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Conducting a 90-Day Evaluation in PATH 1June 2009.

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1 Conducting a 90-Day Evaluation in PATH 1June 2009

2 90-Day Performance Evaluation Log into the system as usual. Make sure your user type is set to Supervisor. Select “Begin New Performance Evaluation” under Evaluation on left navigation bar. Select “Start Action” under “Performance Evaluation: 90-Day Probationary Review” Select “Search” for complete list of FT staff employees for whom you may initiate evals. If any of your direct reports are NOT listed, send an email to HR. 2June 2009

3 Current group = supervisor Select Begin New Performance Appraisal 3June 2009 PATH Screens

4 Select Start Action under Performance Evaluation 90 Day Probationary Review 4June 2009

5 Click Search. This will bring up the names of all your direct reports. Hint: Do not fill in any of the fields! 5June 2009

6 Select Start Action under the name of the employee you wish to evaluate 6June 2009

7 Type a name for the evaluation. Suggestion: 90-Day 20xx Employee First, Last Names 7June 2009

8 Choose 90 Day Probationary Review from the drop down list for Evaluation Type 8June 2009

9 Select the fiscal year from the drop down menu for Evaluation Cycle. 9June 2009

10 Select appropriate action. If the employee meets performance standards, list the employee’s goals and areas of growth in the comment box. If the employee needs improvement, list the areas for improvement in the comment box. 10June 2009

11 Select Continue to Next Page 11June 2009

12 If continued employment is NOT recommended or employee needs improvement, send to Employee Relations for Review. Otherwise select Save without Submitting and schedule meeting with employee to discuss 12June 2009

13 After the meeting, you need to send a copy of the evaluation to your employee. To do so, sign back into PATH. Click on Active Evaluations Make sure User Group is set to Supervisor 13June 2009

14 Select the evaluation you want to view and click on View 14June 2009

15 Click on Continue to Next Page 15June 2009

16 Select Evaluation Complete. Click on Continue 16June 2009

17 Click on Confirm 17June 2009

18 What happens next? The employee will receive a PATH Alert about the evaluation. The employee will view the evaluation in PATH and will mark it as complete. You will receive a PATH Alert when the employee has completed the evaluation. Follow up with the employee if you have not received a PATH Alert within a week. 18June 2009

19 Questions? Contact Sheri Eadie at x3158 or Sandy Davis at x3164 19June 2009

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