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Desert Pines High School Fall Sports Parent Meeting.

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1 Desert Pines High School Fall Sports Parent Meeting

2 Athletics Staff Mr. Michael Rolands Assistant Principal Athletics Ms. Gertha Robertson Athletic Director Ms. April X- Brown Athletic Secretary (702) 799-2196 ext. 4204

3 NIAA/CCSD SANCTIONED SPORTS FALL Boys Girls Cross Country FootballGolf Soccer Tennis Volleyball

4 Welcome Back! New Coaches Armando Becerra- Girls Soccer C.J. Johnson- Boys Soccer William & Sylvia Fisher- Cross Country Andrea Ufford- Girls Volleyball


6 Dress Code Guidelines Colors: Khaki, Navy, White, Royal Blue, Black, Gray, and Brown SOLID COLORS, NO PATTERN, NO WORDS, AND NO BRAND LOGOS Shirts must have a collar First Infraction: Warning Second Infraction: Required Parent Conference Third Infraction: 1 day suspension Fourth Infraction: 2 day suspension Fifth Infraction: 3 day suspension Sixth Infraction: 4 day suspension Seventh Infraction: Recommendation to Behavior School Implications Students placed on RPC or suspension are ineligible to practice or compete in athletic contests until they are reinstated. Game days: Team Dress Up days: must still meet dress code guidelines Collared shirts must be worn under uniforms, t-shirts

7 Attendance Policy CCSD Regulation 5135.1 states: Any student absent from class on the day of an activity will not be permitted participation that day or evening unless an excuse has been granted, in advance, by the principal. Any student who is declared truant will be ineligible for a period of one week after the infraction is discovered.” Non Game Day Absences: Turn in an excuse note no later than 3 days after the absence to the attendance office Turn a copy into the athletic office as well Not eligible to practice that day An unexcused absence will result in being declared ineligible Game Day Absences: Prearrange with Mr. Rolands

8 Sportsmanship If a student is ejected from an interscholastic contest for unsportsmanlike conduct, he/she will be ineligible for the team’s next contest. A student’s second ejection may result in additional penalties. A student’s third ejection will result in suspension for the remainder of the season.

9 CCSD Title IX Compliance Facilities/Equipment Equal facilities and equipment for male and female athletics Stadium lights and locker rooms are common compliance issues Student Interest and Opportunities Conducted surveys to measure athletic interest. Schools do not have to offer the same sports to males and females. Institutes must accommodate to the same degree the athletic interests and abilities of each sex in the selection of sports. Now offering Flag Football in the winter based upon student surveys.

10 DP Title IX Compliance Title IX Site Visit Specific Concern: Increase Title IX awareness in the school and community Recommendations: Ensure Title IX information is available to all students/parents. Provide Title IX training to coaches Utilize parent letter and school website to increase awareness Meeting Title IX Compliance School Population: Male: 53.33% Female: 46.66% Participation in Athletics: Male: 57.20% Female: 42.80% Equal facilities and funding Creating of flag football program Title IX coaches training Updating athletics webpage Title IX fliers


12 Athletic Packet Athletic packets must be completed and turned in before any athlete is eligible to participate in a sport Athletic packets are good for the entire 2014-2015 school year They may be purchased for $20.00 from the school banker (main office) Athletes are now required to get a physical every year

13 Health Insurance Student-athletes are required to have insurance to participate in athletics. Insurance information must be provided in the athletic packet Students who do not have insurance may choose to purchase school insurance. See the athletic office or head coach for school insurance packets

14 Academic Eligibility Initial Athlete Eligibility: Must have a 2.0 GPA from the previous semester to be declared eligible and placed on the NIAA team roster. Fall sports eligibility is based upon Spring 2014 semester grades Seasonal Eligibility: Grade checks are performed every 3 weeks Probationary Status-currently failing one or more classes Week One-Warning. Student-athlete has one week to get their grade up. Still eligible to participate Week Two-Declared ineligible. Student-athletes will sit out the entire week. Week Three-Removed from the NIAA roster and no longer eligible to finish the season.

15 Athletic Trainer Services Taping Ice Injury rehabilitation Doctor referrals Student-athletes should see the trainer for nagging or traumatic injuries RICE Rest Ice Compression Elevation Injury Doctor Visits If a student-athlete sees a doctor for an injury they must provide proof the doctor has cleared them to return to practice Physicians Referral Athletic trainer may request that student-athletes see a doctor before returning to practice and competitions


17 NCAA Clearinghouse Before participating in any NCAA athletic contest, student-athletes must be cleared by the NCAA clearinghouse. NCAA clearing house reviews students final transcripts and test scores to determine if a student- athlete has meet the NCAA requirements. to register

18 NCAA Academic Standards Academic Standards Minimum 2.3 GPA in core courses Unweighted Grades are locked for core classes on first attempt Take the SAT/ACT Exam 16 core courses. 10 taken before students 7 th semester (Senior Year) Core Course Requirements 4 years English 3 years Math 2 years natural/physical science 2 years social studies 1 year additional English, math, or science 4 years of any of the above, foreign language, religion or philosophy



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