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MFS Erika Svensson, International Relations Office, KTH phone: + 46

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1 MFS Erika Svensson, International Relations Office, KTH E-mail:, phone: + 46

2 What is MFS? MFS – Minor Field Study For thesis work at Bachelor's and Mater´s level. Minimum of 8 consecutive weeks Written report in English (15-30 hp). MFS-grant – 27 000 kr. Mandatory preparatory course at Sida partnership Forum, Härnösand KTH has two call/ year (2014 only one) 2013 – 54 Grants form Sida to KTH 2014 – 40 Grants from Sida to KTH 2015 - ? (announced end of January)

3 Sida Partnership Forum  2 ½ day course  2013 ca 700-800 MFS-students participated at the Sida Partnership Forum preparatory course  Dividend on 25-30 Courses.  Aim is to prepare the students to act in a global context and to be aware of the different societies that the students are planning to stay in.

4 Eligible countries for MFS

5 Most popular destinations Tanzania India Kenya Uganda South Africa Vietnam China Ghana Nepal Brazil Ethiopia Namibia Thailand Zambia

6 Supervisor and contact person Applying student needs a supervisor (from KTH) and a contact person (in receiving country). Supervisor is also academic supervisor (same as supervisor of thesis work) Contact person guides the student before arrival and during visit period with practical matters.

7 The student is insured through KTH during the field study period (Student UT) If student stays longer than the Field Study period she/he is responsible for his/her own insurance. MFS report and travel report shall be uploaded at UHR´s electronic database.

8 MFS yearly cycle January - December KTH- UHR – KTH - Students November KTH´s MFS admin applies for MFS grants thought UHR Last week in January UHR announces the result (nr of MFS to KTH) Beginning of February Students get informed (2014) 2015 only one KTH-call for MFS (fall) 2016 two calls – fall and spring

9 Contact visit KTH faculty is eligible to apply for grants for contact visits. To create new contacts or to maintain established contacts for MFS-cooperation 4 times per year to UHR (with signature from KTH- administrator at IR) 2014:17 February,14 April,15 September and 17 November Application form at UHR´s web + printed and signed paper copy Flat-rate grant á SEK 20 000 / p

10 Questions?

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