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Chapter 24, section 2.  Stagflation  All of the Rights Revolution Movements.

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1 Chapter 24, section 2


3  Stagflation  All of the Rights Revolution Movements.

4  After Nixon resigned, the people had little faith in the government.  The economy was the worst it had been since the depression.



7  Ford promoted a mostly voluntary plan called (WIN) Whip Inflation Now  WIN was a failure.  Factories closed, consumers demands for products decreased, and unemployment rose steadily.  Ford’s popularity plummeted.


9  Prided himself on being the “citizen’s president.”  No ties to Washington D.C., he was a fresh face for the country.  Unfortunately, he had no political ties to the Democratic leaders in Congress and they would not pass his bills due to his inexperience.

10  Fulfilled one of his campaign promises.  Amnesty- political pardon.  Many criticized the president for pardoning those who refused to fight in the war.

11  The price of gas in America was going up drastically and severally gas stations ran out of gas altogether.  Carter asked Congress to raise taxes on crude oil to lower gas prices.  The bill that ended up passing through Congress had little of the president’s ideas in it. It showed how weak Carter was as a leader.

12  Hires Paul Volcker to head the Federal Reserve Board.  They raise interest rates to stop inflation and this is a policy that continues to work through the 80’s and end the economic crisis.


14  People are still migrating to the Sunbelt states.  They left blue-collar work in the Northeast and sought work in the oil industry in Oklahoma.  Even presidents were now coming from Western states.

15  Richard Nixon was the first candidate to recognize the “Spanish-speaking” vote.

16  Divorce rates go up tremendously and people start having babies out of wedlock.

17  People starting meditating, eating healthier, going for jogs, etc.

18  Televangelists.  One out of Five Americans considered him or herself a Christian Fundamentalist by 1980.  They hated the court ruling that made abortion legal and restricted prayer in schools.

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