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Fundamentals of ENT 2012 Quiz Qs and As Ricardo Persaud.

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1 Fundamentals of ENT 2012 Quiz Qs and As Ricardo Persaud

2 Question 1 With reference to ISCP work base assessments, what is the meaning of OOT?

3 Answer 1 Observation Of Teaching

4 Question 2 According to the Health and Social Care Bill, NHS Services can be commissioned by ‘any…?…provide ’

5 Answer 2 Qualified (previously ‘willing’)

6 Question 3 Under English Law, a person between 16- 18 years old has the ability to refuse treatment. Yes or No?

7 Answer 3 No – as decision regarding treatment can be overriden by someone with parental responsibility or the courts. Yes, in Scotland

8 Question 4 What is the diagnosis in this patient who presents with painless left enophthalmos in the abscence of previous sino- nasal surgery?

9 Answer 4 Silent (sick) sinus syndrome (probably due to negative sinus pressure)

10 Question 5 Which nerve joins the greater superficial petrosal nerve to form the vidian nerve?

11 Answer 5 Deep petrosal nerve

12 Question 6 With regards to ABR stimuli, what is the main difference between tone bursts and tone pips?

13 Answer 6 >20 ms =Tone burst <20 ms =Tone pips Both frequency specfic

14 Question 7 What type of deformity is seen in this cochlea?

15 Answer 7 Mondini

16 Question 8 Who won the nobel prize 2004 in Physiology/Medicine for their work on the genetics olfactory receptors in mammalian genome.

17 Answer 8 Linda Buck and Richard Axel

18 Question 9 What is the most likely diagnosis and what symptom is likely to be present in this patient?

19 Answer 9 Olfactory groove meningioma and anosmia

20 Question 10 Whose law states that: ‘The amplitude of nystagmus increases as gaze increases in the direction of the fast phase and decreases with gaze in the direction of the slow phase.’

21 Answer 10 Gustav Alexander’s Law, 1912 (1873-1932)

22 Question 11 What is the name of the imaginary line between the tragus and the inferior orbital rim that is important for rhinoplasty photographs.

23 Answer 11 Frankfort’s horizontal line

24 Question 12 What are the new medical treatments for (a) haemangiomas and (a) lymphatic malformation (cystic hygroma) ?

25 Answer 12 (a) Propanolol (a beta blocker) (b) Sildenafil (a cGMP phosphodiesterase inhibitor)

26 Question 13 What is the most likely diagnosis seen in the MR images of a child who presented with a neck lump?

27 Answer 13 Thyroglossal duct cyst

28 Question 14 Biphasic stridor is usually present when there is airway obstruction at which anatomical sites?

29 Answer 14 Subglottis and/or Extra-thoracic trachea

30 Question 15 If air conduction is better than bone, why is there no gap between air conduction and bone conduction in a normal audiogram?

31 Answer 15 Audiometer calibrated to reverse ‘natural air-bone gap’ (clever machine!)

32 Question 16 What is the name of the effect shown on this audiogram, ie unmasked BC thresholds are better than masked BC!

33 Answer 16 Occlusion effect ie There is no true CHL Artifact could be avoided by testing unmasked BC without the masking earphone on the contralateral side.

34 Question 17 Upper airway resistance syndrome is associated with a prolonged Pulse Transient Time (PTT). True or False

35 Answer 17 TRUE (PTT is directly related to respiratory effort)

36 Question 18 Which HPV subtype is most aggressive in (a) Benign tumours (b) Malignant tumours

37 Answer 18 HPV type 11 (low risk, benign lesion) HPV type 16 (high risk, malignant lesion)

38 Question 19 Which salivary gland pathology is described as having a swiss cheese appearance?

39 Answer 19 Adenoid cystic carcinoma

40 Question 20 What abnormality is seen on this CT scan

41 Answer 20 Bilateral exostoses

42 Question 21 The Falcon’s ability to detect ultraviolet light enables it to spot the …...??...... of its prey from a far distance.

43 Answer 21 Urine

44 Certificates and Prizes

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