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2 C HRONOLOGY 2 Board of Supervisors approved $3.25 million in Fiscal Year 13/14 for a Transition Day Reporting Center Programs and Services Workgroup Ad-Hoc Subcommittee designed scope - Approved by CCPEC October 2013 Issued RFP November 2013 LCA awarded contract effective September 2014

3 3 V ENDOR : Leaders in Community Alternatives, Inc. (LCA) S TAFF : Program Director – Hired Three Case Managers – Hired Clinical Supervisor – Hired Administrative/Intake Specialist – Hired Program Monitors/Security – In Progress

4 P LANNING T EAM 4  Neola Crosby – Reentry Coordinator  Craig Emmons – Adult Division Director  Anthony Villegas – North County Unit Supervisor  Sonya Karavaras – South County Unit Supervisor  Eric Gomes – DPO  Antonio Gomez – DPO  Michele Keller – DPO  Angela Reed – DPO  Donna Saffell – DPO  Gregory McLean – SRJ DPO  Linda Connelly – LCA, President/CEO  Diane Harrington – LCA, Director of Program Services  Roth Johnson – LCA, Program Director

5 T HE TDRC IS EXPECTED TO OPEN M ARCH 23, 2015 5 L OCATION : Alameda County Probation Department 400 Broadway, 2 nd Floor, Oakland, CA 94607 H OURS OF O PERATION : Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 8:00AM – 5:00PM Tuesday, Thursday: 8:00AM – 8:00PM

6 O N -S ITE S ERVICES 6 The TDRC provides onsite, probation supervision of clients, as well as a range of evidence-based services, including: Adult Education/GED and Literacy Anger Management Case Management Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Employment Readiness and Placement Family Support Gender Responsive Programs Health Connections Housing Life Skills Parenting Peer Monitoring Restorative Justice Substance Abuse Education and Relapse Prevention Trauma and Victimization Vocational Training

7 O N -S ITE G ROUPS 7 O NSITE GROUPS INCLUDE : Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Gender Responsive treatment services Substance Abuse Education and Relapse Prevention Culture Centered Coaching and Mentoring Anger Management Restorative Justice Circles Life Skills Education and Parenting Trauma and Addiction P HASE S YSTEM : Clients move from initial intensive skill introduction and development, to skill strengthening, to transition, based on demonstrated progress and culminating with graduation. Graduation

8 S ERVICE P ROVIDERS 8 Department of Child Support Services Village Connect - Coaching and Mentoring Five Keys Charter School – Education (GED, High School Diploma, Literacy) Employment  Acts Full Gospel  Building Opportunity Self-Sufficiency  CEO Works  Oakland PIC St. Vincent de Paul - Food Services Roots Community Health Center - Health Services Housing  Berkeley Food and Housing Project  Abode Services  East Oakland Community Project  Men of Valor Community Works - Parenting and Restorative Justice Social Services – Benefit Enrollment (CalWORKs, GA, Medi-Cal and Cal Fresh) Connections to SRJ Services

9 E LIGIBILITY C RITERIA 9 ELIGIBILITY/REQUIREMENTS: PRCS Medium & High Risk/High Need Mandatory Reporting (Four days per week: M,T,Th,F) At least six months remaining on PRCS Able to participate in groups MANDATING PROGRAM ATTENDANCE: If clients do not show for their reporting, case managers are to contact the DPO within 24 hours. LCA will provide weekly reports of “No Shows” with exceptions via the intake to Unit Supervisors and DPO’s.

10 10 Referral Process Employee Manual Participant Handbook Community Partner Flyer Internal Flyer Meet & Greet (PRCS Unit and LCA) Public Opening Ceremony - TBD

11 LCA S UPPORT S ERVICES 11 Robust data system Reporting within 24 hours of no-shows Weekly DPO attendance reports Monthly outcome reports Ongoing communication verbally and in writing with the DPO Removal of barriers (CDL, SS card, etc.)

12 12 Questions & Answers


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