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13.3 and 13.4 Effects of the New Deal

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1 13.3 and 13.4 Effects of the New Deal

2 Objectives Describe how the New Deal affected different groups in American society Analyze how the New Deal changed the shape of American party politics Discuss the impact of FDR on the presidency

3 Conservative Gain Economic downturn caused republicans to pick up 7 Senate and 75 House seats in 1938

4 Women Help Lead New Deal
Eleanor Roosevelt: Changed what it meant to be 1st Lady Toured nation, helped FDR campaign 1st female cabinet member-Sec. of Labor Frances Perkins

5 African Americans and New Deal
Eleanor very against discrimination Black Cabinet Advised FDR FDR did not always follow advice of Black Cabinet Anti-lynching law, wouldn’t support because he would lose the vote of Southern Dems in congress

6 Native Americans and New Deal
Indian New Deal Gave Native Americans economic assistance and greater control over their fairs Indian CCC

7 New Political Coalition
New Deal Coalition: brought together southern whites, northern blue-collar workers, poor mid-western farmers, and African Americans Before New Deal, African Americans voted republican Coalition gave democrats majority in congress

8 Government Expands Welfare State: government assumes responsibility for providing for the welfare of the children and the poor, elderly, sick, disabled, and unemployed “A country which no one is left out” FDR Changed the role of the presidency=more powerful!


10 Culture of the 1930s Escapism-movies were a form of escape, people sought relief from concerns Federal Art Project-WPA created funding for the arts. Gave jobs opportunities to artists

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