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Clevedon School CSPD Covert Behaviour Management.

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1 Clevedon School CSPD Covert Behaviour Management

2 Behaviour Management Strategies

3 No Magic Wand Sanctions Not The Solution Different Things On Different Days

4 Plan For It Being Good Smile, like the class and talk about good behaviour ‘John, I need you to face the front and listen now. Thank You’ ‘John why have you turned round?. You always do this...’

5 Real Time : “Well done, I like the way you have shared the resources evenly” Future Time : “Ahmed, thank you for putting your pen down” Catch Them In!

6 Linking Behaviours Link Good Behaviours: ‘Sophie, it was really kind of you to...’ Separate Bad Behaviours: ‘Sophie, your behaviour was really upsetting for...’

7 Offer Choice Replace Threats... ‘Stop talking or I will move you. You are ruining the class and put your bag on the floor. If you refuse I will send you out’ With Guided Choice... ‘Roger, if you choose to keep talking whilst I am teaching you’ll be choosing to sit on your own. Make a better choice. Thanks’

8 Primary Behaviours Primary and Secondary Behaviours

9 Rapport Positive Relationships and Mutual Respect Clarity, Consistency, Consequence Keep promises eg timings, treats Sensitivity (teacher eyes) Specific Praise Non-verbal (including smiling!)

10 When It Goes Wrong - Who is The Adult In The Room? How are you getting on? Do you need a hand? I like the way you have... Thank you and goodbye Reconnect

11 “Maybe Ali did call out and now I am dealing with your behaviour” “Maybe the work is boring but it is what we have to do today” (often to be repeated)...maybe and...

12 What are you doing? vs What should you be doing? What’s The Issue? What Can We Do To Change It? / What Would A Better Choice Be? Self Coaching

13 “When you have finished the task, then you can go and check on the fish” Broccoli Rule

14 1.Plan For Good 2.Catch Them In 3.Behaviour Links 4.Offer Choice 5.Focus On Primary 6.Rapport 7.Reconnect 8.Maybe And 9.Self Coaching 10.Broccoli

15 Communication Strategies

16 The Power Of Don’t Work Silently Thank You Walk Calmly Into The Classroom Pack Away When I Ask You Thank You

17 Negatives As Positives I don’t think there is anyone in the room who can... I am not sure you will realise how important this is

18 Win - Win Would you like to complete the diagram or the questions first When you complete all the work you can choose Only complete enough work to show me you can...

19 Time Frame “You may have found it difficult to concentrate in the past. So today I will use a strategy to help you learn”

20 Connect Positives As Because And When While

21 Chunking

22 Yes, Yes, Yes Factual - Yes Suggestion Wouldn’t it / Thank You / Nod “It has been a long hot day. I am sure we are all tired. It is the last lesson of the day. Lets work for just 20 minutes in silence and finish this quickly to the best of your ability. Thank you”

23 Hide The Behaviour Sometimes merging behaviour with the task is more questions quietly......complete exercises on your own......complete the task with a friend...

24 Words To Avoid? If... Try... But...

25 Body Language Ms Accuser! Confrontational Didactic Implied (negative) Hierarchy Lacks warmth Kills rapport

26 Body Language Mr Minnow Moves apologetically Looks downwards For use with class you know / trust!

27 Body Language Mr Placater! Deliberately Submissive Tough Love Use for feedback Builds rapport

28 Body Language Mrs On The Money! Grounded + Assertive Honest Implied Authority (not fear) Use with Mr Placater

29 1.Power Of Don’t 2.-ve as +ve 3.Win-Win 4.Time Frame 5.Connect +vs’s 6.Chunking 7.Yes, Yes, Yes 8.Hide The Behaviour 9.Words To Avoid 10.Body Language

30 Clevedon School CSPD What Works Well? What If...? Perhaps You Could...

31 Clevedon School CSPD Covert Behaviour Management

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