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1 Pulleys

2 Definition A pulley is a grooved wheel with a rope, chain, or cable running along the groove.

3 Fixed Pulleys A fixed pulley is similar to a 1st class lever!
The wheel is the fulcrum and the rope on both sides is the effort and resistance! A fixed pulley is attached to something that doesn’t move, like the ceiling or wall Ex: Elevator Fixed pulleys do NOT increase force. They only change direction. Small IMA!

4 Fixed Pulleys

5 Movable Pulleys A movable pulley is one in which one end of the rope is fixed and the wheel is free to move. Movable pulleys DO increase force and therefore can have a large MA!

6 Movable Pulleys

7 Block and Tackle Pulleys
Block and tackle pulleys are a combination of fixed and movable pulleys. They can have a large MA!

8 Block and Tackle Pulleys

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