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Rapid Performance Analysis Results and Solutions 1 “List the Desired State or Goal Statement”

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1 Rapid Performance Analysis Results and Solutions 1 “List the Desired State or Goal Statement”

2 Executive Summary 2 A Rapid Performance Analysis was completed with (xx focus) groups (Start date and end date) Comparison of desired state was similar from each focus group Xx major themes with proposed solutions are included in the report

3 Identify Desired State Summarize performance gaps and strengths Establish targeted solutions that achieve significant impact with the lowest effort Identify key observable behaviors that support desired state RPA Purpose and Outcomes 3

4 Rapid Performance Analysis InformationInstrumentationMotivation DATAINSTRUMENTSINCENTIVES  Data and Information Metrics  Communication and Feedback  Tools  Resources  Work environment  Incentives  Consequences  Rewards Rooted in the Environment/ Organization KNOWLEDGECAPACITYMOTIVES  Skills  Knowledge  Behavior  Individual capacity  Recognition  Motivation  Expectations Rooted in the Individual Worker Thomas Gilbert Fundamentals of Human Performance Technology Published by ISPI 2010

5 Key Themes from Performance Analysis 5 Data & Information –Lack of clear responsibilities and accountability –Voice of the operator is not considered when making improvements Equipment /Facilities/Process –Old equipment does not support productivity demands –Speed of new equipment does not align with speed or flow Incentives –No formal or informal incentives for doing exemplar work –No consequences for poor work (feedback) Knowledge Capacity Motives

6 Performance Gaps InformationInstrumentationMotivation DATA and INFORMATIONINSTRUMENTSINCENTIVES  Unclear role expectations for the Supervisor role and their manager  Inconsistency in procedures lends itself to variable interpretation of standards  Manager inconsistency in evaluating supervisor performance  Current metrics are lagging – not leading indicators  Current goal setting contributes to unclear expectations  Procedures and tools are reliable  Procedures define best practices  Consequences to supervisor performance are variable by manager  Competing priorities for supervisors  Consistency of internal auditor performance KNOWLEDGE/SKILLSCAPACITYMOTIVES  Insufficient training on critical tasks  Lack understanding and interpreting procedures and risks  Need improved internal auditing skills  Supervisors lack essential GMP actions and behaviors  Selection criteria is available for manager role- not global  99.8% of target audience are motivated to do the right thing - but lack understanding to do it the right way 6 R Y G Major Minor Few or none

7 7 Targeted Solutions A C D E B

8 Effort Benefit HighLowMed High Low Med H G FDB A JI Effort Benefit Matrix Effort C E

9 Targeted Solutions 9 Create global role profile for supervisors and managers. Plant managers and HR review new role profile with supervisors Require supervisors to routinely perform “Gemba Walks” with employees on critical process parameters Implement effective GMP training for supervisors and managers A D J

10 10 Impact Map – Specific Role Knowledge and SkillsCritical On-The-Job Behaviors Key ResultsOrganizational Goals Desired State Supervisors understand their new role and it’s importance Conduct a “Gemba Walk” with employees Understand the risks associated with their process and procedures Apply critical thinking skills Routinely solicit /provide employee feedback Provide clarification on procedural interpretation Continuously challenge the status quo Stay updated on lessons learned from other supervisors Share their observations with their manager Critical procedures are consistently executed by employees Identify underlying issues earlier “Desired State”

11 Next Steps 11 Our Next Steps… Your Next Steps…

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