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2 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Tower Protective Services, LLC has developed a comprehensive package emphasizing the basic needs that the market places, as well as our clients, have demanded. The basics, PERSONNEL SELECTION. SECURITY OFFICER TRAINING, SUERVISION, and MANAGEMENT RESPONSE AND THE PAYROLL AND BILLING FUNCTIONS have always been our focus. “BEYOND THE BASICS” to develop more efficient and cost effective means of delivering superior service. Through the use of technology and a thorough understanding of our client’s, while operating in a challenging employment environment. This approach, in combination with our management experience, has positioned USA as a leader in the security industry.

Although Tower Protective Services, LLC our business philosophy stresses being the BEST, not necessarily the biggest, service provider. Our goal is to stay in close contact with our clients so that we can remain responsive to their needs. One of the keys to our success in our “PARTNERSHIP” with clients and our officers. Tower Protective Services, LLC. We consider or clients and our employees as valuable business partners. Clients are encouraged to establish measurable performance criteria and security goals. Employees, who are rigorously screened and comprehensively trained, are encouraged to find solutions, which continuously exceed our client’s expectations. In this way, Tower Protective Services, LLC is able to provide the maximum return on your security investment. A large part of any business relationship is based upon honest and ethical business practices. We pride ourselves in practicing these traits in all of our daily business dealing. We believe that Adhering to these principles develops and fosters the mutual trust upon which all successful business PARTNERSHIPS” must depend

Tower Protective Services, LLC, as well as our clients, realize that performance begins with quality people who are motivated, trustworthy, and reliable. Our background screening process is dedicated to recruiting and retaining individuals possessing those qualities. We utilize many traditional recruiting methods such as newspapers, military-bases, universities, etc. However, Tower Protective Services, LLC has taken recruiting function to a new dimension by developing special recruiting techniques. Our recruiting techniques allows us to select only well-qualified applicants. In order to reject less qualified applicants and still fulfill our staffing and client needs. We must substantially increase the availability of qualified candidates to our office. Thoroughly researching applicants can eliminate unqualified candidates before we conduct the costly, time-consuming application/background screening process (criminal records, drug use history, etc.). This allows the branch office to prioritize recruitment efforts on the most highly qualified candidates according to the employee test which consist of basic security knowledge and reviewing of their prior security experience. Which will determine the application and interviewing rank of applicants. To ensure we only the best employees, all applicants must meet or exceed our rigorous screening standards. Tower Protective Services, LLC has implemented a comprehensive background verification system.

Tower Protection Service, LLC recognizes the importance of a drug free environment, and has an established drug-screening program. The program provides screening in these areas. Pre-assignment drug testing Drug testing for cause Pre-assignment Drug Screening: Tower Protection Services, LLC includes a pre-employment drug-screening test for all employees. Tower Protection Services, LLC employees assigned to client facilities will have undergone a drug test with negative results prior to assignment. Test Results: Tower Protective Services, LLC employees who have tested positive and have been determined by our medical review officer to be illegal or improper drug users as described by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Guidelines will not be permitted to work. Prospective employees who test positive or refuse to submit to testing shall be prohibited from returning to the site indefinitely. Screening Profile: The drug screen tests for the following substances: Cocaine, Amphetamines, Morphine, Phencyclidine, and Tetrahydrocannibiniol (THC

6 PLACEMENT PLACEMENT Tower Protective Services, LLC understands that each client has unique needs. Accordingly we develop site specific hiring profiles during our interview with the clients contract. These recruiting profiles are then used by the interviewer to recruit the most candidates from the local labor market. This helps ensure both skill and location compatibility

POSITION PROFILE The following is a description of the security positions and their related responsibilities. We will begin our description with the most valuable member of our security team: the security officer assigned to your property or facility. ON-SITE SECURITY PERSONNEL Security Officers: As a contract security company. Tower Protective Services, LLC specializes in providing security services to clients statewide. The decision as to where to assign officers is based upon the requirements set forth by client the duties to be performed and the background and abilities of the individual officer. Although responsibilities and duties may vary from client to client the basic requirement of all security officers is to protect the lives of client employees and property of the client. This objective is reached through the design of the entire security program. Individual functions often become routine, the manner in which each separate function is performed will determine the overall effectiveness of the program Site Supervisor: All accounts have a Site supervisor or Lead supervisor. These managers are the day- to- day client liaison and provided supervision to their assigned people. In many instances these mid-level supervisor were line-level security officers who have distinguished themselves with our company

SUPERVISORY TRAINING All Tower Protective Services, LLC supervisory personnel receive appropriate training upon assignment to a position of leadership. Manager will go over training materials provided by Tower Protective Services, LLC to ensure supervisor succeeds in their job. ON THE JOB TRAINING Tower Protective Services, LLC on the job training will follow client-specified requirements. For clients without specified on-the-job training requirements, Tower Protective Services, LLC will tailor a program to fit the job complexity and responsibilities. At a minimum this training will include the following: Site -specific functions and duties Emergency Procedures Public Relations Cross training as appropriate

9 Tower Protective Services,
Tower Protective Services, LLC knows that continuous effective training is the key to quality service and employee development. We also recognize that training has many benefits that include reducing turnover, improving morale, increasing productivity and minimizing liability exposure.

STATE MANDATED TRAINING Tower Protective Services, LLC training program always meets and usually exceeds state mandated training requirements. TESTING & DOCUMENTATION Our officers are tested on all aspects of training from the basic program to site specific training. These are competency-based tests which provided a measurement of the officers’ ability to comprehend and retain the instructions given them. Documentation of test materials is available fro clients’ records and review if desired. Tower Protective Services, LLC will archive training records for purposes of compliance and reduced exposure to liability.

One of the key elements to effective service delivery starts with professional leadership at our client locations. The role of the Site Supervisor encompasses many responsibilities. The focus is on providing a service level, which not only meets, but also exceeds the expectations of your customers. All individuals selected to coordinate the security function at our client locations are highly qualified and have been specifically chosen and trained for the role of Site Supervisor. Candidates are screened by the General and Operations Managers to ensure the following qualifications have been met: Minimum of two (2) years security or related experience Demonstrated oral communications/customer relations skills Demonstrated written communications skills Demonstrated leadership ability with the desire to assume responsibility Successful completion of supervisory training Each supervisor is compensated at a level that encourages optimum performance. A special uniform insignia are provided which recognized the status of the position. Incentives are also offered to motivate recipients to deliver a level of service to their customers far above expectations.

12 The Site Supervisor is a professional who is trained and dedicated to managing the daily security activities of our customers and is considered an essential part of the service delivery equation.

At Tower Protective Services, LLC, supervision and training are mutually supporting tasks. Supervisory personnel establish standards of performance which will achieve the desired quality of performance at the job site. They train their security officers to perform as individuals because they will usually be functioning without close supervision. They must also be trained by the supervisor to be desired levels of performance, spot checking to achieve those performance levels and retraining as necessary to reestablish those levels of proficiency. A supervisor must also clearly establish and communicate a “chain of command” within the organization to effectively an efficiently ensure total accountability for performance to the established standards. A supervisor must also understand that while he must be performance/task oriented, he must also be strongly focused upon the welfare and morale of the security officers. If the supervisor takes care of this security officer, the officers will take care of him and gladly perform the tasks required of them. Our clients reap the direct benefits of these motivated officers.

The local General Manager is one of the keys to client satisfaction. They are charged with overseeing the site supervisors at the client’s facility and providing the necessary support to them to ensure client satisfaction. Other duties include the following: Personnel Management - Establishing the profile of personnel to be assigned to a client facility; recruiting new personnel and screening selected security officer candidates. Training Management - Ensuring a focused training plan is developed and implemented for each specific client facility. Communications - A key ingredient to understanding client needs and providing continuous feedback to both the client and other Supervisors. Account Management - Must understand client expectations and standards required prior to job startup.

In national surveys one of the key reasons cited for clients dissatisfaction with a security provider stems from the lack of responsiveness from the company local management. When you have a problem you want it resolved NOW! As a demonstration of Tower Protective Services, LLC commitment to total satisfaction we pledge to have a member of the local management team respond to you call within the hour regardless of the time the call was made. We have several systems in place to ensure fulfillment of the commitment

16 Tower Protective Services, LLC
Our Command Center is a critical element to this pledge. This proprietary operations center manned 24 hours a day ensures accurate and prompt communications. Dispatchers maintain an emergency notification list with primary and secondary names and numbers. Tower Protective Services, LLC personnel are quickly contacted via home phone, pager, radio and /or mobile phone. An immediately response in assured. The empowerment of the local management team to provide client satisfaction ensures that your issues and concerns will be addressed swiftly and to your satisfaction. Tower Protective Services, LLC has full confidence in our local managers and expects the managers to make those decisions necessary to fulfill their responsibility to provide satisfactory service to our clients.

Experience has shown that a concise detailed manuscript of security responsibilities is invaluable. These sites specific post orders are available at each post. Development of these orders requires a unique blend of addressing general information, site requirements, contingencies, as well as a proactive approach to the unforeseen. Input from our clients is actively solicited.

18 The Facility Security Operations Manual found at each post clearly describes the duties and responsibilities of she assigned officers. The manual clearly details what is expected from an individual employed as a Tower Protective Services, LLC officer. It describes the procedure to be followed when filling out forms and reports as well as what to do when problems arise. This manual is the greatest sources of information available to the individual security officers and he/she should understand it thoroughly Tower Protective Services, LLC management staff will create these documents for your facility with your specific objectives being the basis of development. Your post orders will be reviewed and revised as necessary to ensure and effective implementation of the total security program.

The Tower Protective Services, LLC QUALITY ASSSURANCE PROGRAM is top-priority and a source of great pride within our organizations, responsible for achieving one of the highest customer retention rates in the industry.

20 Commitment .Commitment - A commitment to client satisfaction as our #1 priority, supported by immediate reporting of any variances and weekly reports of client satisfaction ratings by each branch. B. Security Professionals - Staffing all levels of the organizations with security professional from the Branch Office, who knows how to provide high quality security officers services and will accept no less. C. Organization- structure designed specifically to remain close to our clients with only one organizational level between the local Branch Manager to insure clear communication and prompt answers to client requests. D. Employee Rewards - An incentive program the Clients Service Excellence Awards, recognizes outstanding client service by Branch Officer. Local officer receives organization recognition for success and individual front line employees share an incentive award for their achievement.

TOWER PROTECTIVE SERVICES, LLC CLIENT SATISFACTION SURVEY Tower Protective Services, LLC would like to give you the opportunity to give us some feedback on how well we are servicing you. Providing maximum quality service and safety for our clients is our mission. If you can take a few minutes of your time to complete this survey it will be greatly appreciated. After you have completed the survey, please return it to your Tower Protective Service, LLC representative. THANK YOU in advance!

22 Thank you for allowing Tower Protective Services, LLC to Serve you!
Company Name: _________________________________ Your Name: _________________________________ Address: ____________________ 1. Security Officers Appearance: _____ Excellent _____Good _____ Average ______ Poor ______ Unacceptable 2. Security Officers Performances of Duties 3. Security Officers Training 4. Frequency and Effectiveness of Response by Local Management 5. Officers knowledgeability 6. Accuracy/Timelines of invoices 7. Overall Service Thank you for allowing Tower Protective Services, LLC to Serve you !


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