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Seminar in Visualization (INF358 aka VISUAL) Ivan Viola & collective.

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1 Seminar in Visualization (INF358 aka VISUAL) Ivan Viola & collective

2 INF358 in MAMN-INFVI Ivan Viola & co.

3 Aims of INF358 Routine of scientific work STAR literature review Research work Gained knowledge dissemination Information extraction from existing sources Clear dissemination of information Written form Oral presentation Constructive criticism State-of-the-art knowledge in one visualization area Small creative visualization task

4 Ivan Viola & co. About INF358 Seminar in Visualization (in English) Lectures and Talks are obligatory to attend (Two) Lectures are in on Tue 10:15 Room 2143 (Two) Talks on Fri in the new&fancy Vilvite Center! Weekly meetings with the supervisor Most of the time individual work 10 ECTS URL General organization: Ivan Viola Supervision of topics: Jean-Paul Balabanian, Helwig Hauser, Daniel Patel, and Ivan Viola

5 Ivan Viola & co. Topics Sonar data visualization for marine life (supervisor: Jean-Paul Balabanian) Meteorological simulation and visualization for climate research Interactive visual analysis for time-series Interactive visual analysis of financial stocks (supervisor: Helwig Hauser) Seismic data visualization for oil&gas industry (supervisor: Daniel Patel) Medical visualization for intervention planning Functional medical visualization Illustrative visualization in medical education (supervisor: Ivan Viola)

6 Sonar Data Visualization for Marine Life Ivan Viola & co.

7 Interactive Visual Analysis

8 Ivan Viola & co. Seismic Data for Oil&Gas Industry Thanks for your attention!

9 Ivan Viola & co. Medical Visualization Thanks for your attention!

10 INF358 Schedule Ivan Viola & co.

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