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 Waste Water Treatment Fax: 1 888 823 7411.

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1  Waste Water Treatment Fax: 1 888 823 7411

2 Technical Association SEFICO has a Technology Association with Marolf Environmental since 1972 Marolf Environmental Inc., founded in 1920 has been manufacturing wastewater treatment plants since 1950 Marolf has since pioneered treatment systems using extended aeration package plants SEFICO established in 1961 and specializing in Water and Sewer municipal projects, introduced Marolf's system to Latin America in 1972

3 Out of 5,000 plants built in Florida (USA) 3,000 were done by MAROLF ENVIRONMENTAL

4 In other countries… We design the plant to treat identified effluents, whether municipal sewage or industrial liquids We will provide the Civil Engineering drawings to build the concrete structures in place with local materials and labor We will inspect the construction of the structure We ship the electro-mechanical components from the United States to the job site, local material will be procured in site We will provide all mechanical and electrical drawings for site installation A supervisor will be sent to inspect all installation We will start up the plant and train local operators

5 In the US, the concrete structure is prefabricated

6 Harmonic Designs

7 Plant in Panamá, Costa del Este Has been incremented in Phases according to the development requirement Final Capacity for Phase VI, Ten (10) Million Gallos per Day

8 Instalation during Phase IV

9 New pipeline for Oxidation Tanks during Phases IV y V

10 Construction of tanks during Phase V

11 Phase VI was finished in 2008, completing and Ecological Project with houses, hotels, offices, shopping centers, parks

12 Fax: 1 888 823 7411

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