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White Collar Crime.

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1 White Collar Crime

2 What is White Collar Crime?
a type of crime committed by business people, entrepreneurs, public officials, and professionals through deception, as opposed to street crimes which tend to involve force and violence Professor Edward Sutherland first defined it in 1949 as "a crime committed by a person of respectability and high social status in the course of his occupation" Overlaps with corporate crime

3 What kind of crimes are involved?
Fraud Bribery Embezzlement Insider trading Computer crime Identity theft Forgery (i.e. the type of crime more available to white collar employees) ‘Black Collar Crime’ (see below)

4 What is the extent of it? In 2008, fraud in the UK reached £1.1 billion 73% of this was committed by professional / organised criminals There has been an increase fraud by company managers and employees It has been suggested that the recession has driven up fraud by individuals who are not career criminals Sentences for fraud are getting shorter for white collar criminals Sentences are getting longer for fraud committed by people with drug / alcohol problems 80% of fraud committed by men Many fraud cases go unreported by companies

5 The growth of Black Collar Crime
Name comes from “Black Hat Hacking” and “White Collar Crime” (Cyber Crime) Perpetrator profile different from ‘usual’ white collar crime (often international) Multiple parties victimized harms corporations and consumers Financial gain as prime motivator Organized crime element Andrea Mywatshyn Wharton School University of Pennssylvania

6 Links to sources /articles
Serious Fraud Office (includes examples) New York times article The Hidden Cost of White Collar Crime (radio article)

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