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ICT FKE COMMITTEE 2012 2012 information pass down & awareness.

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1 ICT FKE COMMITTEE 2012 ICT @FKE 2012 information pass down & awareness

2 Welcome 2012, Good Bye 2011 What had WE achieved so far in terms of cost reduction in 2011? Total Saving 662 ~ RM6620

3 Welcome 2012, Good Bye 2011 Total Saving ~RM8000

4 Awareness on the printing process - COST Cost for a printed paper 1 paper = RM0.04 1 X print black & white = RM0.03 1 X print colour = RM0.60 1 or multiple X wrong printing?? WASTE… Cost for photocopy machine in FKE 3 rd Floor + Admin = RM2200/month Ground Floor = RM1455/month 1 st Floor Staff = RM4000/month Docushare = RM2890/month Rental in FKE @ RM10545 /month

5 Awareness on the printing process Print and Spend wisely for working purposes only. There are technologies and FREE Highly recommended to post your notes online! Reduce printing and free distribution notes to students It’s FREE & It’s EASY & It’s FASTER

6 Awareness on the printing process Why the awareness  To reduce down the management expenses  Educate the staff on the new tech etc. for better.. We definitely love our country … don’t turn it as a second Greece

7 U-Learn Updates Statistic by Semesters (more than 5 hits) All users can create their own accounts now!!

8 EMAS Software Deployment Officially launched in Nov 2011

9 Turn It In Deployment Started used in Sem 1 2012 for report checking.. By Sem 1 2013 – 100% users goal

10 Lab online booking Officially launched in Nov 2011 Work as reminder too for lecturers

11 Final Exam Improvement First cycle completed for both Diploma and Degree 2 nd Cycle on the way with additional improvement So what had we had improve BBetter organization in exam hall FFaster in checking attendance slip FFaster way in dealing the key in marks MMore time can be spent with families and shopping ;-)

12 Wireless Coverage @FKE FKE-GB FKE-1B FKE-2B FKE-3B FKE-GA FKE-1A FKE-2A FKE-3A FKE-1C1 FKE-1C2 FKE-BILIK MESYUARAT Please remember that PASSWORD is not supposed to be distributed!!

13 New Service – Travelers workstation – Spot the difference It is really annoying when someone take over your working desk and use it like theirs …

14 New Service – Travelers workstation Two working traveler workstations had been setup for printing and remote login to your system from admin.

15 New upgrades … Meeting rooms SEMI-upgraded.. No more  Laptop borrow from the admin office – cut down 10 minutes  Laptop setup for 10 minutes before meeting so your meeting can start after that 10 minutes … (unless it is on purpose so you can escape)  No more hassle to plug here and there …  Double work and cost us time to gossip, which is good too.

16 New Service - Meeting room upgrades You can just bring ONLY yourself to the meeting and chair the meeting & still perform + remote login to your PC If you’re Geek enough, you can remote control your pc from Smartphone or tablet

17 New Service – Meeting room upgrades Why remote is better?  You’re directly working on your office PC  No need to write on notepad first and then retype in your computer.  save paper  Centralized your work How to remote?  Get your IP and remember it 10.96.1.XXX Get your IP and remember it 10.96.1.XXX  Setup your PC to enable remote login Setup your PC to enable remote login  Login from other PC to remote control Login from other PC to remote control

18 Web Site update Web master in 2012 Vincent Loi & Saifuzam All outdated information if needed to be updated please send email request to webmaster Please check accordingly

19 Grooving@FKE Groove now is an obsolete product ….. Improvement in Microsoft Office 2010 Now groove is called Share Point in Office 2010 You can upgrade your MO2010 at

20 Academic Calendar Launching A centralized electronic calendar for academicians reference How to use it? Demo realtime -----

21 Docushare Official Lauching A ‘place’ online where we share files among us Problem before..  Lecturer having hard time to find the material and resources for the teaching when new semester starts  In & Out of ISO files from the room to make as references giving problems to the ISO team in file management.  Other reference materials such as the letter head, AEC files sharing are not that easy.

22 Docushare Official Lauching Docushare maintenane fee = RM2890/month What are the things that we share here?  Files subjects content electronically  Standard versionalize files  Sample letterhead Link

23 Docushare Official Lauching Docushare current file status available

24 Docushare Official Lauching It is a “helping each other” method By the end of the semester, this file will be needed to be uploaded by the coordinator 1. Teaching Plan 2. Tutorial & Exercise 3. Test 1 and Test 2 with schema 4. Final exam with schema 5. Lab sheet

25 Launching! @FKE

26 Why the awareness is important? We live in a constant environment upgrades. Brain and OS of a computer continuously evolves.. Why can’t we?

27 Why the awareness is important? If disagree, you may want to ask Pusat Kom to replace your computer with a typewriter and please do not complaint.. No doubt a typewriter can write mail too Adapting to technologies helping us to simplify things … towards Work Life Effectiveness (WLE)

28 2012 Observation MAF – Real time 2009 – 2010 Zero 2011 So so … ada, tapi sorok2 sbb malu malu … 2012 Jan - MAF 1 Desktop 15 laptops 3 tablets Dozen of smartphones… Conclusion --  We had changed and We ICT team do appreciate on your support & feedback…

29 Q&A @FKE

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