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JU JITSU A beginners guide to success. Position before submission! By: Jonathan J Mikulski Rowan University.

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2 JU JITSU A beginners guide to success. Position before submission! By: Jonathan J Mikulski Rowan University


4 POSITIONS  Positions are key to scoring points and submissions in the sport of Ju Jitsu. The more advanced the position the better chance you have to defeat an opponent. We will take a look at two positions in this section. The closed guard and the mount.

5 Note: Do not keep head on ground if an opponent is throwing strikes as the ground will help them inflict increased damage and pain. THE GUARD  Guard (closed) - The guard is a common position used in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Your opponent is said to be in your guard when you have your legs wrapped around them. Although you are on your back you are actually in a more dominating position. I. Keep your head on the floor.

6 THE GUARD II.Beginners should always use the 'closed' guard. Feet should be locked/crossed. This will prevent an opponent from escaping easily. This will prevent an opponent from escaping easily.

7 THE GUARD III.Hand position is key for control. Right hand on gi collar. Left hand above elbow.

8 THE MOUNT  The mount is the most common dominant position found in Ju Jitsu as well as the most devastating position to be in. From the top you have the ability to land powerful strikes using gravity to help you deliver incredible power. I.Rest all your weight on your opponents stomach/chest. Top of feet should be touching mat. Notice how his weight{blue gi} is centered on his opponent with a slight forward lean.

9 THE MOUNT II.This variation shows how to smother your opponent. Will quickly tire your opponent. Can help you rest yourself. Note the position of the hands, this establishes a good base so it is difficult for your opponent to try and roll you off.

10 THE MOUNT III.Wrap arm around the back of your opponents neck. This will stop them moving out from underneath you. Do not allow any space between your opponent’s chest and yours. Many times this factor will lead to submissions.

11 THE MOUNT IV.If your opponent raises their knees 'grapevine' them. Your opponent will find it difficult to escape.

12 SUBMISSIONS SSubmissions are ways to end an opponent’s attack. Most submissions attack an opponent’s limbs and or neck, causing them to tap. It’s important to know that by gaining a good position many submissions will be easier to apply and finish. We will take a look at two submissions in this section. The Collar Choke from guard and the Americana from mount position.

13 COLLAR CHOKE I.Open your opponents collar slightly. Use right hand to push gi upwards. Use your left hand to grab the collar. Fingers should be inside gi collar while thumb remains outside for best grip.

14 COLLAR CHOKE II.Slide your right hand inside the collar. Thumb on the inside (fingers outside). Try to get a deep grip with this hand. Notice that the sharp edge of the wrist should be below the jawline. If it isn’t use a shaking action to get it into position.

15 COLLAR CHOKE III.Pull and Push. Choke cinched! Pull your opponent down with your left hand. Push your right elbow up to the ceiling. Now that’s tight!!!

16 AMERICANA I.Bend opponent’s left arm. There arm should be at a 90 degree angle. Many times I like to use a knee to pin their arm to the mat at first.

17 A “c” grip is the strongest grip to use in this situation notice how the thumb is on top with fingers not wrapped. AMERICANA II.Grab their left wrist with your left hand. Cup over the top of their wrist using your thumb. Notice how he {blue gi} keeps his elbow pressed into his opponent’s neck, giving him zero space to escape.

18 AMERICANA III.Right hand under your opponents left bicep. Grab your left wrist. Use the same cupping technique as before.

19 AMERICANA IV.Place your head on your right hand. Apply pressure to prevent your opponent lifting their hand up. Now slide their wrist down the side of their body while raising your right elbow. I TAP!


21 FIN Check back for more Ju Jitsu moves for beginners soon!

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