM WAITING TO BE DEVELOPED Fee-based certification program Targets rehabilitated individuals who have a strong portfolio of achievements G.E.D., college transcript, training programs, Vo-Tech programs, prison rehabilitation classes, anger management, diplomas, letters of recommendation, etc. Work with employers to accept CReW as a risk-reduction strategy in hiring 21

22 22 Strategic Reentry Group Job and Business ‘Engine’ Model

23 Strategic Reentry Group Released from Prison P.E.P. Prison Entrepreneurs Program ReentryOne-StopCenter Bi-Monthly Business Referral Club for Felon- Friendly Businesses Only The Free CoFFE! Database: Coalition of Felon-Friendly Employers Self- Employment for Ex-Offenders Seminar Employers Reentry Council Entrepreneur’sClub Bi-Monthly Mentoring of 6-12 New or Younger Business Owners CReW Certified Rehabilitated Workers Program “Blue-Collar Jobs” “White-Collar Jobs” “For Entrepreneurs, Business Start-Ups” To Corporate America Community-Leader Business Owners and HR Directors Who Advise SRG on Employment Strategies for Reentry Felon-Friendly Day Labor Felon-Friendly Staffing Companies “Quick-Cash Jobs” “Temp Jobs” Royal Roundtable Metro-Area Job Club Peer-Supported Job Search Club for Ex-offenders

24 24 The Strategic Reentry Group Consulting Services & Products to Facilitate Local, Regional & National Reentry Efforts for Ex-Offenders BLOG:

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