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O NE C OMPANY …U NLIMITED S OLUTIONS Joel Heinen – Product Technical Manager.

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1 O NE C OMPANY …U NLIMITED S OLUTIONS Joel Heinen – Product Technical Manager

2 S TAND T RANSFER V EHICLE (STV) 1. Land Vertical Pipe Handling Guide Arm 2. Transfers stands of drill pipe/collar in/out of fingerboard, hands off to elevators.

3 S PECIFICATIONS  3 ½” to 10” Drill Pipe and Drill Collars  Intuitive electric remote operator control with dual CCTV feedback  Manipulates / guides tubulars between fingerboard and elevator  Lightweight design easily transports in and out of mast  Maintenance platform with direct hydraulic controls  Manual racking possible

4 STV – W HY ? IADC 2009 US Land Rigs 23% of recordable incidents involved derrickmen IADC 2010 US Land Rigs 18% of recordable incidents involved derrickmen Tripping in & out of the hole is the leading cause of lost-time and recordable incidents, 23% and 19% respectively. (2010) Recordable incidents involving derrickmen 2009 I 6% 2010 I 7.5% Offshore has lower incident rates due to utilizing more mechanized pipe handling equipment IADC Offshore Safety Statistics

5 VALUE TO OPERATION  Increase Safety  Brings the second most experienced hand down to rig floor  Rig floor becomes less hazardous  Derrickman works side-by-side with the Driller and accelerates his learning process to become the driller  Increase Rig Performance  Crew Fatigue: STV does not tire over the work shift  Maintains or improves tripping speed  Increase the marketability of the rig  STV proves to Operators/Clients that the Contractor is serious about safety

6 Controls Intuitive Operator Controls Ergonomic Design Innovative Mechanical Designs Proximity to Driller 9

7 Fully Hinged Diving Board 12 Diving Board Clamped to Fingerboard Support Structure “Rotates” if contacted by travelling equipment “Resettable” Shear Pins Prevents Collateral Damage

8 Passive Restraint System 13

9 Transport Frame 14

10 Remote Operated Elevator 15

11 Feedback 1.5M+ feet tripped “Promotes safety amongst the crew!” “Very intuitive, Really does Not Slow Down the Tripping Process!” “Would suggest one for every rig” “Better Crew Interaction!” “The Rocket rig with the STV has set several records right out of the box. It has set the area record for fastest spud to TD. Also, the derrick-man has learned more from being in the drillers cabin operating the STV, over the last 3 weeks, about drilling and wellbore dynamics than he has learned over the rest of his career in the oilfield”. 11

12 Safety, Mechanization and Automation Perspective 16 The Top Drive The Iron Roughneck The Pipe Catwalk Machine Is a Tripping Machine Next?

13 10000 Richmond Avenue Houston, Texas 77042 USA

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