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Meet the Profs 2012 Research & Work Opportunities in Chemistry & Biochemistry.

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1 Meet the Profs 2012 Research & Work Opportunities in Chemistry & Biochemistry

2 2 Research & Work Opportunities paid positions summer jobs FT or PT fall-winter jobs PT Work/Study & RAY positions NSERC USRA & I-USRA on-campus internships off-campus internships international internships coming soon: Co-op option unpaid placements CHEM 4000/BCHM 4000 CHEM x20x 0.0/BIOL x60x 0.0

3 3 Work-Study (W/S) & Research at York (RAY) Summer FT/PT & F/W PT subsidized positions clerical and technical candidates must demonstrate financial need positions submitted by professors or departments & approved by W/S program summer positions late March fall-winter positions mid-August positions are posted on Workopolis (or not) if posted: application procedure, selection criteria time-sheet carries W/S or RAY position # total hours submitted by professor/department at the end

4 4 Summer FT/PT or Fall/Winter PT jobs $8-$12/hour up to 40 hours/week any duration paid every two weeks keep track of hours & submit time-sheets menial, support, task-specific &/or project

5 5 NSERC USRA need high gpa full summer (16 weeks) 2011 rates: $5625 min + travel (NSERC) professor must hold NSERC grant can apply at any university, and at more than one not transferable to another university students fill in Part I of Form 202 (on-line) potential supervisor fills in Part II York application deadline late Jan/early Feb decision mid-March

6 6 NSERC Industrial USRA 12-16 weeks 2011 rates: $5625 min + travel (NSERC) + fringe benefits company must be eligible (have R&D activities) students fill in Part I of Form 202 (on-line) company fills in Part II submission to NSERC at least 4 weeks before start final report required

7 7 Others Dr. James Wu Research Internships min. gpa 7.5 applications in Sept; decision in early Nov renewable through summer & next F/W 2009 rate: $1500 in F/W; $5000 in Summer Service Bursary Program 2009 rate: $8/h for 125 h in F/W variable positions, such as in Academic Resource Advising, College Peer Advising, Residence Programmer, Social, Recreational, Wellness Programmer, Special Events Coordinator, College Photographer, Note-Taker, Digital Writing Instructor search.asp?pageNum=142

8 8 Others Medical Biophysics Summer Program International Internships (incl. DAAD/RISE) applications in early Jan postings vary year to year Dalhousie DREAMS program Research in Energy, Advanced Materials and Sustainability NSERC USRA applications encouraged A- average required NSERC stipends (+ travel) for 16 weeks application deadline mid-Feb

9 9 Others IRIC Next Generation Internships $4251 for 12 weeks at U. of Montreal’s Institute for Research in Immunology & Cancer application deadline: Mar 2, 2012 US Internships

10 10 CHEM 4000 Research Projects only for eligible Chemistry students Summer: about 10-12 wks FT & 2+ wks writing Fall/Winter: about 16 hours/wk (PT) Course Director: Prof. D. Wilson enrolment + supervisor identified regular tutorials & milestones Summer examinations: end of August Fall/Winter examinations: end of April 4000.html

11 11 BCHM 4000 Research Projects only for Biochemistry majors also Summer, F/W or W/S Course Director: Prof. G. Audette supervisors can be from Chemistry or Biology

12 12 Volunteering because of insurance concerns, via 0-credit, $0- tuition, P/F courses for CHEM & BCHM students: 200-series courses available each term CHEM 2200/1/2, 3200/1/2, 4200/1/2 administered by Prof. Potvin must secure a supervisor and both must complete a Student-Supervisor Agreement request for a placement can be done on-line (see for BCHM students: BIOL 600-series courses also available; see in all cases, time commitment, start/end dates & responsibilities to be negotiated with the supervisor

13 13 All paid & volunteer lab positions must complete WHMIS Level II training, plus gas cylinder training – both good for 3 years − plus any additional training specified &/or provided by the supervisor (e.g. NMR)

14 14 How to Find a Supervisor research web pages: & click on Faculty Research for Biochemistry areas: also see last page of BCHM Handbook at contact for in-person visit for CHEM/BCHM 4000 or volunteering, must have CD’s permission to enroll for paid positions: budgeting often not before late March space, money, sabbatical leave & time limitations come into play

15 15 The End

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