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Picture This Tim Taylor National Event Supervisor

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1 Picture This Tim Taylor National Event Supervisor

2 Description Team members take turns drawing representations of a set of scientific terms/concepts (not scientists) while the other team member(s) guesses the term begin drawn. 2-3 participants The more, the better chance of correctly identifying the term

3 Competition 4 minutes 25 terms The terms are the same for all teams in the same order. Drawing rotation will be followed. Singular and plurals are interchangeable. Other forms are not

4 Competition Any team member may pass a term. Sketcher may only talk to pass a term Once passed, the team will not return to the passed term if time is still left.

5 Competition Time will begin: After the order of the draw has been established The first word is shown to the first sketcher. Time will end: List of words exhausted Time expires

6 Competition Only the sketcher sees the word to be drawn Words need to be written on opaque cardstock Words need to be printed, not handwritten

7 Competition Drawings will be placed on the paper provided by the event supervisor. Easel paper Ditto paper No Dry Erase Boards!!! Drawings will be kept. Team names will need to be placed on each packet.

8 Competition Event Supervisor will also provide writing instruments. 2009 – Black pens Teams did bring in colored pens/pencils Spent more time deciding on color to use Code for color used was developed

9 Competition Acceptable symbols: Arrows Minus sign (-) to shorten a word Plus sign (+) to lengthen a word Lines for the number of words in the term

10 Competition Unacceptable symbols: Letters from any alphabet Numbers of any kind Lines for the number of letters in the word Lines for the number of words is okay

11 Competition Sketchers may not give visual clues Event Supervisor approved: (must ask) Nod of head for yes or no Saying “yes” for correct Part of term if more than one word term

12 Competition Any violation of the alphabet, number or verbal communication rules will result in the team passing the term. The event supervisor determines if the correct term was given.

13 Scoring One point for each correct term identified within the allotted time. The team with the most correctly identified terms WINS!!

14 Scoring Tiebreakers Fewest terms passed Shortest period of time to complete the entire list Longest string of consecutively correct terms First word on the list identified compared to the other team(s)

15 Thoughts This was a Division B event in the past and in Division C in 2009. Can find words anywhere – textbooks, glossaries, Division C events etc. 2009 National List came from tests given at Ohio Invitationals

16 Thoughts Should be cross-disciplined with the areas of Science Olympiad Life/Personal/Social Science Earth and Space Physical and Chemical Technology and Engineering Inquiry and Nature of Science

17 Thoughts Need to be a couple of “easy” words Tiebreakers #3 and 4 Learning Curve – 2 Super easy 5 Easy 11 Medium 5 Hard 2 Super Hard

18 Thoughts Think about the order of the words in relation to the tiebreakers Think before deciding on a word for the competition Example - base

19 Results – 2009 Nationals at Augusta State University 1 st Place16 words 2 nd place14 words 3 rd place13 words 4 th place13 words 5 th place12 words 6 th place12 words

20 Results Every team got a least one point. Pendulum – 56 Bottle Rocket – 49 Thigmothermy – 0 Dendrochronology - 1

21 2009 National Word List bottle rocketcellulose cohort studystrike-slip fault carapaceparallax successionmacronutrient pendulumdendrochronology statisticsgreenstick fracture triggerglobal warming

22 2009 National Word List cont. bioaccumulationorientation safety goggleskinetic energy chromatographyepoch bridgevehicle tectonic platesconcentration thigmothermy

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