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Health and Safety induction for new staff Diane Thomason Robin Silvester Area Safety Officer (Policy/Strategy) Area Safety Officer (Operations) Department.

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1 Health and Safety induction for new staff Diane Thomason Robin Silvester Area Safety Officer (Policy/Strategy) Area Safety Officer (Operations) Department of Physics φ xford hysics

2 Scope Emergencies Organisation, responsibilities Advisers Hazards, risk assessment Further information Handbook

3 Emergencies – Fire If the fire alarm sounds: –Leave the building and go to assembly point –Do not re-enter until told to do so If you discover a fire: –Raise the alarm –Call the Fire Brigade – 999 –(tackle the fire if safe to do so) –Leave the building and go to assembly point.


5 Do the “Firewalk” Locate the call points and telephones at your places of work What does the alarm sound like? Locate the fire exits Locate alternative fire exits Make sure you know the assembly points Fire extinguishers, fire blankets Walk the routes

6 First aid, illness Call the nearest First Aider –Lists in handbook and by each first aid box Call ambulance if necessary Out of hours or if a local first aider cannot be found: call Security – phone 89999 Do not move an unconscious casualty If in doubt call 999 REPORT accidents and near misses (accident report form)

7 Department of Physics Safety Organisation Chairman of Physics Executive Safety Officers (e.g. Radiation Protection Supervisors) Departmental Safety Officer Specialist Safety Advisors Physics Area Safety Officer Deputy Physics Area Safety Officer Safety Advisory Committees Heads of Sub- Departments And Support Services Head of Teaching Faculty Group Supervisors Practical Course Supervisor Practical Course Demonstrators Practical Course Staff and Students Group Staff and Students January 2005 4B.1 Advisory Links Executive Responsibility Practical Course Senior Demonstrators

8 Responsibilities Who is responsible for your safety? –Self –Co-workers –Supervisors, managers –The University –Any others whose work may affect you


10 Personal responsibility Take reasonable care for your own safety Take reasonable care for others’ safety Report dangerous situations and shortcomings in safety arrangements Co-operate with employers’ arrangements.

11 Advice Departmental Safety Officer: Malcolm Bradbury, Senior Administrator (CL) Area Safety Officer (Policy/Strategy): Diane Thomason (DWB) Deputy Area Safety Officer (Operations): Robin Silvester (DWB) Secretary: Carolyn Addison (DWB) Email: Building Safety Officers Fire Safety Officers Specialist safety advisers


13 Electricity Area Electrical Supervisors –Alan Hodgson –Trevor Harris –Only authorised Engineering Services staff may work on the building wiring Portable Electrical Equipment Testing: Mr J FopmaExt 73420 –Get ALL new equipment checked before use, including any that belongs to you See Handbook

14 Chemicals, Biohazards Advice on chemical safety and the implementation of the COSHH regulations: –Dr R C C Ward, Mr K R Belcher Departmental Biological Safety Officer: –Dr S TuckerDeputy: Dr R Berry –Responsible for liaison with the University Safety Office and for advice on biological safety, including GM

15 Lasers Departmental Laser Supervisor (DLS): responsible for supervision and inspection DLS or deputy must be consulted if any safety procedures are unclear, and informed immediately of any accidents/incidents. All lasers and personnel working with lasers must be registered with, and authorised by, the DLS before starting. DLS: Dr M Johnston

16 Ionising radiation All radiation workers must be authorised University’s Safety Arrangements and Local Rules Department of Physics General and Specific Local Rules All work under the supervision of the SRPSs and RPSs

17 Mechanical workshops Workshops staffed by authorised technical staff Clarendon – Research Workshop AUTHORISED staff and students can use the Research Workshop under the strict supervision of the Workshop Supervisor.

18 Display screen equipment Check your workstation set-up Complete the workstation checklist and hand to your nearest Departmental DSE Assessor Occupational Health referrals if necessary If you have a problem – ASK, before it gets worse

19 Workstation Set Up Diagram Shoulders relaxed Screen height adjusted to prevent poor head and neck posture Screen height dependent on typing style, tasks performed, software used and glasses worn Neutral wrist posture Elbows at approximately 90 degrees Chair adjusted to support back at a comfortable angle and to allow for appropriate upper body posture Even pressure across thighs Space beneath your desk to allow you to move your legs Feet supported by floor or footrest

20 Personal safety, security Keep the workplace secure Working away from base or with the public Lone working Business travel REPORT violence, verbal abuse or threats

21 Manual handling Lifting, carrying, pushing etc. Parcels, boxes, trolleys, gas cylinders, machinery AVOID where possible Assess risk – manual handling assessors Manual handling training

22 Risk assessment Hazard: Something with the potential to cause harm –Trailing cable – trip hazard –Faulty electrical appliance – electric shock hazard Risk: The likelihood that the harm from a particular hazard occurs, AND the severity of the harm. Ensure you are aware of risk assessments for your work area.

23 Hierarchy of controls Eliminate Substitute Isolate/Segregate Safe systems of work Warning systems Information, instruction, training and supervision Personal Protective Equipment Safe PLACE controls Safe PERSON controls

24 Further information Staff induction handout Physics safety handbook (on Physics Safety web pages) Risk assessments Safety talks University Policy Statements (on University Safety Office web pages)

25 Further information ty/ ty/ –Physics safety pages (in Information for Staff) –University Safety office –University Occupational health service

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