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211 Chapter 6 Clothing Metaphors Some clothing terms are ironic: –Crowning someone could be part of a coronation –Or you could crown someone by hitting.

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1 211 Chapter 6 Clothing Metaphors Some clothing terms are ironic: –Crowning someone could be part of a coronation –Or you could crown someone by hitting them on the head. Many clothing terms are actions: –Spinning or weaving yarns, Zip mail, Velcroid, Tanning Clothing analogies: –Corset, bracelet, anklet, helmet –Muff, cuff, ruff –Shirt, skirt (Nilsen & Nilsen 129)

2 212 Vocabulary Plus: A Source-Based Approach By Don L. F. Nilsen And Alleen Pace Nilsen

3 213 Interesting Etymologies Foothills, outskirts and skirting an issue are marginal. “Girdle” relates to the “girth” of a horse. Having something up your sleeve “Hood” of a car is British “Bonnet” “Jackets” relates to “jacks” and “le jacquerie.” –Book jacket, record jacket, Jack of all trades “Pants” comes from the “pantaloons” of Commedia dell’arte (16 th C) Sabotage (wooden shoes are “sabots”) “Trunk” of a car is British “boot” Wearing the pants in the family is sexist. (Nilsen & Nilsen 130-133)

4 214 Amedia Bedelia Literalizations Cape of Good Hope Coat of arms Drawing the drapes Hood of a car Outskirts of the city Ragtime music paint (Nilsen & Nilsen 132)

5 215 Body Coverings Vest | Dress | Shirt | Unmentionables Bulletproof vest Investiture Investment Vested interests Vestry Dresser Dressing Window dressing Give someone the shirt of your back Keep your shirt on Lose one’s shirt Shirttail relatives Shirtsleeve atmosphere Captain Underpants Car bra Jock Skirt (Nilsen & Nilsen 132-134)

6 216 Head Coverings Cap | Crown / Corona | Veil Capital Capstone Capstone experience Jar cap ----- Hood Hoodwinked Throw your hat into the ring Crown (money) Crown caps (on bottles) Crown Prince Tooth crown ----- Corollary argument Corona Borealis (Northern Crown) Corona cigars Corona del Sol Coronary arteries Coronation Coroner (represents the Crown) Coronet braids Bridal Veil Falls Veiled threat Veiling true feelings Velic (Nilsen & Nilsen 134-136)

7 217 Crown: Germanic Corona: Latin

8 218 Royal Crown Cola

9 219 Corona Metaphors

10 2110 Foot Coverings Boot | Shoe | Sock | Spur Being booted out Bet your boots Boot camp Boothill Bootlicker Dying with your boots on Brake shoes Horseshoe If the shoe fits… Shoe horn Shoe tree Shoe string Shoestring potatoes Shoestring tackle Boston Red Sox Chicago White Sox Christmas stocking Socking someone Stocking cap Wind sock ----- Lawn hose Larkspur Railroad spur Rooster spur Spur gear Spur of the moment Spur ridge Spurring someone on Spurning someone (Nilsen & Nilsen 137-139)

11 2111 Personified Boots

12 2112 Accessories Button | Cuff | Apron Belly button Buttonholing someone Campaign button Hotbutton issue Pushing someone’s buttons Cuffing someone Handcuffs Speaking off the cuff To handcuff someone Tied to mother’s apron strings Runway apron (in front of airport terminal) Stage apron (Nilsen & Nilsen 140-143)

13 2113 More Accessories Muff | Glove | Lace Earmuffs Muffle Muffler Muff a ball Muff a line Muff an introduction Foxglove plant Glove compartment Treat someone with kid gloves Working hand in glove Iron lacework Lace a drink (liquor or poison) Lacerated Lacewing flies Necklace Shoelaces

14 2114 Still More Accessories Belt | Collar Belt down a drink Belt out a song Belt someone Beltline Beltway Bible Belt Corn Belt Fan belt Hitting below the belt Rust Belt (industrial states) Sun Belt Blue- collar job Leather necks (Marines) Minister’s dog collar Pink- collar job Police: To collar someone White- Collar crime (Nilsen & Nilsen 142-143)

15 2115 Lace Metaphors

16 2116 Words from Clothing Makers Fuller Going for a spin Homespun humor Looming up Snyder, Schneider Shuttle (bus, cock) Shuttle diplomacy Spindle Shanks Spider’s spineret Spin City Spin doctor Spin-off company Spinster Tailspin Taylor Tucker Weaver Weber Webb Webster (Nilsen & Nilsen 145-152)

17 2117 Curlylocks: A Nursery Rhyme Curlylocks, Curlylocks, Wilt thou be mine? Thou shalt not wash dishes, nor yet feed the swine, But sit on a cushion, And sew a fine seam, And feed upon stawberries, sugar, and cream.

18 2118 Fabric Metaphors Cotton | Silk | Wool Cotton candy Cottin-pickin’ job Cottonmouth Moccassin Peter Cottontail Silk Route Silk-tongued orator Silky Terrier Silk-stocking event Silk stockings Dyed in the wool attitudes Woolgathering Woolly aphids Woolly bear Woolly mamoth (Nilsen & Nilsen 147-149)

19 2119 More Fabric Metaphors String | Thread String bean X 2 String someone along Stringent detergent Stringent rules Stringer (long timber) Stringers (reporters) Stringing words together Stringy hair Thread (on a bolt) Thread of a story Threadbare existence Threading your way through a crowd Threads (clothes) (Nilsen & Nilsen 147-149)

20 2120 Clothing Metaphors

21 21 !Identifications & Etymologies Arachne and Athena Penelope and Ulysses -------------- Chintzy  Chintz (cloth w/shiny surface) Corduroy (cords of the king) Ends: at loose ends, making ends meet Subtle  sub + tela (cloth) Text, texture  L Texere (to weave) (Nilsen & Nilsen 150-151)

22 2122 !Sewing Metaphors Amending the constitution Biased Binding legislation Border crossings Bordering on embarassment Canvassing a neighborhood Fabric of someone’s life Fabrication (lie) Fringe benefits Fringe group On the fringes Tearing or ripping into an opponent (Nilsen & Nilsen 152-153)

23 2123 !!More Sewing Metaphors All tied up Denouement Hemming and Hawing Needling someone On pins and needles Patch someone through (telephone) Patterns of behavior Pin money Seamy side of life Tailoring a class (Nilsen & Nilsen 154-155) and You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. 

24 2124 !!!Bursa/Purse Metaphors

25 2125 !!!Bursa/Purse Metaphors

26 2126 Reference Nilsen, Alleen Pace, and Don L. F. Nilsen. Vocabulary Plus High School and Up: A Source Based Approach. Boston, MA: Pearson/Allyn & Bacon, 2004.

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