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Transfer Request Management System (TRMS)

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1 Transfer Request Management System (TRMS)
MCFRS Tech Training July 2011

2 Intro Welcome to an overview for the Transfer Request Management System (TRMS), which will go into effect this summer. The following slides take you through the basics of the new program. Because it is so user-friendly and similar to other applications we use (such as PCAP), there are only some notes for you to read. This is not an interactive e-course. Please direct any questions or concerns about TRMS to BC John Kinsley at headquarters. The link for TRMS will be placed on Quicklinks and you will use your Single Sign-On login (what you already use for MCtime and ESS).

3 Applicant Input Type your requested location. Since this is a free text box, you should input a request that would include station / worksite / shift / kelly / etc. Click this link to see the form you will have to fill out for a request to transfer to a specialty team. When you’re finished, click the Submit Request form button.

4 Specialty Form After you fill out the form, follow the directions in the application. The Operations Division must receive this form from you by the Friday before the transfer meeting.

5 Applicant Input Note: There are three ways you know you’re finished:
(1) The Submit Request button is inactive. (2) Red text appears at the bottom to indicate your submission was successful. (3) You will receive an receipt. If you receive an error message instead, indicating you have done something incorrect, fix your mistake and re-submit.

6 E-Mail Message Received
Once you submit your application via TRMS, you will receive an message. Here is an example.

7 Supervisor Any first or second line supervisor listed in a transfer request will get an message from TRMS, as well. The supervisor should click the link in the message to access TRMS to comment upon the transfer request. Remember, you will use your Single Sign-On login to access TRMS.

8 Supervisor Link Pick The supervisor hoping to comment would simply click the last name of the person.

9 Supervisor Comments Once you have added a comment, click the Update Comments button. Despite this officer’s preference not to be near other people who wear blue, he would make a good asset to the requested station.

10 Supervisor Link Pick Note: The Updated date will not change until the screen is refreshed (or until you log back in again some other time). Remember to log off using the Log Out link at the top of the screen.

11 Wrap-Up That’s the end of the TRMS reference. Please direct any questions or concerns to BC John Kinsley at headquarters. You may now close the window.

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