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White-Collar/Corporate Crime and Organizational Misconduct.

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1 White-Collar/Corporate Crime and Organizational Misconduct

2 The Incidence and Cost of White- Collar and Corporate Crime -Distinguishing "White Collar" from "Corporate" Crime -Methodological Challenges -Some Estimates of Harm

3 Types of White-Collar Crime -Stings and Swindles -Chiseling -Exploitation of Position -Embezzlement -Fraud (form of theft from clients or organizations) -Influence Peddling and Bribery

4 Types of Corporate Crime -Monopolization -Deceptive Pricing -False Advertising Claims -Environmental Crimes -Sale of Unsafe Products

5 Corporate Crime in Transnational Context It’s more serious in lower-income nations, because of less stringent or nonexistent: -Labour Regulations -Environmental Regulations -Consumer Protection Laws -Regulations of Advertising and Marketing -…and governments and corporations often work together to enable misconduct: -governments create “friendly” environments -businesses influence regulatory environments

6 Explaining White-Collar and Corporate Crime -White-Collar Crime as Corporate Deviance: Differential Association Theory and the Socialization of the Disgruntled Employee -CC as Functional: It's for the good of the company. -Corporate Crime as the New Colonialism: They do it because the can get away with it, at home and abroad.

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