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The Essentials of Food Hygiene

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1 The Essentials of Food Hygiene

2 To ensure the food you prepare is safe to eat, you must follow the ESSENTIALS of Food Hygiene

3 1)Ensure that you always wear clean clothing and keep yourself clean.

4 2) Your hands must always be washed thoroughly and in particular:
Before handling food Before starting work After using the toliet After handling raw food or waste After every break After blowing your nose

5 3) If you have been suffering with any skin, nose, throat, stomach or bowel trouble (including sickness and diarrhoea or an infected wound) tell your supervisor before you start work. You are breaking the law if you do not.

6 4) All cuts and sores must be covered with a blue waterproof dressing.

7 5) You must avoid unneccessary handling of food

8 6) NEVER eat, smoke or drink in a food room, and never cough or sneeze over food.

9 7) If you see something wrong you must tell your supervisor.

10 8) Ensure food is not prepared too far in advance of it being served.

11 9) Ensure that cold food is really cold and that hot food is really hot.
Cold food should be stored below 5°c. Hot food should be stored above 63°c.

12 10) Keep the preparation of raw and cooked foods strictly separate.

13 11) When reheating food ensure that it gets piping hot.

14 12) Keep all equipment and surfaces clean. Remember…. CLEAN AS YOU GO

15 13) Follow any food safety instructions provided on food packaging
13) Follow any food safety instructions provided on food packaging. If you are unsure about anything, ask your supervisor.

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The information in this presentation is based upon Hygiene Awareness Instruction which is contained in the Industry Guide to Good Practice : Catering Guide

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