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Forever Living Products™ Business presentation

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1 Forever Living Products™ Business presentation

2 Aloe Vera What is ALOE VERA? Nature’s pharmacy in one plant
Grows in subtropical climates Most powerful: Barbadensis Miller HISTORY Known and used for thousands of years, due to its positive effects on humans and animals PRESENT DAY Was re-discovered in the 1930’s Unique stabilisation method

3 The Plant The leaf is the only part used
There are 3 layers in the leaf The outer green part and the middle yellowish part does not have nutritional or therapeutic effects All the “goodness” is concentrated in the gelly-like inner part The gelly oxidizes easily and therefore looses its therapeutic abilities No benefits has been found in the whole leaf

4 ALOE VERA CONTAINS ♥20 AMINO ACIDS, which the human body needs for the formation of proteins and tissues ♥A WIDE RANGE OF MINERALS like calcium, phosphorous, copper, iron, manganese, magnesium, potassium, and sodium. ♥A LARGE VARIETY OF VITAMINS like B1, B5, B6, B12, A and C. All are essential elements for metabolism and cellular operation.

5 ♥ SUGARS Long chain polysaccharides ♥ ENZYMES Lipases and Proteases
♥ PLANT STEROLS 3 main types ♥ SAPONINS ♥ LIGNIN Acts to boost immune syst break down food and aid digestion, Ascarboxypeptidase involved in the inflammatory process act as powerful anti-inflammatories Soapy substances : anti-microbial effect against bacteria, viruses, fungi and yeasts (eg candida) This woody substance gives Aloe its penetrative ability to reach deep into the skin

6 Properties Of Aloe Vera
PAIN INHIBITOR ANTI-INFLAMMATORY / ANTI-ALLERGENIC HEALING ACTION KERATOLIC ACTION ANTIBIOTIC ACTION CELLS REGENERATOR ENERGISER Anthraquinones and Salicylate (like Aspirin); Aloin and Emodin strong pain killers and also anti inflammatory properties also GLYCOPROTEINS which inhibit and break down Bradykinin, a major mediator of pain and inflammation. As above + Fatty acids Magnesium Lactate inhibits Histamine reaction in tissue from irritation. Calcium, Potassium, Zinc, Vit C and Vit E, forming net of fibres trapping red corpuscles, thus speeding healing process. Action of removing damaged skin replacing it with new skin cells. Also allows free flow of blood through veins and arteries, clearing them of small blood clots Anti-bacterial and Anti-viral (latter if applied in strength of >75% directly to virus) and Anti-Fungal Shown effect on the Herpes virus Streptococcus faicalis, Staphylococcus. Salmonella also against Candida (fungus) Possesses hormone that accelerates growth of new cells, also eliminating the old ones. Calcium also helps regulate amount of fluid in cells thus keeping them healthier (SHOWN TO HAVE GOOD EFFECT AGAINST SKIN CANCER) Promotes good metabolism, digestion and Vit C

NATURAL CLEANSER FIGHT IRRITATION DILATES VESSELS Enzymes to aid the digestion of food stuffs, Saponin clear out intestines Potassium, improves and stimulates liver and kidneys, principal organs of detoxification. Uronic Acid which eliminates toxic materials within cells. Penetrates deeply (Lignin) into skin and restores lost liquids. Also repairs damaged tissue from inside out, burns, sunburns. 18-20 of 22 amino acids (building blocks of proteins, needed to form cells and tissues), 7 of 8 essential, also contains enzymes needed to break down carbohydrates, fats and proteins in intestines and stomach. Vit’s A B1, B5, B6, B12 and C + mineral CALCIUM, PHOSPHOROUS, COPPER, ZINC, CHROMIUM, IRON, MANGANESE, POTASSIUM and SODIUM Saponins, natural oils Eliminates burning and itching increasing blood flow



10 Trends today Lifestyle Health and nutrition Distribution and trade
Hvorfor er sundhed og livsstil i focus

11 Lifestyle You, I and many others want to:
have an extra income have more free time have our own business secure a good pension enjoy financial freedom meet new people help others develop personally Hvorfor er sundhed og livsstil i focus What does a good lifestyle mean to you?

12 Health and nutrition People today... live longer want to be healthy
But we are living with... increasing pollution poorer food quality bad lifestyle habits stress

13 Distribution and trade
More and more products are sold through: direct selling the internet Advantages: No limitations in opening hours High quality products Personal counselling/service Try out, test and evaluate the products Delivery at your door Satisfaction guaranteed Hvorfor er sundhed og livsstil i focus

14 Team Marketing Traditional Marketing vs.
Manufacturer Manufacturer National Distributor Wholesaler Hvorfor er sundhed og livsstil i focus Distributor Sales Force Retailer Advertising Consumer Consumer

15 Who is Forever Living Products?
The world’s largest grower and manufacturer of Aloe Vera Products Owns the whole production chain, from plant to product Organically grown plantations Family owned since the start in 1978 We have helped people all over the World create their own profitable businesses

16 Forever Living Products International
Founded in 1978 by Rex Maughan Head Office in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA Turn-over: > $ 2,0 billion Represented in 108 countries world-wide

17 Forever Living Products Baltics
Opening date: October 2003 Head office and warehouse in Vilnius, Lithuania Warehouse in Riga Managing Directors Kestas and Jolanta Bausys


19 Aloe Vera Products Drinking Gels Natural Aloe Vera
With added Cranberry Juice With added Peach Now also with Condroitin, Glucoseamine and MSM

20 60 days’ money-back-guarantee
Aloe Vera Products Aloe Propolis creme Aloe Heat Lotion Aloe Vera Gelly Aloe Lips Aloe Bright Toothgel Vitaminer, enzymer, aminosyrer, mineraler, sporstoffer, Not tested on animals 60 days’ money-back-guarantee

21 For the entire Family

22 Your opportunity with FLP
Registration fee Income: Wholesale discount 30% Profit % Building a sales network: Compensation for expanding company turnover 3 –18 % Everybody can be a distributor

23 Your opportunity with FLP
Work effort & earnings: A little now and then, extra income 3,000 Ls/year Some hours per week, extra income 6,000 Ls/year Part-time, extra income much more Big effort, big income > 20,000 Ls/year

24 Marketing Plan + 6% 2% 1 CC appr. 160 Ls retail price
Distributor Assistant Supervisor Purchase 2cc 25cc in 2 months (You and your team) 30% Retail Profit on Personal Sales. 18% 5% 10% 13% 6% Manager 120cc in 75cc in 8% 3% 2% ROYALTY BONUS This slide should be visible for no more than 1 minute. Simply show this slide so that they’ve seen the schematic. Don’t try to explain anything using this slide, the following slides make the explanation simple and straightforward.

25 Marketing Plan Supervisor (25cc) + 8% 30% FLP You 3% 3% 3%
7 – 10 hours a week + 8% 30% FLP You 3% 3% 3% A/S 5% A/S 5% A/S 5% Typically… 3 – 5 in team Ls 400 a month

26 Marketing Plan Network Duplication has Begun 30% + 13% You Assistant
Manager (75cc) FLP 5% 5% A/S 5% 8% S 8% A/S 5% S 8% 10 – 15 hours a week A/S 5% A/S 5% A/S 5% A/S 5% A/S 5% Typically… 9 – 15 in team Ls 900 a month A/S 5% Network Duplication has Begun

27 Marketing Plan 30% You + 18% Manager (120cc) FLP 10% 5% 13% A/S 5%
A/M 13% 10 – 15 hours a week S 8% A/S 5% A/S 5% A/S 5% A/S 5% A/S 5% A/S 5% Typically… 15 – 25 in team Ls a month A/S 5%

28 Independent income Time Income furthermore………

29 Life style Cars Boats Travel Exciting adventures New friends

30 Earning while training!
A simple system Our training system How to get started Motivation The history of Aloe Vera Product facts Selling the products How to build your business EVERYTHING you need to know! Earning while training!

31 You are at the proper time and place!
Satisfied customers Unique money-back guarantee No financial risk

32 Team Marketing You work for yourself but never by yourself
Together Everyone Achieves More You work for yourself but never by yourself You are part of a team!

33 Customers These people are your future customers!
Do you know people, who... brush their teeth? take a shower? suffer from skin disorders? have arthritis? have digestive problems? have other health problems? These people are your future customers!

34 Business Partners These people are your future business partners!
Do you know people, who... want to have an extra income? dream of an improved lifestyle? are hairdressers, dentists, veterinary surgeons, doctors, therapists? want to have their own businesses? are motivated and enthusiastic? These people are your future business partners!

35 Forever Living Products™
Don‘t dream your life, live your dream Thank You for your attention

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