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Engaging the Corporate Environment What all employees (new/old/and future) should know about working for Corporations or Institutions.

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1 Engaging the Corporate Environment What all employees (new/old/and future) should know about working for Corporations or Institutions.

2 Main Topics 1.Company Politics 2.Communication 3.Getting Things Done 4.Office Rules/Policies 5.Employment 6.Integrity

3 Company Politics Being the Boss-Leadership Definitions CEO- Chief Executive Officer Organizational Chart- Positions Chart Blue Collar Worker- pay by hour White Collar Worker- fixed salary Gold Collar Worker- pay for value Severance Pay- pay when leave Golden Parachute- bonus when leave Proprietary- company secret Trade Mark- company owned symbol Copyright- ownership of written material

4 Company Politics Being the Boss-Leadership Caring for Employees Employees are your greatest asset. Employees need to feel effective, satisfied and recognized. Employees should not be overworked or exploited. Consistent and Enforced Personnel Policies.

5 Company Politics Being the Boss-Leadership Caring for Company and Company Resources The best thing an employer can do for the employee is remain solvent (successful). Organizing a Departments using a Flow Chart. Financial Management. Managing Supplies-Maintaining inventory/Storage. Company Meetings-be on time and prepared. Personal Appearance/Behavior (proper language).


7 Company Politics Being the Boss-Leadership Building Company Teamwork Inter Departmental Relations. Including everyone in planning and carrying out. Quality Control Circles. ISO 9000-International Organization of Standards.

8 Company Politics Being an Employee Following Leadership Proper respect, language and dress. Insubordination. Personnel Polices-Pay, Safety, Benefits, Rules. Unions. Always building the company. Don’t waste time.


10 Company Politics Being an Employee Forming Coalitions Learn to work well with others. Most work is in groups. Try to help others and get help from others. Help small groups work well together. Make friends.

11 Company Politics Being an Employee Intimidating Colleagues/Bosses Try to make a bad boss look good. Don’t let others define you or your work. Nietzsche, German Philosopher. The übermench (overman). Don’t discourage good work by others.

12 Company Politics Being an Employee Back Stabbing Don’t make enemies (don’t be a back-stabber). Don’t get caught up in gossip. Watch how what you do affects others. Be careful who you trust. Bullet proof your work.

13 Communication Styles and Types Oral One on One. Oral In Groups/Meetings. Formal Written. Formal Electronic. Informal Written. Informal Electronic (texting).

14 Communication Filters-Audience Filters Giving and Receiving. Reading and Controlling Filters. Considering your Audience. Preparation.

15 Communication Oral Report. Written Report (hard copy or electronic). Visual (Power Point). Visual (Video). Verbal/Written/Visual

16 Communication Keep everyone informed. Over communicate!.Ask Questions. Use all senses (audio, visual, examples objects). Use proper intonation and language. Other Departments, Supervisors, Colleagues

17 Getting Things Done Organization Departments/People/Space/Resources Organize Workspace (desk, lab, records, etc.) Organize Assignments, Procedures. Policy Manual. Organize Resources (supplies, files, etc.) Become Familiar with other Departments.

18 Getting Things Done Organization Projects-Research Abstract Services (Chem Abstracts). Written Plan and Records (Note Book). Publications. To Do List.


20 Office Policies/Rules Punctuality Always be early. Don’t Waste other People’s Time. Meals/When/Where/How Long Where? Who Pays? Timing. Dress/behavior.

21 Office Policies/Rules Company Materials/Equipment Location, Availability. What can you take home? Copier, Fax, Phones, Computers. Language, Dress, Parking No profanity, touching, tattoos. Dress to fit in. Higher is better. Don’t park in other’s parking place. Don’t take up two parking places.

22 Office Policies/Rules Shared Space, Materials Follow the Rules. Be Courteous of others. Keep shared areas neat and clean.

23 Employment Getting the Job Short (1-2 pages max). Well written. Think of what employer wants. Neat. Stands out! Resumes


25 Employment Getting the Job Expenses. Hotel, Travel, Meals. Dress. Suit! Suit! Suit! Personal Hygiene. Practice what to say. 1 st Interview, general. 2 nd Interview, specific. Never give them a desired salary. They should speak first. Sell yourself. Smile and act like you want the job. Interviews

26 Employment Getting the Job Get paid by employers to find employees. Ask them what employer wants. Can find them in trade magazines, Internet. Do not discuss other searches you are pursuing. Learn from them techniques you can use in your personal job search. Head Hunters (Recruiters)

27 Employment Getting the Job Magazines, Newspapers (?). Special Internet Employment Sites. Researching Companies online. Direct Contact. Networking with other people. Employment Services (government and private). Job Searches

28 Employment Advancing in the Company Always do your best! Don’t hide your work. Determine where you want to go in the company, then spend time doing that job as much as possible. Get additional education, if needed. Tell you supervisor(s) of your desires and plans.

29 Employment Changing Jobs You can always look. Don’t tell your current employer. Don’t leave a job until you have another. Don’t play one employer against another. Be persistent in what you want to do.

30 Employment Fires, Quitting and Layoffs Not the end of the world. Usually a better job is coming. Try to cross train so you will be more valuable to company. Burn bridges as little as possible. Give two week notice. Unemployment Insurance paid by employer when laid off. Keep busy in job searching. Don’t let discouragement show through. Always be optimistic!

31 Employment Training, Education Conferences. College or Training Institutes. Workshops. Professional Organizations. American Chemical Society. Mentors. Cross Training.

32 Integrity No business or job is successful long term without Integrity. Who a person is more important that what a person is. Character is vital not only for success on the job but for success in life. Lies always catch up with you eventually.

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